Fixed – How to Recover Unsaved or Lost Photoshop Files on Mac

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- I was working on a piece of art, one that was the biggest one I’ve ever done. When I tried to save it, everything was freezing… How do I recover an unsaved file in Photoshop?
- Yesterday I saved my Photoshop file in saving location called T file. When I checked the file it was there. And I shut down my computer and try to open the file, then it was not there...

Recover Unsaved or Lost Photoshop Files on Mac

Guide List

1. Can You Find Photoshop Auto Save Location on Mac?

If you are using Adobe Photoshop CS4/CS5/CS6 and above or CC 2014/2015/2017/2018, you can use the Adobe AutoSave feature to recover unsaved Photoshop files on Mac. Firstly, you need to check if the Adobe Photoshop AutoSave feature is enabled or not.

Step 1 Open Adobe Photoshop.

Step 2 Click File > Preferences > File Handling > File Saving Options.

Step 3 Make sure Automatically Save Recovery Information Every: is checked.

check photoshop autosave feature

Now, you can get PSD files back from the Photoshop AutoSave location on Mac. The unsaved Photoshop files can be found in ~/Library/Application Support/Adobe/Adobe Photoshop CC 2017/AutoRecover. The specific AutoSave file location is slightly different based on the Photoshop version.

2. How to Recover Photoshop Files on Mac

Here are basic and professional methods to recover unsaved or lost Photoshop files on Mac. You can find the disappeared Photoshop file and make it visible again. 

Method 1: Recover Unsaved Photoshop Files on Mac with Adobe AutoRecover

Step 1 Unfold the Apple menu. Choose Go followed by Go to Folder….

Step 2 Type ~/Library/Application Support/Adobe/Adobe Photoshop CC 2017/AutoRecover in the blank. You can replace Photoshop CC 2017 with the current version you are using.

Step 3 Click Go to locate the default Photoshop recovery file location on Mac.

Step 4 Find and recover unsaved Photoshop files in the AutoRecover folder on Mac. You can save the auto-saved PSD file as a new project.

go to autorecover folder

Method 2: Recover Deleted, Corrupted or Lost Photoshop Files with Time Machine Backup

Step 1 Plug the Time Machine backup drive to Mac with a lightning USB cable.

Step 2 Enter Time Machine. Find the backup file that matches the date you lost Photoshop files.

Step 3 Browse and select files you need. Then click Restore to recover Photoshop files on Mac with Time Machine backup.

recover file with time machine

Method 3: The Most Possible Way to Recover Photoshop Files on Mac without Backup

Some people report that the AutoRecover folder is empty or cannot be found. During this time, you can use FoneLab Data Retriever to extract all unsaved, lost, corrupted, formatted or deleted Photoshop files.

Thanks to the Quick Scan and Deep Scan mode, you can get the currently existing and lost Photoshop files on Mac before data are overwritten. If you cannot recover Photoshop files on Mac with above methods, you can free download the program to have a try.

  1. Recover Photoshop files from Mac internal HDD/SSD or other removable drives.
  2. Scan for unsaved or lost Adobe Photoshop files quickly and thoroughly.
  3. Keep the recovered Photoshop file in the original status without storing or modifying.
  4. The Mac file recovery software is free to use. You only need to pay before finding and recovering lost PSD files.
FoneLab Data Retriever
FoneLab Data Retriever

FoneLab Data Retriever - recover the lost/deleted data from computer, hard drive, flash drive, memory card, digital camera and more.

  • Recover photos, videos, contacts, WhatsApp, and more data with ease.
  • Preview data before recovery.

Step 1 Launch Mac data recovery software on Mac. Click Start under Mac Data Recovery.

launch mac recovery

Step 2 Select the data type and disk volume that your Photoshop files belong to.

select video type

Step 3 Click Scan to scan the selected disk volume. All the recoverable Photoshop files will display in the left pane.

scan file on mac

Step 4 Open the PSD folder. Select the files and click Recover to recover Photoshop files on Mac safely and quickly.

recover data on mac

You can recover the previous version of Photoshop file on Mac with or without backup here. The Adobe auto-save feature can help you get important unsaved PSD files back without software. If you have backed up Photoshop files before, the Photoshop file recovery is quite easy.

As for people who have no AutoSave or backup file, you can recover Photoshop files on Mac with FoneLab Data Retriever. It is your reliable tool to recover unsaved or lost word, excel, Photoshop and other programs.

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