2020 New Ways to Compress AVI Files without Losing Quality

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Feb 20, 2020 17:00 / Posted by Lisa Ou

I have an AVI file and want to compress it to reduce the file size. I know that there are different tools to compress video online or on computer. Which method is better? And How to compress a video without losing quality?

2020 New Ways to Compress AVI Files without Losing Quality

1. What does Compressing a Video Do

Video compressing is always by removing repetitive sounds, scenes, photos or others from the video to reduce video size.

Some people want to reduce video size without losing video quality might be a difficult task if they don’t know how to adjust the video settings. So this post will show you 2 different solutions to compress AVI video file step-by-step.

2. How to Compress AVI Files

There are tons of results if you surf the internet about how to compress a video. Some users would like to use online web sites, some of them would like to download and install software on computer. Of course there are some mobile phone fans who want to finish all the tasks on their phone with simple taps.

Option 1. How to Compress AVI Files Online

There are lots of online web site to compress videos without downloading program on computer. You can easily shrink video file size.

Search online compress video site on computer, then choose one you like and open it on browser.

Drag and drop your AVI file directly or click to open it.

Begin the process and save files on computer when it is done.

compress avi online

Below are 3 recommended online options to compress AVI files on computer. You can check and choose of them, and then follow the clear instruction to compress video files.


Shows you the simple steps so you can understand how to complete the compressing clearly. But it supports MP4 files only.


It has a simple interface so you can reduce video file size online. You can choose different files according to your needs.


It allows you to adjust different settings in the page, and various formats are supported. Its page looks a little crowded.

You can know that an original video will be changed to another format after compressing which depending on the codec used.

So what to do if you want to choose the compressed video file format?

Option 2. How to Compress AVI File with FoneLab

You should pay attention that there are thousands of tools you can get from the internet. How can you choose the best one from them?

FoneLab Video Converter Ultimate is strongly recommended to you here. It has both Windows and Mac versions, you can download one from official site and convert video format, rotate video, enhance video quality, add watermark, split video and more according to your needs.

Below is how to compress AVI file with FoneLab.

Download and install the program on computer from official site. You can choose Windows or Mac. After you install it on computer, double-click to open it if it doesn’t launch automatically.

Open the folder which has the video you want to compress, drag and drop the video directly. Or click the Add Fie button > select file > click Open to load the video file.

video converter ultimate main interface

After that, you can see its information in the window, you are allowed to add subtitles if you need.

Click Settings button next to Profile box. Then you can see different settings and adjust the Encoder, Resolution and more.

video converter ultimate profile settings

Choose Destination and output format from the drop-down list.

output format

Click Convert button.

As you can see, FoneLab Video Converter Ultimate is a program to compress video files with ease. You can easily change the video format if you need without losing quality.

Option 3. How to Compress AVI File on Windows

One of the solutions to compress video on computer is using Windows Movie Maker. Download and install movie maker on computer and then follow below instruction.

Open movie maker on computer, and then click Import Video under the Capture Video section, select the video you want to compress and click Import.

windows movie maker

Drag the video into the Timeline feature and then click Save to my computer on the left pane.

Of course there is another tool for Mac users.

Option 4. How to Compress AVI File on Mac

iMovie is a tool for macOS and iOS users to edit video with ease. Below is its simple tutorial.

Launch iMovie on Mac and click File > New Movie.

new movie imovie

Type the name in the Name box and click OK.

Right-click the folder you want to save the new video and choose Create. Then click Import button to select the AVI video file, click Open.

Click File > Export > Share > Quicktime.

Click share icon > Email/Web > Compress Movie For > Save.

If you want to know how to compress video on mobile phone, you should move to the next part.

Option 5. How to Compress AVI File on iPhone/Android

There are video compressors on iPhone or Android to help user shrink video files on mobile phone conveniently. It is easy and safe to use.

Search video compressor in App Store, and install one of them on your phone.

Follow the instruction to finish the process.

3. Video Format Comparison

AVI (audio video interleave) and WMV (Windows media video) both offer improved video file quality so they will take up more space on computer, mobile phones or others.

MKV (matroska format) is a free and open source, and it supports almost every codec. It is a good choice for VLC, Potplayer and others.

MP4 offers fewer features and lower definition, but it supports various devices on the market.

That’s all. If you have more questions about AVI or compressor, please leave comments below.

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