[Solved] 2 Simple Ways to Convert MP4 to WAV

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Dec 24, 2019 17:00 / Posted by Lisa Ou

How can I convert MP4 to WAV? Is there any simple way especially a free way to extract WAV audio from an MP4 file? I don’t want to purchase some video editor software. Any help?

Why do you want to convert MP4 to WAV?

[Solved] 2 Simple Ways to Convert MP4 to WAV

In fact, for different reasons, you will have the need to convert video or audio files. You would like to convert MP4 to WAV format if all your requirement is the soundtrack or the audio file in an MP4 video. This post will show you 2 simple ways to convert MP4 to WAV with high audio quality.

1. What Is WAV Format

WAV (Waveform Audio File Format) is one of the most common audio formats developed by Microsoft, and in collaboration with IBM. It is the default audio format for Windows. It is supported by almost all Windows audio hardware/programs like Windows Media Player.

WAV format is designed with an application of the Resource Interchange File Format method to store data. A WAV file can take 8 to 16-bit samples at rates between 11,025 Hz to 44,100 HZ. You should know that 16-bit at 44,100 Hz is the highest quality possible.

WAV usually stores uncompressed audio data with pulse-code modulation. In some cases, this format can also be used to store sound processed with other audio codecs. Compared with the popular MP3 audio format, WAV is comparatively larger than it in file size. Surely WAV files can offer higher audio quality.

2. How to Free Convert MP4 to WAV Online

If you have collected a lot of MP4 videos that only be used for the audio purpose, you’d better convert them to WAV files. You can see many free online video audio converters claim that they can help you turn MP4 to WAV with ease. Here we recommend the Online Audio Converter to help you make the conversion.

Navigate to online-audio-converter.com on your browser.

Click the Open Files button to upload the MP4 video you want to convert. It will take some time to complete the uploading process.

online audio converter

This free MP4 to WAV converter offers some basic editing features and settings for you to custom the output file. During this step, you can adjust the output audio quality or do other settings based on your needs. Click the Convert button to start the MP4 to WAV converting. When the converting process is finished, click Download to save the converted WAV file on your computer.

3. Professional Way to Convert MP4 to WAV [Recommended]

Even though there are a large number of free online converters offered on the internet can help you convert MP4 to WAV, they can’t give you a good converting experience, especially when you want to convert a large MP4 file. The MP4 to WAV converting will take really long time to finish. What’s worse, there will always be some quality loss after the conversion. Let alone the annoying ads.

Here we strongly recommend the professional MP4 to WAV converting software, Video Converter Ultimate to help you make the conversion from MP4 video to WAV file. It offers the batch conversion feature and can give you a super-fast converting speed. More importantly, it guarantees that there won’t be any quality loss during the conversion.

Double click on the download button above to quickly install and run this powerful MP4 to WAV converter on your computer.

Click Add File to add the MP4 video(s) you want to convert to WAV. As mentioned above, this MP4 to WAV converter is designed with a batch conversion feature which enables you to convert several MP4 videos at a time.

mp4 to wav converter

Click the Profile option and then select MP4 as your output format from the drop-down list.

mp4 format

Click Convert button to start the conversion from MP4 to WAV. This converting tool carries many editing features. Before converting, you can edit the video and adjust the output audio quality.

After reading this post, you can get 2 simple ways to convert MP4 to WAV. You can rely on the online converter to free MP4 to WAV if you only want to convert some small files. Or you should turn to the professional MP4 to WAV Converter for the video to audio conversion.

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