Best and Most Accessible Tools to Convert MOV to GIF

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Is the content of your MOV file too funny or phenomenal that you want to use it as a GIF or meme? Have you ever wanted to send a clip from a MOV video as your way of expressing your emotions better? That is not an uncommon thing to do, especially now that GIF’s popularity continues to rise. More and more people use GIFs as a meme or as an alternative to emoji. Continue reading to know how to convert any video format, MOV for an instance into GIF.

Best and Most Accessible Tools to Convert MOV to GIF

Guide List

1. How to Convert MOV to GIF on Windows

How to Convert MOV to GIF with FoneLab Video Converter Ultimate

FoneLab Video Converter Ultimate is a great converter that will help you with your converting needs. With it, you can easily and quickly convert MOV to GIF without losing any quality. Moreover, FoneLab Video Converter Ultimate is multifunctional and accessible for your editing as well, because it has a built-in editor and trimmer.

Steps to Convert MOV to GIF with FoneLab Video Converter Ultimate:

Step 1FoneLab Video Converter Ultimate (Windows Version) must first be downloaded and installed on your computer.


Step 2Click the Add Files button on the program's main interface, or just drag and drop the MOV file onto the interface.

add file

Step 3Now that you've added your MOV file to the program, you may choose the output format. To do so, click the Profile icon next to the MOV file you just inserted. Then, from the drop-down panel that appears, choose GIF as the output format.

output format

Step 4You can also change the specifications and aspects of your output. To change the settings, click the Settings icon next to the format you want to use. On the other hand, to customize the appearance and duration of your file, select the Edit or Trim icons.

trim icon

Step 5Finally, click the Convert All button to start the conversion process. This is how you can turn MOV to GIF.

convert button

What’s more is that FoneLab Video Converter Ultimate can also be utilized to convert GIF to MOV, you just have to follow the same steps mentioned above.

How to Convert MOV to GIF with Adobe Photoshop

An Alternative you can use to convert MOV to GIF on Windows is Adobe Photoshop. This program is among the best of the best and most popular video editing tools you can use.

Steps to Convert MOV to GIF with Adobe Photoshop:

Step 1To begin, start-up Adobe Photoshop on your PC. The first step is to open the application and import your MOV file. To do so, go to the File tab and select Open from the drop-down menu.


Step 2Then, navigate to and choose the MOV file you want to convert to a video file format.

Step 3Next, render the modifications you've made to your file. To do so, go back to the File tab and choose Export from the drop-down menu. After that, click Render Video. Make any necessary changes, then click Render to save your work.

Step 4Last but not the least, return to the File tab. Select Export from the drop-down menu, then click Export as. After selecting GIF as the export format, click Export.

However, Adobe Photoshop could be intimidating for first-time users or for those who are not familiar with it.

Moving on, you may be using Mac rather than Windows. If so, continue reading to discover how to convert MOV to GIF Mac edition.

2. How to Convert MOV to GIF on Mac

How to Convert MOV to GIF with Mac FoneLab Video Converter Ultimate

Mac FoneLab Video Converter Ultimate is the version FoneLab offers especially for Mac users. This program is notable for its performance and features that are nothing much different from the Windows version. On that note, it is definitely easy to use and not confusing at all.

The method of converting MOV to GIF with FoneLab Video Converter Ultimate on Mac and Windows are exactly the same. Scroll back to the previous part to learn how to conveniently and easily convert MOV to GIF with this tool.

How to Convert MOV to GIF with GIPHY Capture

GIPHY Capture is a simple and fast way to create GIFs on Mac. This is among the classic GIF makers available. Learn how to use it with simplified steps below.

Steps to Convert MOV to GIF with GIPHY Capture:

Step 1Firstly, install and run GIPHY Capture on your Mac.

Step 2Secondly, adjust the size of your GIPHY Capture frame based on the size of the MOV video you want to record. Note that you can record up to 30 seconds. Moreover, you can edit and trim your clip to your desired length.

Step 3Thirdly, set your desired loop type, pixel size, and frame rate.

Step 4Lastly, you can either upload your new GIF to GIPHY or save the GIF to your Mac as a .GIF file.

