Tutorial to Factory Unlock iPhone without Password (Step by Step)

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What does factory unlocked mean for iPhones? Well, factory unlocked means that your phone is not under the control of any carrier. You can use any network on your iPhone without limits. In most situations, your mobile phone is controlled by the retailer. If you want to get rid of this phone company, you can factory unlock iPhone and change the SIM card.

Tutorial to Factory Unlock iPhone without Password (Step by Step)

Furthermore, you need a factory unlock to fix a disabled or locked iPhone. Whatever, this article mainly talks about how to factory unlock an iPhone. Just read and follow.

1. How to Factory Reset and Unlock iPhone

To factory unlock and reset iPhone from Apple restricts, you can use FoneLab iOS Unlocker to get easy solutions. The program can factory unlock iPhone and wipe iPhone passcode with the highest success rate. No matter your iPhone is disabled or locked, you can get the control of your iPhone again. All iPhone models and iOS versions are supported.

  1. Remove 4-digit or 6-digit iPhone lock screen passcode.
  2. Remove Apple ID and password to fix iCloud activation lock.
  3. Bypass screen time passcode without data loss.
  4. Support the newest iPhone 12 Pro Max/12 Pro/12 mini/12 and iOS 14 version.
  5. Safe, clean, and easy to use.
  6. Compatible with Windows 10/8.1/8/7/XP/Vista and Mac OS X 10.7 or above.

Free download, install, and launch FoneLab iOS Unlocker. Choose the Remove Apple ID option.

unlock interface

Use a lighting USB cable to connect the iPhone to your computer. Tap Trust on your iPhone to move on.

remove apple id interface

Click Start to erase Apple ID from this iPhone. If you have enabled Find My iPhone before, choose Settings, General, Reset and Reset All Settings to remove all settings.  

unlock interface

Don’t disconnect iPhone during the iPhone factory unlocking process. At last, click OK and get your factory unlocked iPhone.

remove apple id and icloud account

2. How to Factory Reset iPhone Online

It is also a good way to factory unlock iPhone permanently with online services. You can fix the iPhone not working with a new SIM card from another carrier. You can unlock iPhone and bypass the SIM card not valid.

There are many online factory unlocking services in the market. This section will show you how to use Cellunlocker to factory unlock iPhone without jailbreak. You can use other phone unlocking services to unlock your iPhone and use any SIM card as well. The entire iPhone unlocking process is similar. Just provide your iPhone IMEI code and complete the purchase.

Open the Cellunlocker unlock iPhone website.

Choose the iPhone Model. Select which Network your iPhone is locked to from AT&T, Verizon, MTS, Rogers, O2, Orange, T-Mobile UK, and more.

Enter Your iPhone’s IMEI into the required blank. You can dial *#06# to get the iPhone IMEI code quickly.

Click Check Unlock Now to factory unlock iPhone from any carrier.  

Complete the Contact Details list. Enter your promo code on the lower-left corner if possible. Now you can place the order and pay for your factory unlocked iPhone.

It takes 1-24 hours to unlock iPhone from a carrier. When the unlocking delivery completes, you can receive an email. Later, you can connect the iPhone to a Wi-Fi network to have a check.

unlock iphone online

3. FAQs of Factory Unlocking iPhone

What is the difference between factory unlocked and network unlocked?

Factory unlocked means your iPhone isn’t attached to any phone service. You can use a SIM card and access any cell phone service on your factory unlocked iPhone. As for network unlocked iPhone, it means this iPhone is available for different networks. Otherwise, you need to buy an unlock code to jailbreak iPhone.

What is an unlocked iPhone?

You can use an unlocked iPhone to use any network. If you want to travel abroad, you need to unlock your locked iPhone. Otherwise, you can use the company SIM and specific network only. An unlocked iPhone allows users to access any network internationally. You can customize the iPhone interface after jailbreaking.

What does GSM factory unlocked mean?

GSM is short for Global System for Mobile. GSM is a worldwide call standard instead of a physical device. GSM unlocked means you can connect iPhone o T-Mobile, MetroPCS, AT&T, Tracfone, and other GSM networks freely.

How to back up iPhone before factory unlocking?

After factory unlocking iPhone, your stored documents and media files will be erased. To avoid unrecoverable data loss, you had better back up iPhone with iTunes manually. Use a USB cable to connect iPhone to the computer. Open iTunes. Click Back Up Now under the Backups section on the Summary page. Wait for a while and click Done to complete the iPhone backup process.

All in all, you can factory unlock iPhone with the above tools. By using FoneLab iOS Unlocker, you can remove the screen password and bypass Apple ID with ease. Moreover, you can use a permanent Apple iPhone unlocking service to perform iPhone factory unlock remotely. The online IMEI unlock service can whitelist IMEI from the carrier on almost all iPhone models.

Can you factory unlock your iPhone network, account information and screen lock passcode? If not, you can feel free to contact us or leave messages in the comments below. We are glad to help you whenever you need. Please share this iPhone factory unlocking article if it helps. Thanks for your time.

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