How to Recover Deleted Folder on Mac without Time Machine Backup

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Is it possible to recover deleted files on Mac? Of course, the answer is Yes. You can recover deleted Mac files with Time Machine or other data recovery tools. Consequently, you can use the similar ways to recover deleted folders on Mac too.

Considering many data loss scenarios occurs suddenly, this article will show you workable ways to recover a deleted folder on Mac without a backup. You can find your deleted or lost folders on Mac before data overwritten effortlessly.

recover mac deleted folders

Guide List

1. How to Use Folders on Mac

It seems to be an easy question. But you may still get inspired by the following tips. Just read and check if you have a comprehensive grasp of using folders on Mac.

Create a Folder on Mac

Step 1Open Finder. Navigate to the place where you want to create a new folder.

Step 2 Choose New Folder from the File drop-down menu on the top.

Step 3 Enter the folder name and press Return on the keyboard to confirm.

recover mac deleted folders

Group Multiple Files into a Folder

Step 1Drag the selected files into the folder.

Step 2Put a copy into the folder while preserving original files.

Step 3Hold and press Option and Command keys. You can put an apas to the new folder while keeping original ones.

Merge Two Folders with the Same Name

Step 1 Press the Option key and drag one folder to the location that contains another one with the same folder name.

Step 2 If one folder has files that are not in the other folder, you can click Merge to finish the process.

Step 3 Organize your Mac folder according to date added, date modified, size, tags and more.

recover mac deleted folders

2. How to Recover Deleted Folders on Mac

You may want to remove some files, but delete the entire folder by mistake. But do not worry about that. You can still find and recover deleted folders from Mac or elsewhere.

Method 1: Recover Deleted Folders from Mac Trash

You can recover recently deleted folders on Mac from Trash Bin. It is a place that keeps unused files and folders temporarily. You can recover deleted files on Mac without software here. But if you have emptied Trash Bin, you need to use the reliable file recovery software to complete the Mac folder recovery.

Step 1 Double-click on the Trash icon on the lower right corner of Mac.

Step 2 Find your deleted folder from various items.

Step 3 Choose Put Back from the right-click menu. Your deleted folder will be put back to the original place immediately.

Step 4 Unfold the Edit list. Select Copy** to recover a deleted folder on Mac to elsewhere.

recover mac deleted folders

Method 2: Recover Accidentally or Permanently Deleted Folders on Mac without Backup

If you want to recover a folder from permanently deletion or emptied Trash Bin, you can turn to FoneLab Data Retriever for help. The Mac data recovery software can find all deleted, hidden, formatted and corrupted files on Mac quickly. In other words, you can see both the currently deleted and existing files on Mac after scanning. Later, you can filter, select, preview and recover any deleted file or folder on Mac.

Step 1Recover deleted folders on Mac, including photos, videos, music files, documents, emails and more.

Step 2Scan for any folder on Mac with Quick Scan and Deep Scan modes.

Step 3Recover deleted folders from Mac, flash drive, memory card, hard drive and other removable drives.

Never modify or store your Mac data while recovering deleted files and folders.

Step 1Launch Mac file recovery software. Click Start under Mac Data Recovery

recover replaced files launch sofrtware

Step 2Choose the file type and location that your deleted folder contains. Then click Scan to find the deleted files and folders as much as possible.

recover replaced files scan

Step 3Click Scan to scan for not replaced files. Sooner, you can see all currently existing and deleted files on Mac.

recover replaced files word


To improve the success rate of deleted folder recovery, you had better stop saving new files to the volume that you deleted a folder before. Because the new saved files will replace and overwrite deleted files permanently. Consequently, you should save the recovered folder to a different destination in case of data overwritten too.

In a word, FoneLab Data Retriever is the 100% safe and free data recovery tool to recover deleted folders on Mac. You do not need to pay until you find your deleted folder before recovery.

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