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Ultimate iPhone Screen Recorder to Record Streaming Video and Audio

How do I screen record on iPhone 6?"
I need a YouTube downloader for iPhone 6…"Is there any iOS 9 screen recorder?"My iPhone runs iOS 10. So I am looking for an iOS 10 screen recorder app."

For iOS 11 and iOS 12 users, you can use the default screen recording feature to record screen video with audio. However, iOS 10 and earlier users have to install third-party iOS screen recorder app. Well, it does not mean that iOS 11 screen recorder app is useless.

If you want to record online audio, you had better turn to FoneLab Screen Recorder and other programs for help.

iphone screen recorder

Generally speaking, if you want to get rid of iPhone screen recorder no sound and other related problems, FoneLab is your best choice. Moreover, you can record YouTube videos without downloading. Yes, it is super easy to record online YouTube videos in original resolution. Want to know how to achieve it?

1iOS New Feature

To start with, let’s figure out new iOS 12 features. Every new iOS version is designed to improve your iPhone and iPad experience. But what are those “Optimized” iOS new features? Well, you can see changes in Performance, FaceTime, Messages, Screen Time, Notifications, Do Not Disturb, Augmented Reality, Photos, Camera, Siri,and other aspects. To get more detailed information, please visit: iOS 12 features list.

In addition, the new iOS 12 brings various bug fixes. For instance, your iPhone XS will not encounter the charge failure after being plugged into the power thanks to iOS 12 update. Be aware that Apple updated the Voice Memos app with iCloud support. Thus, you can sync recording files among all Apple devices wirelessly. In addition, you can record with Animojis up to 30 seconds.

ios12 update

2How to Record Screen on iPhone

Option 1. Use FoneLab Screen Recorder

Actually, you can mirror iPhone screen to your computer for better screen recording experience. FoneLab Screen Recorder Allows users to record screen video and webcam video at the same time. Thus, you can record iPhone screen with your interaction at the same time. In addition, you can pause and resume the iPhone recording with no time limit.

Fonelab Screen Recorder Screenshot

FoneLab Screen Recorder

Capture video, audio, online tutorial, etc on Windows/Mac, and easily customize size, edit the video or audio, and more.

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Step 1: Mirror iPhone screen to Windows PC using LonelyScreen and AirPlay.

mirror iphone screen to computer

Step 2: Launch the free iPhone screen recorder app.

launch iphone screen recorder

Step 3: Choose the Video Recorder option.

choose video recorder

Step 4: Set the screen capture area. Enable System Sound and adjust its volume first. Later, turn on Webcam and Microphone based on your need.

set screen capture area

Step 5: Choose More Settings to change the output video format, quality and other preferences. Then click REC to start recording.

set screen recording settings

Step 6: When you stop recording iPhone screen, choose Save followed by Next to save the recording video.

save the iphone screen recording video

Note: If you want to record audio on iPhone only, you can choose Audio Recorder to manage system sound and microphone voice easily.

Option 2. Use iPhone Screen Recording Feature

If you have the questions about how to use iOS new feature to capture screen on iPhone, you should keep reading.

Step 1. Enable screen recording feature on iPhone through Settings > Control Center > Customize Controls.

enable iphone screen recording

Step 2. Tap Screen Recording to add it to appear in Control Center.

Step 3. Prepare what you want to record and slide up your iPhone screen to access the screen recording feature. If you want to turn on the microphone, please holding the button and tap the Microphone Off to turn it on. Tap Start Recording.

iphone screen recording

3How to Record YouTube Music on iPhone

In past times, you can download YouTube videos on iPhone from Safari and browsers directly. However, most YouTube downloaders are not available.  If you use the default iOS 11 screen recording feature, you can record and save YouTube videos to iPhone Camera Roll.

If you want to record YouTube music video, you can use the above iPhone screen recording with sound method. But what if you want to get streaming YouTube audio only? Fortunately, you can still use FoneLab Screen Recorder to record online audio perfectly. This section will take a Mac computer as an example. For Windows users, you can choose Audio Recorder to get the similar features.

Step 1: AirPlay your iPhone screen to Mac.

airplay video from iphone to- mac

Step 2: Run the YouTube music recorder.

run the music- recorder

Step 3: Enable Microphone only. Get the volume bar from its More drop-down menu. (You can disable Webcam and Screen icons to record streaming YouTube song only.)

adjust volume

Step 4: Choose the gear Preferences icon on the top right corner. Adjust audio sample rate and other iPhone screen recorder settings.

adjust audio recording settings

Step 5: Choose REC to record streaming YouTube music from iPhone. When you stop recording, you can head to the Media Library to share, preview, delete and find your recording file.

share iphone recording audio

No matter you want to record live streaming video or audio on iPhone, you can always get the best result here. It is not the best choice for you to download YouTube videos directly to iPhone. Why not get the original-resolution YouTube video with FoneLab effortlessly? Furthermore, you can get iPhone screen recording with sound (both internal and external audio) with no time limit.

To be honest, FoneLab is your better choice than the iOS 11 screen recording audio and video feature, as well as other iPhone screen recorder apps.

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