Safari Recovery Strategy - How to Recover Deleted History on iPad

Valyn Hua

Sep 04, 2018 10:00 / Posted by Valyn Hua

Where is history on Safari? I can’t find safari history everytime I want to share my friend the web page I have viewed. I have to bookmark all the pages after browsing. But it is such a troublesome business.

Are you in the same trouble about the blank Safari history? It is obvious that you have not deleted the history. Why can’t you find it?

recover safari history on ipad

Let me make sure whether you have set the private mode for Safari browser.

Open the Safari on your iPad. Look at the icon like a book on the top left of the screen. If the color of the icon is white, the private browsing mode is open and URLs are kept out of the browser history.


Before diving into iPad Safari history recovery, we should learn how to turn off the private mode and how to view Safari history.

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1. How to Turn off The Private Browsing Mode

Click on the icon of two overlapping squares on the top right of the page and tap Private. Then you will see the book icon turns blue. Now, the private browsing mode is closed. And you can view the Safari history on iPad.

Maybe someone still has no idea how to see the Safari history on iPad.

ipad private browsing mode

2. How to See History in Safari

The most common method is to click on the book icon. Then you will see the words Favorite and History. Tap History to check the URLs list. Then you can view safari history.

In deed, there is another more convenient way to open the closed tabs. There is a "+" icon on the top right of the Safari interface, which is a little deferent from the Safari interface on the iPhone. This icon is usually used to open a new tab.

open the closed tabs

But it also has another function. While long pressing the "+" icon, the dialog box that shows Recently Closed Tabs will pop up. In this way, you can quickly find the page you just closed.

Can this little trick help you?


Let’s talk about iPad/iPhone Safari history recovery.

I search the internet in Safari for research material used in my new project, which is important for me. But a prompt of system upgrade appears suddenly and I click on it with my finger accidentally. After finishing the upgrade, I restart the Safari browser. I find that I didn’t enter the previous webpage directly. Then I go to the history, but it is blank. What can I do to recover deleted Safari history?

What if you lose your browsing history? It can not annoy you if you view the webpage for staving off boredom. What if the lost history is important for you? It can not be a problem either if you have a backup in iTunes or iCloud. What if there is no backup?

Calm down and keep reading to find the answer.

3. How to Recover Safari History in iPad from iCloud

You can follow below steps to recover deleted safari history from iCloud.

On the iPad, Tap Setting > General > Reset > Erase All Content and Settings.

Note: After you take these steps, you will lose all documents and data. you can choose Finish Upload Then Erase to upload data before erasing them.

ipad erase all content and settings

Enter your passcode then the device will restart.

Follow the onscreen steps to set language, region, location, network.

You will reach the Apps & Data interface and choose Restore from iCloud Backup.

Login to your iCloud account.

Depend on the date and size of each backup and choose the most relevant from the backup list. After the selection, the program begins the process of recovery.

In addition, maybe you can find the old history from Safari on your another iOS device if you use the same ID on both devices.

4. How to Recover Safari History in iPad from iTunes

if you do not recover iPad safari history with iCloud, then use iTunes.

Open iTunes on the computer that you used to back up your device.

Connect your device to your computer with a USB cable. If you receive a tip on the computer to ask for your iTunes password, just go for it.

Click on the iPad icon on the left top of the iTunes interface when it appears.

recover ipad from itunes

Click Summary from the left list. Then go to the Backups section and click the Restore Backup button.

According to the date of each backup, choose one to restore.

Wait for recovery to complete and your iPhone will restartautomatically. Keep the device connected until the recovery finishes.

However, this method is not be recommended. Because your all current data in iPad will be replaced by the selected backup.

5. How to Recover Safari History in iPad without Backup

If you forget to back up your iOS data on your iPad, the FoneLab - iPhone Data Recovery enables the Safari history to restore. This data recovery tool can works for all iOS device without backup as long as the device works properly.

This tool is also available to recover safari bookmarks on iPad.

Free download the software on your computer. If you own a Mac, you should choose the Mac version.

Install the software and the software will be automatically run.

Plug your iPad into the computer. Select iPhone Data Recovery > Recover from iOS Device > Start Scan.

recover from ipad device with fonelab

After finishing the scanning process, the software will list the different type of files on the left sidebar.

Click Safari History to preview the content. All the deleted (marked red) and existing (marked black) safari history appear on the right.

Choose the desired Safari history and click Recover. What you recovered will be saved to your computer.

Before you use this way to recover your iPad, you shouldn’t have any operations like browsing another page on your iPad.

You can also use the software to restore iPad from iCloud backup or extract iTunes backup for iOS device. The most advantage is that you have an option to recover only what you want, comparing with common recovery way via iTunes or iCloud. And you will not lose your existing data. Certainly, it is achievable to restore bookmarks in safari or other iOS data.

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