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Nov 08, 2017 09:00 / Posted by Boey Wong

I love shooting videos in my leisure time and I often export them to my computer for backup. However, I accidently deleted some videos from my iPhone that I thought I had already backed up to my PC. They are all about my lovely little boy. They means a lot to me and I wish I can get them back. How to retrieve deleted videos from iPhone? Please help!

The experience of accidentally deleted video or other data from iPhone is not rare to iPhone users. Some of them may go crazy when they encounter with above situation, because it means they will lose the memory of those happy time with friends, lovers and family members forever to some extent.

1. How to Recover Deleted Videos from Recently Deleted Album

The first thing you need to try it find them from the Recently Deleted Folder.

The deleted items will be stored in this folder for 30 days to precent that users want them back without available ways. But they will be removed after the period of 30 days.

How to Recover Deleted Videos from Recently Deleted Album?

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Go to Photos app on your iPhone.

Tap the Album on the bottom right corner of the screen.

Find the Recently Deleted album and then Select on the top.

Choose the items you want them back and tap on the Recover.

Restore iPhone from iCloud Backup

But, How can you do to recover deleted iPhone videos if you can not find them with above-mentioned ways?

2. Undelete Videos from iCloud Backup on iPhone

If you would rather choose tradition options to get videos off iPhone and don’t mind restoring your iPhone, here are some tips for you.

This option is limited to whether you have an available iCloud backup to restore from or not. It’s not possible to get back deleted videos if you don’t have them backed up to iCloud.

On your iPhone, go to SettingsGeneralResetErase All Contents and Settings. This step will bring your iPhone to its factory settings. All data and settings are wiped out from your iPhone and you need to restore it with an iCloud backup.

Reset iPhone

Sign in iCloud and choose an iCloud backup to set up your iPhone.

Restore iPhone from iCloud Backup

You can learn how to download videos from iCloud to iPhone here.

3. How to Get Deleted Videos Back with iTunes

Restoring from iTunes is also limited to that you have synced iPhone with iTunes before. Pay attention that don’t sync your iPhone when you find yourself losing data to avoid being overwritten by newly generated data.

Or else, the lost data will be gone forever.

Run iTunes and connect iPhone to computer.

When iTunes recognize your iPhone, an icon will appear on the top window. Click over it, then click on Summary tab – Restore Backup.

Recover Videos from iTunes

Select an iTunes backup that includes the deleted videos and wait for the updating and restoring process completed.

4. How to Recover Deleted Videos with FoneLab

Fortunately, there are some iPhone recovery tools that can save you from suffering data loss.

For instance, FoneLab iPhone Data Recovery is capable of restoring deleted videos with or without iTunes/iCloud backup. It supports all video file types including MOV, M4V, MP4, AVI, 3GP, etc.

Besides, FoneLab can do much more than that. It can retrieve deleted text messages, photos, contacts, call logs, app, notes, voicemail and documents.

Why not give it a try when you are hopelessly want to undelete iPhone data?

I highly recommend that you should try this software because of its powerful features. You don’t need to restore your iPhone with an entire backup file so that you can save some time and do the recovery more selectively.

Actions speak louder than word, download our free trial version now and recover the deleted videos with just a few clicks!

Way 1 Recover Deleted Videos from iPhone Straightforwardly

Launch the software and connect your iPhone to computer.

Select Recover from iOS Device on the Fonelab homepage and click Start Scan on the right.


The software will scan all your iPhone data and list the contents in categories on the left. Tick the box before App Videos to preview details. Recover what you want to get back.

Way 2 Recover Deleted Videos from iTunes/iCloud Backup

Choose to recover from iTunes backup (or recover from iCloud backup, sign in your iCloud to scan).

Choose one of the iTunes backup or download an iCloud backup to start scanning.

Preview details by clicking App Videos in the left column and decide what items you want to recover.

Recovder Videos from iTunes

If you want to recover voice memos from iCloud, please don't hesitate to use FoneLab.

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