Best Methods to Manage HTC Files with HTC Transfer Tools

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August 28, 2019 / Posted by Lisa Ou

If you were using the latest HTC models, HTC transfer tool is the application designed to get data from old HTC, Samsung and most of the other Android phones running 2.3 Gingerbread or above. As the default solution to transfer data between HTC and other Android phones, you can learn more details about the features of the HTC transfer tool.

Best Methods to Manage HTC Files with HTC Transfer Tools

Moreover, the article also shares the best alternative of HTC transfer tool to manage the data of HTC between Android, iPhone, and even computers.  Especially when there is a large number of photos, videos and messages of HTC, FoneLab HyperTrans should be the first choice you have to take into consideration.

Part 1: HTC Transfer Tool – Transfer Files Between HTC and Android

When you need to move from an Android phone to a new HTC phone in just a few simple steps, the HTC transfer tool is able to transfer everything from your old phone such as contacts, photos, music, calendar, settings and even text wirelessly.

Main Features of HTC Transfer Tool


1. One-Click File Transfer

Just select the file types you want to transfer from old HTC model to the new one. You can simply transfer all the content within the HTC Android phone within one click.

2. Sync Data Wireless Online

It is a method to transfer the files wireless online, which you can sync the files between HTC and another device directly. It works with Android 2.3 or HTC Sensor 5 or later devices.

3. Transfer All Data Files

Support most of the file formats of HTC smartphone, including mail, calendars, messages, contacts and call history, photos and videos, music, wallpapers, documents, settings and more.


1. Transfer Files on Android Only

If you need to get the files from the iPhone, or even a computer, the HTC transfer tool does not provide the solution to transfer the files from these devices to HTC phone directly.

2. Cannot Select the Desired Files

It only transfers all the photos and videos instead of the desired files only, which takes a large space of the transferred phone. You need to delete the unwanted files from your new HTC.

3. Cannot Preview the Transferred Files

In order to transfer the desired files from another Android phone to HTC, you are not able to preview and select the files you want to transfer via the HTC transfer tool with ease.

htc transfer tools

How to Transfer Files via HTC Transfer Tool

Step 1: Go to Settings on your new HTC phone and choose the Get content from another phone option. Choose the Get content from another phone and tap the Next option to continue the transfer process.

Step 2: Download the HTC transfer tool on the old Android phone. Launch the program, which you can see a PIN code for the old phone, make sure the same one on the new HTC phone before you tap the CONFIRM button.

Step 3: After that you can find types of content you want to transfer, such as Mail, Clock, Calendar, Messages, Contacts/Call Histories and more others. Now you can tap the TRANSFER button.

Step 4: It takes a period of time to transfer the selected files via the HTC transfer tool. Tap the Done option on both the new HTC phone, which you can check out all the transferred files.

htc transfer tool transfer process

Part 2. HTC Transfer Tool Alternative to Manage the HTC Smartphone

Just as mentioned above, there are lots of restrictions for the default HTC transfer tool, what is the best alternative to transfer and manage the files of HTC phones with ease? FoneLab HyperTrans is an ultimate HTC transfer tool to transfer data from HTC, iPhone, Android, computer to anywhere without any loss.

  1. Sync the files between HTC, iPhone, another Android phone and computer.
  2. Backup and manage videos, podcasts, messages, audio files and photos.
  3. Add, delete, transfer, edit, convert, manage and even make a ringtone file.
  4. Enable you to backup, restore, delete, add, and modify contact information.

Download and install HTC Transfer Tool

Once you install the program, launch it on your computer and connect the new HTC phone to your computer via a USB cable. If you need to transfer files from Samsung phone, connect that to your computer as well.

launch hypertrans

Choose the files you want to transfer

The program will scan the HTC phone to detect the files, such as Photos, Music, Videos, Contacts Messages and more other files. Instead of replacing the original files, you can preserve them with the HTC transfer tool.

connect htc phone

Transfer files from smartphone to HTC

Connect another smartphone you want to transfer the files to the new HTC phone. Select the files you want to transfer and click the Export to Device to choose the HTC phone. It will send the files to HTC directly

export android to htc

Copy files from computer to HTC

Moreover, you can also transfer files from computer to your HTC phone. Just click the Add File(s) button, which you can choose the files or even the file folder to add them to HTC phone with ease.

add photo to android


HTC transfer tool is the default transfer tool to sync files from the old Android phone to your new HTC phone. But if you need to move videos, photos, messages and more other files from an iPhone, computer and other devices to the new HTC phone, FoneLab HyperTrans is the ultimate HTC transfer tool alternative that you should never miss.

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