Transfer Files from Phone and Tablet – 3 Frequently Used Methods You Should Know


Sep 03, 2019 11:00 / Posted by Szeki

How to transfer files from a phone to a tablet? If you need to transfer files from iPhone to Samsung Tab A or copy data from Samsung Galaxy to Amazon Fire HD, what are the best methods to transfer and copy files between the devices?

The article introduces 3 commonly used methods to transfer files from a phone to a tablet.

Transfer files form phone to tablet

1. Transfer Files from Phone to Tablet through Bluetooth

All the devices, including iPhone, Android and Windows, have built-in Bluetooth. Once you pair the phone with your tablet with Bluetooth, you can transfer files from your phone to a tablet with ease.

transfer files via bluetooth

Open Settings from your app tray or notification bar on the Android tablet. Locate the Wireless and Networks area and click Bluetooth.

Turn on the Bluetooth connection on your phone and confirm the connection between your tablet and your phone in the paired device section interface.

Open File Manager on your phone and find the file to transfer from the phone to your tablet. Press on the file or tap the menu button then select Share on the toolbar and choose Bluetooth to prompt the file transfer.

Tap Accept on your tablet.

(The files could only be transferred in the case of the two devices share a same Wifi connection.)

Bluetooth is convenient to sync files between phones and tablets. But there are downsides:

  1. As a wireless connection, it is not a good option to sync large files.
  2. The connection might not be successful due to the mismatched versions of Bluetooth.

2. Transfer Files from Phone to Tablet with Dropbox

Cloud service is another way to transfer files from phones to tablets.

transfer files from phone to tablet by dropbux

Download and install Dropbox on both your phone and tablet.

Launch Dropbox on your phone and log in your account. Then create a new folder for file transfer, and tap Plus icon to open the file upload interface.

Select the files you want to transfer, and check the desired files then tap Upload to transfer files from your phone to the tablet.

Open Dropbox on your tablet and log in your account, then select and download the files uploaded from your phone.

Besides the limitation of a 5GB free storage, there are also some encode problems to download the files from Dropbox to your tablet, and it would take a long time for the procedure done if without a stable Wi-Fi connection.

3. Transfer Files from Phone to Tablet via Transfer Tool

Is there a method to transfer files from iPhone to Android tablet, or Samsung to iPad via the original USB cable directly? What is the ultimate method to transfer files from a phone to your tablet, or vice versa? FoneLab HyperTrans is a convenient and professional file transfer program to transfer multiple files from an iPhone, Android, iOS, computer to any devices without any loss.

FoneLab HyperTrans is powerful for data transfer as it provides a series of supports:

  1. Transfer files from phone to tablet, or vice versa.
  2. Support photos, videos, music files, audio formats, contacts, etc..
  3. Add, delete, edit, create ringtones, convert files and manage contacts.
  4. Easy and safe to move data with one-click on your computer.

How to Transfer Files from Phone to Tablet via Transfer Tool

Download and install the program, launch the program on your computer. Connect both your phone and tablet into the computer with the original USB cable. The program is able to detect both devices with ease.

launch hypertrans

Once the program has detected and scanned the device, you can preview and select the files you want to transfer.

select files to transfer

Click Export to Device. You can follow the progress of the process and the transferred files.

transfer between devices

The HyperTrans will convert the files to JPEG or PNG directly if you are going to transfer HEIC pictures from iPhone to Android devices. What's more, you can edit and manage files before the transfer.

Note: The file transfer tool can transcode your files. Moreover, it does not require any network connection. So, it is more suitable to transfer large amounts of files between mobile devices.


This article has shown the best methods about how to transfer files from phone to tablet, even if the devices share a different operating system. While Bluetooth is a convenient method for a small number of file transfers and Cloud service is another method to sync files between different devices via a same account, FoneLab HyperTrans is a powerful and professional file transfer tool to transfer data without any loss.

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