Top 5 GIF Recorders to Capture Screen and Make Animated GIFs[2020 Updated]


June 04, 2020 09:00 / Posted by Lisa Ou

GIF is small in size and can’t deliver high-quality images. It provides an instant way to send all types of emojis on social apps. You can easily rely on GIFs to express your emotion and what you mean, illustrate something, integrate animation, and highlight a point, and so on. So you can see it become more and more popular on social networks.

Do you also want to capture screen and make GIF?

Top 5 GIF Recorders to Capture Screen and Make Animated GIFs[2020 Updated]

GIF recorder can help you record your Windows 10/8/7 PC or Mac screen and make animated GIFs with ease. And there are many GIF screen recorders shared on the internet that can help you make your own GIF files. Here in this post, we will make a list of 5 best GIF recorders for you to choose from.

1. Top 5 GIF Recorders to Record GIF on Mac/PC

As mentioned above, there are a lot of GIF screen recorder tools offered on the market, surely you don’t want to install and try them one by one. To help you quickly find the best GIF recorder, in this part, we list 5 great ones and tell their features to guide you to get your preferred one.

Best GIF Recorder - FoneLab Screen Recorder

FoneLab Screen Recorder is a very popular GIF screen recorder for Windows 10/8/7 PC and Mac users to capture computer screen and make GIFs. It has the capability to record any region of screen and make it a GIF file. This GIF recorder allows you to record GIF from your computer monitor, custom area and webcam. What’s more, it enables you to make voice recording GIFs from system audio and microphone.

How to use this GIF recorder to make your own GIF files?

Free install and run this GIF screen recorder on your computer.

Choose the Video Recorder feature to capture screen and make GIF.

gif recorder interface

Set various recording settings based on your need. Here you can turn off both System Sound and Microphone to make a GIF file.

gif record settings

Click the Settings icon to enter the Preferences window. Here you can choose Output on the left panel and then set the output format as GIF. Click OK to confirm the operation.

set output gif

Click REC button to start capturing screen to GIF. Click Stop to preview the captured GIF file. Then you can click Save button to save it as an animated GIF file.

Free GIF Recorder - ScreenToGIF

ScreenToGIF is a popular and free GIF screen capture software which allows you to capture computer screen and make animated GIFs. This open source GIF recorder can record screen from computer monitor, Webcam and Sketchboard. It only supports Windows system.


ScreenToGIF enables you to edit the captured content and add text, subtitle, title frame and more elements to the recording. It provides a simple way to capture computer screen and make it a GIF file. As a small-sized app, you can easily install and use it on your Windows PC. This GIF screen recorder has a common crash issue, you can install a net framework to solve the problem.

GIF Screen Recorder - ShareX

ShareX is another popular GIF recorder which only works on Windows system. You can only use it on your Windows 10/8/7 PC. This GIF recorder can help you record screen with entire screen, active window and custom area according to your need. ShareX offers many screen recording features, and it enables you to utilize the Freehand, Ellipse and Rectangle region types with ease.


ShareX is doesn’t provides you with any editing features to edit the recording. It will capture screen and directly turn it into a GIF file. What’s more, this GIF screen capture doesn't allow you to adjust the frame rates or select the video file size. It carries a simple share feature to upload your GIFs to popular social platforms like Twitter, Flickr and Vimeo.

Free GIF Recorder for Mac - QuickTime Player

QuickTime Player is the default media player and screen recorder for Mac users. When you have the need to make GIFs on Mac, you can use QuickTime recorder to capture screen and make animated GIF files. It can work as a free and stable GIF screen capture tool to help you turn screen recording into GIF.

free gif recorder on mac

This Mac GIF recorder offers some basic editing features for you to edit your recording. Just launch QuickTime Player and use its New Movie Recording feature, you can easily record your Mac screen content and output a GIF file. When you export the recording, remember to choose the GIF as the target format.

GIF Screen Capture - Gyazo

Gyazo is a famous screen capture tool which can help you capture computer screen and make GIFs. It has the capability to capture screenshots, GIFs, and replay videos. Besides Windows and Mac, this GIF recorder also has mobile apps for iOS and Android users. Gyazo is not a totally free GIF screen capture. It only offers a free trial.


The free version of Gyazo doesn’t carry any editing functions. But it allows you to capture screen and turn it into a GIF file. If you want the editing features and remove ads, you can upgrade it to Pro or Team plans.

2. FAQs of GIF Recorder PC

Question 1. Why are GIFs low quality?

GIF can only display 256 shades and colors. While today's computers regularly can display 16 million shades and colors. It is mainly designed to be efficient, small file size, and best suited for short clips. Considering that it only supports images with a 256 colors, the image has to be rendered with such a palette. So you see GIFs carry low quality.

Question 2. How to copy a GIF file?

You can use regular way to copy a GIF file just like copying an image. When you want to copy a GIF on computer, you can use Ctrl + C and then Ctrl + V to do it. If you want to copy GIF on mobile device, you can tap and hold the GIF file, and then choose the copy or download option.

Question 3. Why are GIFs not working on iPhone?

Different reasons will cause GIFs not working on iPhone, especially in iOS 13 and iOS 12. Some GIFs not working issues caused by bad network connection, data loss, and Messages app factor. You can re-connect network or restart iPhone to fix the issue. You can also check the function of the images and turn on turn on images for GIFs to solve the problem. In some cases, you can upgrade iOS to fix GIFs not working on iPhone.

We have mainly talked about GIF recorder in this post. We make a list of 5 best GIF screen capture tools for you to choose from. You can pick your preferred one to capture screen and make your own GIF files. Leave us a message if you still have any questions.

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