3 Methods to Recover Deleted/Missing Notes on Mac


April 08, 2019 09:00 / Posted by Lisa Ou

I removed some notes from Notes app, which might include one important one. But I cannot find it in the Recently Deleted folder. How to recover the deleted note on Mac? Is there an effective method to get back the notes on Mac with ease?

Different from Windows, you can find some default methods to retrieve deleted or missing notes on Mac if you have already backed up notes beforehand. Of course, you can also find a professional note recovery on Mac to get the file back from the article.

Recover Deleted/Missing Notes on Mac

1. How to recover deleted notes on Mac with Time Machine

The backup feature of Time Machine is a simple method to recover deleted notes on Mac. It is able to backup notes, music files, photos, emails, videos, documents and system files. If you have ever backed up the notes with Time Machine, you can follow the method to retrieve removed notes on Mac.

In order to recover the deleted notes, you can open Finder and enter the following keys on keyboard – Cmd + Shift + G. You can also go to Go > Go To Folder Menu in the top of the status bar.

Enter the following command and access to a version of backup that contains the notes before deletion.

Click the Restore option to retrieve deleted notes on Mac. After that you can exit Time Machine and launch the Notes app on Mac. The deleted or missing notes should be accessible now.

recover deleted notes on Mac with Time Machine

2. How to retrieve lost notes on Mac through iCloud service

Just make sure that you have backed up notes with iCloud, which you can retrieve the deleted notes on Mac via the cloud service. Usually iCloud will automatically back up the files and sync them among different Apple devices possibly.

Just check out the process as below.

In order to avoid the overwritten for the notes on iCloud, you should disable the Internet connection first. You can also go to Preferences > iCloud and uncheck the box for Notes. 

After that you can go to www.icloud.comlink out and enter the account with Apple ID and password. Choose the Notes icon and check for the deleted notes on iCloud.


Once you find the deleted notes, preview the information before you retrieve the deleted notes on Mac and save them to a local file. It is workable only for the notes you just deleted or lost.

3. How to Recover Mac Data after Factory Resetting

How about recovering deleted or lost notes on Mac without backup? When you need to check out some important notes, you just aware that the notes are not available. As for the case, FoneLab Data Retriever is the best and professional method to restore the deleted notes on Mac.

  1. Retrieve deleted notes on Mac hard drive, SD card, USB cable and more.
  2. Quick Scan and Deep Scan modes to retrieve all deleted files with ease.
  3. Support multiple document file formats of different Mac notes applications.
  4. It will not store or modify the deleted notes on your Mac.

Download and install deleted file recovery for Mac

Once you install the program on your Mac, launch the program to choose the Mac Data Recovery option. It is able to recover deleted or missing notes from Mac hard drive, flash drive, memory card, USB drive and more. If you want to recover data from hard drive, you can also connect hard drive to Mac.

launch mac file recovery

Choose and scan the notes documents

Choose the Document option and Others option before clicking the Scan button to quickly scan all the notes. Usually it takes a few minutes to scan all the files and retrieve all deleted notes on Mac.

choose data type to scan

Search and filter for the deleted notes

If you cannot confirm file formats for notes, you can simply search for notes for the retrieved files. The notes recovery for Mac also enables you to locate the deleted notes with Filter with ease.

choose data type to scan

Recover the deleted notes on Mac

Click the Recover button to retrieve notes on Mac. Once you get the deleted notes, you have to make the notes readable. Change the file extension of the document as HTML. Open the file with a web browser or TextEdit with HTML tag. Press Cmd + F to find the notes and paste to another location.

scan sd card recover data from sd card

If you cannot locate the deleted notes with Quick Scan mode, you can also choose the Deep Scan mode to get back the deleted notes. Just use a similar method to make the retrieved files as readable ones on your Mac.


Once you deleted notes on Mac by accident, you can retrieve them directly from iCloud at the first moment. Of course, not only notes, you can also take advantage of the backup feature of Time Machine to restore iMessages on Mac. If you have not backed up the files, FoneLab Data Retriever is the professional solution to get back the deleted files with ease.

More queries about how to recover deleted notes on Mac, you can share more detailed information in the comments.

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