How to Put Music on iPhone

In daily life, we are always faced with situations when we have large amounts of love songs, yet we need to put these songs on iPhone, so we can play with iPhone whenever we want.

In this post, we will tell you three major ways to put music on iPhone. You can put music on iPhone with iTunes, transfer purchased songs, or with FoneTrans for iOS.

Method 1: Put music on your iPhone with iTunes

Launch iTunes on your computer

On the left top corner, click "Files" – "Add File to Library". Then select songs you want and click "Open" to put music on iTunes. (Note: You'd better have a specialized folder to store you favourite songs. So you do not have to cost time to find the wanted music in your computer and put music on your iPhone.)

Plug in your iPhone to computer

Use a USB cable to connect the computer.

Find iPhone icon in iTunes

When the iPhone has been connected to your computer, you will find an iPhone icon pop up at the left top corner. Click it to access settings of you iPhone. In the left listed menu, find music and click it.

Sync music

Have "Sync Music" checked. Then you can choose to check "Entire Music Library", which moves the entire library music to your iPhone. Or you can choose to check "Selected Playlists, Artists, Albums, and Genres". Then you can add selected songs to your iPhone.

Tips: you should bear in mind that syncing music with iTunes will have the original songs in your iPhone deleted.

Method 2: Purchase music and add songs to your iTunes

Open iTunes app on your iPhone

Get the songs to purchase

Search for the songs or visit iTunes to find songs you like.

Purchase your songs

When you decide to purchase the songs, tap on the songs, you will then see the price of songs on the right side. Tap it and confirm purchase.

Tips: you can also purchase the entire albums by searching album name and add songs to your iTunes.

Download the songs

If you have access to the internet, the downloading will begin immediately. If not, open your iTunes when you get access to the internet, at the bottom, find "More" and tap on it. There will be a list of options, go to "Purchased" - "Music" and then select "All Songs" or an artist and then you can put music on iPhone.

Not many users are willing to spend money on plenty of songs on iTunes. So transferring music from computer to iPhone becomes the first choice for many people. However, adding music on iPhone with iTunes has some limitations. For example, you have all your original music deleted in the process of syncing. Also iTunes are widely criticized of being inconvenient and unfriendly to new users. So we recommend music transfer software for you to directly put the music on iPhone. As third party software, FoneTrans for iOS enables you to add music to iPhone without iTunes.

Method 3: Put music on your iPhone with FoneTrans for iOS

Free download FoneTrans for iOS and connect your iPhone to computer.

Use USB cable to connect you iPhone to computer. (If you run the software at first time, click "Trust" to make the software detect your iPhone).

FoneTrans for iOS


Find "Media" t click it, and then all the media files on you iPhone will be presented on the right side. Press "Music" on the top navigation menu, you will see all the music information from your iPhone.

View Music

Add music on your iPhone

Find "Add" button on the top menu. Click it, and then you can choose to add your favourite songs to your iPhone by "Add File(s)". (If you have put all your favourite songs in one folder, then you can click "Add Folder".)

Add Files

The above methods enable you to put music on iPhone. However, adding purchased music only works when you have purchased all you music. Putting music on iPhone with iTunes is criticized of being a very complex method, besides it will delete your original music during transferring process. FoneTrans is a much easier, quicker and safer way for you to put music on iPhone.

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