Access Is Denied? No! Here’re Your 4 Workable Ways in Windows 7/8/10


Jan 16, 2019 09:00 / Posted by Lisa Ou

- Access is denied for everything in Recovery console…
- I am an admin. But I receive ‘Access is denied’ to certain folders. I have changed myself to owner…
- How do I get rid of access is denied in Windows 7?

When you see the Access is denied notification, you cannot open that folder or file. In most cases, you have no administrator rights or the file is protected. It seems that you can do nothing but click OK in the popping-up Access denied message.

Fortunately, you can still access a denied folder here. Just read and follow.

1. You Do Not Have the Ownership of the Files or Folders

If you have upgraded your computer to Windows 7/8/10 from an earlier version in recent days, your account information may have been changed without notice.

Thus, you may not have the ownership of certain files. To fix access is denied error in Windows 7 and later versions, you need to restore the ownership manually.

Right click the folder or file you cannot open, then choose the Properties option.

Click Advanced in the Security section. Later, choose the Owner option.

Click Edit and type the password if you are prompted.

Select your name and mark the check box before Replace owner on subcontainers and objects.

Click OK to confirm and fix access denied error in Windows 7.

Ownership of the Files or Folders

2. You Do Not Have the Permissions

In default settings, you cannot open or edit certain files. Thus, when you try to copy, manage, customize or even open that file, you will be notified with Access is denied.

Therefore, you need to enable permissions to fix Windows 7 access denied error.

Find the folder or file you cannot access. Choose Properties from its right-click menu.

Locate the Security section.  Check if your name displays under Group or user names.

Choose the Edit option.

Select your name from the list. Mark before permissions you need.

Click OK to change permissions.

enable permission

3. The Files or Folders Are Encrypted

You cannot open an encrypted file before you typing the correct password. If you are not sure, you can follow steps below to have a check. Well, you need to have the certificate before accessing the file.

Locate the file or folder you fail to open.

Choose Properties from the right-click menu.

Click Advanced under the General section.

In the Advanced Attributes window, check if the Encrypt contents to secure data option is selected. If so, you need to obtain the certificate to fix access is denied Windows 7 error.

check if the folder is encrypted

4. Your Files or Folders Are Corrupted

It is also possible that the file or folder you are accessing is corrupted. As a result, you cannot make any change but get the Access is denied error only. Fortunately, you can recover corrupted files without backup manually here.

All you need is FoneLab Data Retriever. After that, the data recovery software can help you complete the crashed Windows access denied recovery process easily.

1. Main Features of the Data Recovery Software

  1. Recover deleted or lost files selectively including videos, audios, documents, images and more.
  2. Wide support of recoverable devices, such as computer, laptop, memory card, flash drive, digital camera, hard drive and other removable drives.
  3. Perform a quick scan or deep scan to find your missing files smartly.
  4. Rescue data from mistaken deletion, RAW hard drive, corrupted files and other crashed problems.
  5. Fully compatible with Windows 10/8.1/8/7/Vista/XP.

2. How to Recover Data from Access Denied Folders

Launch the Windows data recovery software on PC.

Choose the data type and hard drive based on your need.

choose data type location

Click Scan to scan the selected files quickly.

perform a quick scan

Use Filter to find your file or folder according to the extension, created date and modified date. (optional)

set filter info

Select files and folders you want to get back. At last, click Recover to recover Windows access denied files.

That’s it. You can get rid of Whea Uncorrectable Error overclock easily and quickly here.

choose game files

FoneLab also can be a portable drive data recovery to recover data from USB, hard drive, SSD and more effectively and safely.

All in all, you can use above methods to fix recover console access denied and related errors with ease. Thus, next time you are told with Access is denied or ** is not accessible, you can solve the problem perfectly.

If you have other good ways to fix file access denied, just feel free to contact us.

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