Record Incoming and Outgoing Calls on Android Automatically Here

Valyn HuaPosted by Valyn Hua / Dec 23, 2020 16:00

No matter why you want to record Android calls, you want to keep as future references, right? Different from common Android recordings, you cannot use common audio recorders on Android.

record android call

Sadly, some Android call recorders will notify the speaker before recording. It is quite embarrassing. Many people want to record a phone call on Android without telling the other person.

-I need an Android app to record phone calls secretly…
- Is there any app to spy and record an Android call automatically?

Want to record an Android call on both sides? You just come to the right place.

From this article, you can learn which record Android call app to choose and how to use it. All those call recorder apps for Android are safe and reliable. In addition, you can upload Android call recording files to Google Drive and other cloud storage for backup and more free space.

Part 1. How to Record Android Calls

1. Top 5 Android Call APPs

Then what is the best Android call recording app? Different people have different opinions. Why not read main features of each Android call recorder? You can choose the best phone call recording app for Android that meets your demand perfectly.

Top 1: ACR Call Recorder

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ACR is short for Another Call Recorder. You can record an Android call per phone number. Thus, if you want to find the certain call recording, you can search it according to the phone number, contact name or note accurately. Moreover, your deleted call recordings will be in Recycle Bin, which allows users to get back mistakenly deleted files easily. The Android call recorder app will delete old recordings automatically. You can mark some recordings as important to bypass this feature.

acr call recorder

Top 2: RMC Android Call Recorder

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RMC allows users to record all incoming and outgoing calls on your Android. Sadly, you can record a phone call from microphone only due to the Android phone limitation. If you want to record a phone call on Android of both sides, you can turn on the loudspeaker. As a result, the call recorder app can catch the clear voice from the other side. You can also set password to hide your important call recordings.

rmc android call recorder

Top 3: Automatic Call Recorder

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Just as its name shows, you can record an Android call automatically with this application. There are 3 automatic call recording modes including Record Everything, Ignore Everything and Ignore Contacts. If you upgrade to Automatic Call Recorder Pro, you can record calls from the particular contacts and save to cloud automatically.

automatic call recorder

Top 4: Total Recall Call Recorder

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You can record both sides voice clearly of a phone conversation by using Total Recall. The default call recording format is MP3. You can manage call recording preferences and settings manually. What’s more, you can set whether to send or share your recordings to Gmail, Google Drive, Box, DropBox and other services automatically or manually.

total recall call recorder

Top 5: Cube Call Recorder ACR

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You can record not only incoming and outgoing phone calls, but also VoIP conversations here. Yes, the Android phone call recorder app supports to record phone calls, Skype calls, Hangouts and many other conversations. You can record each phone conversation automatically with the exclusion list. In addition, you can manage call recordings with the in-app playback.

cube call recorder acr

Note: You can also record an Android phone call with an external recorder. Just plug the real call recorder to the Microphone jack for Android call recording. Of course, you need to spend more money to record a phone call on Android secretly on both sides.

If you want to record Android internal audio, you can use FoneLab Audio Recorder to record Android audio. Just mirror Android phone to computer and then click REC button to begin recording. And it also allows you to record Android screen, too.

2. How to Record Android with Google Voice

Step 1Sign into your Google Voice account online.

Step 2Choose Settings from the three-dot More menu.

Step 3Enable Incoming Call Options under the Calls section.

Step 4Make a phone call on your Android as usual. Tap 4 on the keypad.

Step 5Press 4 again to stop recording a call on Android.

record android with google voice


  1. Your Android phone recording will be saved to the Inbox automatically. If you want to access it in the Google Voice app, you can head to Menu and choose Recorded.
  2. The moment you record an Android call with Google Voice, both two sides can hear the message saying that the recording is underway. So you cannot record phone calls secretly here.

Part 2. How to Recover Android Call Logs If You Lost Them

Cannot find your call logs? Fortunately, you can use FoneLab Android Data Recovery to recover Android lost call logs, music, contacts and other files without backup safely and easily.

  1. Recover lost data from Android phone, SD card or SIM card.
  2. Wide support of recoverable files including contacts, messages, call logs, WhatsApp, videos, music, etc.
  3. Compatible with Android 8.0 Pero/7.0/6.0/5.1/5.0/4.4/4.3/4.2/4.1/4.0/2.3 of Samsung and many other popular brands.
  4. Offer a safe, clean and intuitive interface.
FoneLab for Android
FoneLab for Android

With FoneLab for Android, you will recover the lost/deleted iPhone data including photos, contacts, videos, files, call log and more data from your SD card or device.

  • Recover photos, videos, contacts, WhatsApp, and more data with ease.
  • Preview data before recovery.
  • Android phone and SD card data are available.

Step 1Launch Android call Logs recovery. Then connect Android to your computer.

connect android to android data recovery

Step 2Enable USB debugging mode and root your Android with the on-screen instruction.

enable usb debugging mode

Step 3Mark and preview any item under Call Logs. Finally, choose Recover to get back your lost call logs selectively.

recover android call logs

Can you get your best Android call recording app now? If not, you can leave messages below to tell us your requirements. We are glad to help you whenever you need.

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