Steps for Reset Samsung Tablet – Hard Reset and Soft Reset


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It can be a nightmare when your tablet freezes or unresponsive. It occurs in any number of problems, and it's hard to know exactly why your phone has frozen. Here you can cover two types of resetting your Samsung tab. Those are soft reset and hard reset. However, Samsung tablet reset is different from iPad reset or iPhone reset. All you have to do is to follow the steps below.

reset samsung tablet

1. How to Soft Reset Samsung Tablet

A soft reset is when you press the power button to restart or to power off your device.

A soft reset can solve many simple problems, such as not being able to make calls or send texts or even just a general sluggishness. Therefore, performing a soft reset to see whether it fixes your tab' s problems or not first at the time when you are facing a simple problem on your tablet.

Press and hold the Power button.

Tap on Restart.

Hit OK.

Alternatively, you can remove the battery and wait for a few seconds, then put it back and power-up your tab.

remove battery

2. How to Hard Reset Samsung Tablet

A hard reset, which is generally called Factory Reset will revert a device to its original settings that any data stored on the device will be lost for good, including photos, videos, contacts, and other media. So only perform a hard reset as the last straw.

Backup Tab's Data

As performing a hard reset will delete all the data and your personal settings on your tablet, you need to back up your data first.

Android Data Backup & Restore is a professional data management tool for all kinds of data backup, as it can:

  1. Backup and restore Android data to your computer easily.
  2. Preview data in detail before you restore data from backups.
  3. Backup and restore Android phone and SD card data Selectively.

Launch the software and choose Android Data Backup & Restore.

Choose Android Data Backup & Restore

Connect your tablet to the computer via USB cable. (Tap on Transfer Files on your phone, then the link can be connected.)

Allow USB debugging by tapping on OK on your tablet.

Allow USB debugging

If you want to backup all the data, choose One-click Backup. Or choose Device Data Backup to a selective data backup.

Choose Backup Method

Choose the file type you want to backup then tap on Start. You can encrypt your backup files by ticking the Encrypted Backup.

Choose Backup Content

Choose the output directory to store your files and click OK.

Choose Output Directory

Then the backup will proceed, and you need to wait for it to complete.

Begin Backup Android

Hard Reset Samsung Tab

If you have backup your data, you can perform a hard reset now.

There are two ways of performing a hard reset on a Samsung tablet.

Method 1 Hard Reset from Settings Menu

Tap on Apps from the Home screen.

Touch Settings.

settings icon

Then press on Privacy on the left side.

Select Factory data reset, and hit Reset device.

Note: if you are being asked to enter your Samsung password and you have forgotten it, you can reset it in the Samsung official site.

Press Erase everything to confirm.

The reset will take about 1 minute. After which the tablet will reboot.

Method 2 Hard Reset with Hardware Keys

Another way to hard reset is by using a button combination during power-up.

Turn off your tablet.

Press and hold the Volume Up key and the Power key at the same time till the Android logo pops up, then you can let go the buttons.

Then you will access the Android system recovery menu, and choose wipe data/factory reset.

wipe data factory reset

Then you need to scroll down to Yes -- delete all user data to confirm.

Leave the selection on reboot sysytem now to complete.

reboot system now

Note: Navigate using the volume up and down, then confirm with the power key.

Then the tablet will reboot, and you can use it normally again like a one you've first got it.

Remember: Perform a hard reset will completely erase all your data, so get a free trail of Android Data Backup & Restore to backup.

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