How to Get iPhone Out of Recovery Mode (2020 Updated)


September 23, 2016 09:00 / Posted by Boey Wong

Hi, my iPhone 6 stuck in recovery mode when I tried to update to the latest iOS software using iTunes. I put my iPhone in recovery mode by holding the Home button and connect it to computer. But during the process there was a problem saying that the update had failed. Now my iPhone stuck on connect to iTunes screen and can’t get rid of it. Please help, thanks!

First of all ,

I am happy to tell you that you are not alone to deal with such frustrating situation that iPhone stuck in recovery mode after update as it appears to be a common issue.

Second of all,

There are several ways to exist iPhone recovery mode no matter you fail to jailbreak or intentionally activate recovery mode to solve a problem or like many of us, you are just trying to update your iOS system.

How lucky you are to have both good news! I will show you how to get iPhone out of recovery mode in the rest of this article.

iPhone Stuck in Recovery Mode

Solution 1: How to Exit Recovery Mode in Common Ways

  1. To fix iPhone stuck in recovery mode, first make sure your USB cable is connected to both computer running iTunes and your device. You need to hold the Home button while connecting your USB cable.
  2. Then hold the Home and Sleep/Wake buttons together until you see the Apple logo appear. The recovery mode screen will disappear and a iPhone black screen can be shown for a while, so don’t let go until the white Apple appears.
  3. Let your iPhone to boot up and leave the USB cable connected until the device shows the lock screen. Now it is out of recovery mode.

If this doesn’t work, you should turn to the second solution.

Read about how to fix a bricked iphone without restoring.

A powerful iOS system recovery utility, FoneLab iOS System Recovery software is able to fix many iPhone screen problems, such as iPhone stuck in recovery mode, DFU mode, black/blue/red screen and other abnormal situations.

Below is a simple tutorial on how to use this software to kick your iPhone out of recovery mode.

Solution 2: Use FoneLab iOS System Recovery to Exit Recovery Mode

The software offers both Mac and Windows versions and it works for all iOS models like iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch. Download and install the program with the right link above on your computer. Launch the program once it is done.

Connect your iPhone with computer via USB cable. Once the software detects your device, you can choose iOS System Recovery on the right pane of the interface.

iOS System Recovery

FoneLab will automatically detect your iPhone is in recovery mode as the below showing screenshot. Please click the Confirm button to confirm it.

Confirm iPhone Recovery Mode

After that, the program will ask you to check the detailed information of your iPhone, if the info is wrong, please manually select the exact information same as your current device. Otherwise, the device may be bricked during repairing. If the info is correct then click the Repair button.

Repair Recovery Mode

It will download plugin to repair the corrupted system and fix it to normal. It can take some time to complete, please do not disconnect or operate your device during the download process.

Download Plugin

FoneLab iOS System Recovery can also fix the slide to unlock feature not working, iPad stucks on Apple logo, iPhone messages crashing problem, unfreeze the screen of death, get rid of rebooting loop, etc.

It sounds really amazing, right? The most important is you will not lose any data when you use this program to restore iOS system. Why not get this software to rescue your iOS device now?

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