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Here you will find useful tutorials and tips for iPhones, Android phones and media. We would like to help you solve issues like recovering iPhone/Android phone data.

Do you have any difficulty in viewing safari history on iPad? This essay discusses some of these techniques: How to check history on safari? How to turn off the private browsing mode? How to find deleted history on safari?

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Written by Valyn Hua| 18.05.2018

Still bothered by the loss of files in iPhone? Have no idea how to restore files from a backup, no idea how to restore lost files without backup? No worries, this post will solve this problem by clear steps.

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Written by Valyn Hua| 16.05.2018

Losing reminders in iPad makes you in trouble? Got a headache that you don’t know how to get reminders back? Take it easy.This article will solve your problem. Click here to learn some easy ways to recover reminders on iPad.

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Written by Valyn Hua| 14.05.2018

How to get your lost safari bookmarks back? This article will share some easy effective ways to recover missing safari bookmarks, whether you have backed them up or not.

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Written by Valyn Hua| 08.05.2018

Sending iMessage can be a necessary tool to mark some points after a voice call or remind someone don’t miss something important. If you have encountered that you can’t send the iMessage successfully, we will show you some tips to fix it in this post.

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Written by Lisa Ou | 16.03.2018

Sometimes, iPhone users are unable to send image messages via iMessage or MMS. It do be an annoying problem for people want to share the pictures with friends. This post helps iPhone users to fix this issue easily.

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Written by Lisa Ou | 15.03.2018

iMessage doesn’t say delivered? You are not alone. If you have questions about it, here are some reasons and tips for iMessages don’t show delivered and how to fix it.

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Written by Lisa Ou | 14.03.2018

iMessage not working on iPhone? Such as iMessage not delivered, iPhone not receiving texts, iMessages not sending… You can find the best solutions here.

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Written by Lisa Ou | 13.03.2018

Showing preview for iPhone message is a convenient feature, which allows users to read content without unlocking iPhone. However, how can you disable this feature on iPhone to prevent privacy disclosure?

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Written by Lisa Ou | 12.03.2018

Many iPhone or iPad users want to access iMessage on a personal or workplace computer so that they can continue chatting with friends and family whether at home or work.

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Written by Lisa Ou | 09.03.2018
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