Convert ARF to MP4 – Best Methods to Take Advantage of ARF Files

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When you downloaded the recorded videos from Cisco WebEx, you might find the videos in ARF format. What is the ARF file format? In order to play the ARF files on other devices, you need to find an ARF player, or even convert ARF to MP4 format. If you need to learn more details about the ARF format, you can learn more details from the article now.

Convert ARF to MP4 – Best Methods to Take Advantage of ARF Files

Guide List

1. What is an ARF File

What is an ARF file format? ARF is short for WebEx Advanced Recording Format, which is a file extension for WebEx advanced recording file from a network-based recording. The ARF files include the data for the online meeting, such as the meeting index, attendees and more other details for the videos. It is the reason that you cannot use any media player to view the ARF file, or even need to convert ARF to MP4.

2. How to View ARF Files with ARF Player

If you do not need to remove the data for the online meeting and convert ARF to MP4, you should choose an ARF player instead. Of course, the WebEx Network Recording Player, or WebEx player is the default and native ARF player available for Windows and Mac.

But what should you do if you need to play the ARF files on Android phone or iPhone? Moreover, you might still need to use the ARF files for further editing. As for the case, all you need to do is convert ARF to MP4. Of course, you can still preserve the original ARF as a backup.


3. How to Convert ARF to MP4 File

Convert ARF to MP4 File with WebEx ARF player

In order to take full advantage of the ARF files, you should convert ARF to MP4 as a choice. Just as mentioned above, you can take the ARF as a video project of Cisco WebEx. The WebEx ARF player is the only choice to turn ARF video to MP4. But the program is not available for Windows only. Just learn more details about the process as below.

Step 1Add ARF file to ARF player

Once you have installed the WebEx ARF player, you can launch the program and click the File menu and choose the Open option to import the ARF files into the ARF player. It can only load or convert one ARF to MP4 at a time.

Step 2Choose MP4 as the output format

After that, you can click the File menu and choose the MP4 (MPEG-4) option from the Convert Format option. The ARF to MP4 converter only supports 3 different formats, such as WMV, SWF and MP4.

Step 3Convert ARF files to MP4

You can set up the saved location, video quality and more other parameters. Moreover, you can convert the video directly or at a scheduled time as you like. It is able to convert ARF to MP4 automatically.

convert arf to mp4

Note: The WebEx ARF player only supports ARF and WRF files. What should you do if you need to convert ARF to HD MP4, 4K MP4 or even the Android devices? As for the case, you need to choose another video converter to further convert, edit or enhance the video.

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Video Converter Ultimate

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When you have some ARF files recorded for the online meetings, you should learn more about the methods to play the files on different devices. Of course, convert ARF to MP4 is the essential process to use the online meeting videos for other devices. Moreover, you can also choose FoneLab Video Converter Ultimate to convert video to device presets, apply a satisfying video effect and even enhance the video quality.

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