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November 08, 2017 09:00 / Posted by Boey Wong

I put my iPhone 8 in my pocket and I guess I didn’t lock the screen, as I drew it back, an app was disappeared from the home screen. No problem for the app, but I need the data in it. Does any one know how to recover deleted app files? Thanks for any help!

Smartphone users often download various apps from website or App Store and have fun with these apps. Sometimes they are forced to remove the apps due to limited internal memory storage while other times they delete an app by accident from the iPhone or it just suddenly disappears.

Many iPhone users don’t know how to recover deleted apps and the data of it. Actually, deleted iPhone apps can be restored and re-downloaded easily at any time no matter whether they were removed intentionally or accidentally. The problem is there is no way to get back the accompanying data of the deleted app, except for the app has stored data in cloud. Unfortunately, most of the apps' carriers do not support cloud service. It means that you have to turn for a third-party tool to help you get back the lost app data. If you delete an app unexpectedly,

Restore Deleted Apps on iPhone

Here is a good news:

We will show you how to recover an iOS deleted app as well as how to recover app data in the following passages.

1. How to Restore a Deleted App in iOS

If you remember the name of the deleted app, you can get it back by following steps:

Open the App Store and use the search box to find the name of the app that was deleted.

iPhone Recover Lost App

Locate the matching result through the results carousel by tapping on it for more information if there are several matches.

Tap the little cloud download icon to start the app restore process. You may need to confirm the Apple ID login during this process.

iPhone Recover Lost App

You may be wondering:

The above method only works for those non-purchased apps, how about the purchased ones? Is there any way to restore purchased apps for free too?

Absolutely yes, you are able to redownload apps from iCloud without purchasing them again.

Here is how to restore an app from iCloud backup:

Simply open App Store on your iPhone, navigate to "Apps". Tap your account and the Purchased option, and then choose "Not On This Device", tap the iCloud icon finally to restore the app for free.

Restore Purchased App

2. How to Recover Deleted App Files

In fact deleting an app, even accidentally erasing all the data associated with it can be recovered from a previous available backup. However, the restore from backup feature is an “all or nothing” action which means you must restore the whole backup but not just a single app.

You can go for it if you don’t mind that. Otherwise, I recommend that you can appeal to an iPhone data recovery app to help you fix the problem. FoneLab iPhone Data Recovery is one of the best iPhone data recovery software which has the capacity to recover iPhone contacts, recover iPhone calendar, and more from iOS device or extracting certain data from backup file optionally.

You can download the free trial version of this software to have a try. Below is a simple tutorial on how to recover deleted app data. You are provided with three recovery modes. Choose whichever you think it suitable for you.

Now, let me show you how to recover photos from deleted app with this powerful tool.

Way 1. Recover from iOS Device

Choose iPhone Data Recovery in the beginning. Don’t run iTunes to avoid data overwriting by iTunes synchronization while the program is running.

Select Function

To recover files from the device, choose Recover from iOS Device and connect your device with your computer. Click the Start Scan button.


Preview contents before recovery.

iPhone Restore Single App Data

Way 2. Recover from iTunes Backup File

Choose Recover from iTunes Backup File in the beginning. Don’t run iTunes to avoid data overwriting by iTunes synchronization while the program is running.

You will get more than one backup file if you have created before. Choose the latest one and click Start Scan.

Scan iTunes Backup

Preview contents before recovery.

Scan iTunes Backup

Way 3. Recover from iCloud Backup File

Choose Recover from iCloud Backup File and then you need to log in your iCloud account with Apple ID and password.

Login iCloud

Download the newest version of backup files from the list. And then preview before restoring app data from iCloud.

FoneLab iPhone Data Recovery can be used as an iPhone Backup Extractor, which enables users to selectively restore iPhone data from backup file.

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