Screen Record Instagram Story Easily and Correctly in 2020 Ways

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July 09, 2020 16:00 / Posted by Lisa Ou

“Does Instagram notify when you screen record?”
“How to record Instagram stories?”

The above-mentioned questions are not special cases, you can find many similar problems from forums, Reddit, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc. People would want to know almost everything about Instagram screen recording, including story, live, post, profile and more. Here comes the question, how?

Well, this is a post to show people, who wondering the detailed tutorials about how to record a video on Instagram, how to record someone’s Instagram live or something else.

Screen Record Instagram Story Easily and Correctly in 2020 Ways

Move on...

1. Does Instagram Notify When You Screen Record A Story?

First of all, you should confirm that will Instagram poster be notified when you take a screen record, as you might capture a screen recording of someone’s privacy and then share it with people that the poster might don’t like.

Instagram does not notify users when you screen-record videos in posts and stories, so screen recording on Instagram will not be detected, and the poster won’t be notified about this.

So you can go straight to the next parts about how to record Instagram story on mobile phones.

2. Instagram Screen Recording on iPhone

As one of the most popular mobile phones, iPhone has released a new screen recording build-in feature from iOS 11 and later versions. It is a convenient and safe tool to help you record iPhone screen, including Instagram screen recording, record Instagram post, etc.

Below are clear instructions about how to record screen on iPhone or iPad.

Enable Screen Recording through Settings > Control Center > Customize Controls > Screen Recording.

Open Instagram and go to the page with the Instagram story you want to record.

Swipe up on your phone and tap Screen Recording icon to start. Go to Instagram app and play the story.

record gameplay on ios 11

Stop recording once you are done.

What if you are an Android user? Below is the answer to you.

3. Instagram Screen Recording on Android

As almost Android phones don’t have a screen recording feature, you will be required to download a screen recorder application from Android Google Play, then install it and follow the instructions to record Instagram story on Android.

This is an example of how to record screen on Android with

Search and download screen recording app from Google Play. Then install it.

Open the screen recording app, and then follow the instruction to sign up and begin recording Android screen.

Start the Instgram you want to record. Stop it once you are done.

What to do for people prefer to record Instagram story on computer? We will show you solutions on both Windows and Mac.

4. Instagram Screen Recording on Windows

Windows has its own recording feature after Windows 10. You can try it as below.

Option 1. Record Screen with PPT

Windows 10 has a new feature which allows you to record screen on computer. But it is not available on earlier Windows versions.

Powerpoint is one of the best choices you can have a try. Below is how to use powerpoint recorder.

Run powerpoint and click Insert > Screen Recording.

insert ppt screen record

Click Select Area, play the Instagram story on computer and record screen.

ppt screen record settings

Stop recording when you are done and save it to computer.

Option 2. Record Screen with FoneLab Screen Recorder

FoneLab Screen Recorder is another third-party program you can use on computer. Recording screen, video, audio, voice, webcam, etc are available. And it is easy to take a screenshot on computer and add some words, painting, etc with it.

Below is how to use it.

Download and install FoneLab Screen Recorder on computer, then it will be launched automatically.

Choose Video Recorder on the interface, and go to Instagram page.

Launch FoneLab Screen Recorder

Start recording, and then play the story.

Manage the screen recording settings

Stop recording once you are done. Cut the unwanted parts and then save the recording.

5. Instagram Screen Recording on Mac

Mac users also have special methods to record screen. Such as Mac FoneLab Screen Recorder, macOS Mojave screen recording feature, QuickTime, and others. Here we will show you 2 of them.

Option 1. Record Screen with Mac FoneLab Screen Recorder

Compared to other tools that only work on Windows computer, FoneLab Screen Recorder offers various functions that work on both Windows and Mac. More importantly, it is easy to use, you can learn how to use it in 5 minutes. Moreover, it never crashes during the recording. You can use it to record online meetings, record gameplay, streaming audio without lag. Why not try it as below now!

Download Mac Screen Recorder, then run it on Mac.

Select Video Recorder, then open Instagram page and select recording area.

mac fonlab screen recorder interface

Click Recording button and begin playing story.

Stop recording when you are done.

Option 2. Record Screen with QuickTime

QuickTime is a built-in tool on Mac, you can use it to play videos, compress videos, record screen, etc. Below is how to use QuickTime recorder.

Launch QuickTime and select File > New Screen Recording.

screen recording with quicktime.jpg

Click Recording button and play the Instagram story on Mac.

Stop it once it is done.

That’s all about how to record Instagram story on iPhone, Android, Windows or Mac. We are sure FoneLab Screen Recorder will accommodate all your needs. Why not download and have a try now!

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