However, you might want to create a GIF file on your phone alone, without using a Windows computer or Mac. Nevertheless, you can do so with the right application. Learn how to convert MOV to GIF or GIF to MOV on your smartphone.

3. How to Convert MOV to GIF on iPhone or iPad

How to Convert MOV to GIF with ImgPlay

If you are an iPhone or iPad user and you want to convert MOV to GIF with it, you can do so with a great and useful application. ImgPlay is an app from the App Store which allows you to convert Moments, Video, Photo, GIF, Live Photo, Burst, and even media files directly from Camera.

Steps to Convert MOV to GIF with ImgPlay:

Step 1Firstly, download and install ImgPlay on your iPhone from the App Store. After successfully downloading and opening the app, select Video from the list of media formats to make GIF.


Step 2Secondly, browse and select the MOV video you want to convert into GIF. Moreover, you can turn any video format into GIFs with this app.

Step 3Thirdly, after selecting the video to be converted, you can edit or personalize your video as preferred. Tap any tool from the menu bar, from there, you can customize the size of your GIF, crop, add text, filter and more. Lastly, tap Save.

On the other hand, you may be an Android user instead. But even so, don’t worry because there are also available GIF converters for Android from Play Store.

4. How to Convert MOV to GIF on Android

How to Convert MOV to GIF with GIF MAKER-EDITOR

GIF MAKER-EDITOR is an application available on Play Store for Android devices which is multifunctional and easy-to-use. This app allows you to edit GIFs, convert Images, Videos, Screen Recordings into GIFs.

Steps to Convert MOV to GIF with GIF MAKER-EDITOR:

Step 1Firstly, download and open GIF MAKER-EDITOR on your Android phone. After that, select Video-GIF from the main menu of the app.

gif maker

Step 2Secondly, select the MOV video you wish to convert into a GIF. Subsequently, you can trim your video and set it as a GIF, then tap Done.


Step 3Thirdly, set format, resolution, and quality of your output. Lastly, tap OK. With that, your video is now successfully turned into a GIF.


On the other hand, no matter what device or OS you are using, you might be the type who prefers to do things online. That is not a problem because there are many reliable online converters to tend your converting needs.

5. How to Convert MOV to GIF Online

How to Convert MOV to GIF with CloudConvert

CloudConvert is an alternative online converter you can use to convert GIF to MOV or MOV to GIF. Moreover, it is easy and quick, just keep in mind that the duration of the process depends on your internet speed.

Steps to Convert MOV to GIF with CloudConvert:

Step 1First, open your computer browser and look for CloudConvert's official website.


Step 2After that, add your MOV file into CloudConvert. To upload your file, you have five options: From a computer, Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive, or a URL are all viable options.

Step 3Select the MOV file as Convert and GIF as the desired output video format as To in the second step. Click the Setting icon if you wish to change the settings for your output.

Step 4Finally, click Convert if your file is ready to be converted. Once the conversion is complete, click Download to store your new GIF to your local location.

6. FAQs about Converting MOV to GIF

How do you save GIFs from the Internet?

Just like saving images from the internet, saving GIFs is totally easy as well.

Step 1. Open a web browser on your device. Browse the GIF you want to save.

Step 2. If you are using a computer, right-click on the GIF. However, if you are using a smartphone, long-press the GIF.

Step 3. Lastly, select Save image as from the drop-down selection.

Why are my GIFs small on iMessage?

This may be due to your iPhone’s slow internet connection or poor cellular data. Large video clips and images are automatically down-sampled when the internet is slow or poor.

Why do my GIFs look blurry?

GIFs are commonly small and low quality because they are usually sent multiple times. Being shared often compresses or sacrifices the quality of GIFs.


You can always express your emotions or thoughts better with animated images rather than just typing them. Messages are often misread or misinterpreted. That's why you might prefer to exchange photos or videos with your friends? Level up your conversations by sending GIFs from your favourite videos or movies with others. Learn how to convert videos into GIFs with the tools and solutions given above. Moreover, FoneLab Video Converter Ultimate is the most recommended tool, as it allows you to edit, trim, and convert any media file format freely and conveniently.

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