How to Sync iPad to New Computer


October 26, 2016 09:00 / Posted by Boey Wong

I bought a new computer and gave the old one to my brother. I want to sync my iPad mini to the new computer. How do I sync my iPad to my new computer? Please advise, thanks!

Syncing your iPad to your computer creates a backup of the iPad’s contents and settings. This is an important way to keep your data safe and avoid losing any content if your iPad is broken or lost. iTunes, as the default multimedia management software, can be used to sync iPad, iPhone and iPod to your computer. But unfortunately you can only sync your device with one iTunes at a time. Any attemps to sync with different iTunes library will lead to an erased or overwrittened device. The good new is there are actually tricks to sync iPad to new computer without data loss. You can either choose to sync iPad to a new comptuer using iTunes without lossing data or use an iTunes alternative tool to help you accomplish it with no hassle.

Sync iPad to New Computer

Using iTunes to Sync iPad with New Computer

To make the iTunes ready to accept a new device, you should sign in iTunes with the iPad’s account and authorize your new computer to share it. Follow the given steps below.

Before you start syncing your iPad to a new computer, you should make a backup of all the current data stored on your device just in case.

Download and install the lastest version of iTunes on your new computer and launch it afterwards.

Connect your iPad to the computer and iTunes will automatically detect it.

On iTunes, go to AccountAuthorizations Authorize This Computer…. You will be asked to log into your iTunes account by entering Apple ID and password.

Authorize Computer

Now you can reach your iPad on iTunes. Click the Summary tab on the left sidebar, and then click on the Back Up Now button on the right Backups section. Then iTunes will make a backup for your iPad on the new computer. After that, you are free and safe to manage files through iTunes on your new computer.

How to Sync iPad to New Computer with FoneTrans

FoneTrans for iOS is specially designed to transfer files among iOS devices, iTunes and computers. It enables you to sync your iPad to a new computer without losing any data. You can use it to sync iPhone to new computer as well. What's more, you can also sync music, playlists, movies, TV shows, iTunes U, podcasts, audio books to new iTunes and other data like photos, messages, contacts to the new computer.

First of all, choose the right version of this software in accordance with your operating system to download and install it onto your new computer. When the installation is finished , it will automatically open. Connect your iPad with the computer you will get:

FoneTrans Interface

have several options to select, such as To iTunes, To Folder, To Device and so on. To sync iPad to iTunes, you should click on To iTunes. Then you will find out that photos, contacts and SMS are not supported to be synced in this mode. Click on the Start button to begin the iTunes sync process.


To sync all iPad files to new computer including photos, contacts, SMS etc, you can choose To Folder in the beginning. When the process of transferring files to local folder is done, you can click Open Folder to find your iPad files in the target folder.

Sync iPhone to New Computer

Ok, that’s how FoneTrans for iOS helps to sync iPad to a new computer. Obviously, it’s more convenient and straightforward than iTunes to manage iPad files. Feel free to download the trial version of this program and have a try.

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