Why You Need to Convert WMA Files? How to Convert WMA to MP3 with Ease

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April 03, 2020 17:00 / Posted by Lisa Ou

When you have some WMA audio files on your Windows 10, how do you convert WMA to MP3 for your iPhone or Android phone? Why you are not able to play WMA files on your smartphone? Just learn more about the WMA audio file and find the 3 best methods about how to convert WMA to MP3 with ease from the article.

Why You Need to Convert WMA Files? How to Convert WMA to MP3 with Ease

1. What is WMA File and Why You Need to Convert It

WMA file extension is a Windows Media Audio file, which is an audio format that commonly used in many music download services and is compatible with many Windows-based programs. Microsoft initially created it in 1999 to combat MP3 and Apple’s AAC compression method.

Since WMA files have the same quality as MP3 files with half the size, why do you need to convert WMA to MP3? MP3 codec is more standard on all devices and software programs. You have to convert WMA to MP3 file in order to playback the audio files on more devices and platforms, such as MacBook, smartphone, social media sites and more.

wma audio format

2. How to Convert ASF to MP4 on Computer

In order to convert multiple WMA files as one MP3 file, or even tweak the audio settings, FoneLab Video Converter Ultimate is a versatile WMA to MP3 converter that transcode WMA to MP3, FLAC, MP4 and more other formats. It also enables you to split and combine the audio files with ease. Moreover, there are multiple methods to enhance the video quality and reduce the noise in the video file.

  1. Convert multiple WMA files to the desired MP3 format with a batch process.
  2. Tweak the audio codec, audio bitrate, channels and sample rate with ease.
  3. Split a large WMA file into different clips or merge WMA audio files into one.
  4. Advanced hardware acceleration to convert the WMA audio at a fast speed.

Download and install the WMA to MP3 converter, launch the program on your computer. Click the Load File button to add multiple WMA audio files into the program for a batch process.

wma converter

Go to the Profile menu and choose the MP3 as the output format. In order to tweak the desired audio format, you can also click the Settings option and adjust the audio settings.

mp3 settings

Just click the Trim option, which you can split the WMA into different clips with the start point and end point. You can also check the Merge into one file option to combine the audio files into one.

trim mp3

You can listen to the audio files and choose the Destination folder for the output MP3 files. Click the Convert button to convert the WMA audio into MP3 file according to your requirement.

3. How to Convert WMA to MP3 File with iTunes

Is there a method to convert WMA to MP3 on your MacBook directly? iTunes is the default built-in application to playback audio files and convert the media files on Mac. Just learn more details about the process as below.

Open the iTunes on your MacBook. You can update the program to the latest version to make sure a quick conversion.

Browse the WMA files under Music Library playlist or add it to the music library if you cannot find the WMA files.

Click on the WMA file and then double click it. Scroll down and click on the Create MP3 Version option.

iTunes will convert WMA to MP3 accordingly and you will a notification sound once it has been done.

itunes create mp3

4. How to Convert WMA to MP3 File Online

If you do not want to download WMA to MP3 converters, you can use the online tools to transcode the file. ConvertFiles is able to convert most of the audio and video formats with instant download.

Go to the online MP3 converter and click the blue Browse button to choose a local file from your computer into the program.

Choose the Input format as Windows Media Audio File (.wma) and Output format as MPEG-3 Audio File (.mp3) in order to convert the WMA audio to MP3 format accordingly.

After that, you can click the Convert button to convert WMA to MP3 with ease. When the whole process is done, you can download the MP3 file to your hard drive with ease.

convert files


You can learn more about the best methods to convert WMA to MP3 with ease from the article. Whether you need to transcode multiple audio files into one, or convert WMA to iPhone, Android and other devices, you can always find a suitable solution with ease. If you have any query about how to convert WMA to MP3, you can share more details in the comments.

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