2 Ways to Transfer Data from Pixel to Pixel 3 with/without a Computer

Lisa Ou

Sept 03, 2019 / Posted by Lisa Ou

What is the best method to transfer data to new Pixel 3? The Pixel came with a cable and instructions to copy things over. I also was told to try Shareit. What should I do?

The new Google phone Pixel 4 and Pixel 4XL will be released in early October running Android 10 Q. Transferring data from your Android or iPhone to the new Pixel phone is on your must-do list. This article aims to show you the detailed steps to transfer data from Pixel to Pixel after setup. You can also get the ultimate solution to transfer data from Pixel to computer or phone for backup or other uses here.

2 Ways to Transfer Data from Pixel to Pixel 3 with/without a Computer

Part 1: How to Transfer Data from Old Pixel to Pixel 3

There is no need to download extra Android phone transfer app on your Pixel. Data Transfer Tool is the system app that has been installed on all Pixel phones by default. You can transfer copies to the new phone during Pixel setup without a computer.

The supported copies include apps and app data, music, photos, videos, Google accounts, contacts, pure text messages and device settings. By the way, you can transfer data from Pixel 2 to Pixel 3 by signing into the same Google account, like email, contacts, calendar events and other associated information. 


  1. Insert the SIM card to your new Pixel phone.
  2. Prepare a Quick Switch Adapter.
  3. Remember to make your old and new Pixel phones fully charged.

Tap Finish Pixel Setup. Connect your two phones to a trusted Wi-Fi network. If you want to transfer data to Pixel 3 after setup, you can open the Settings app and tap Finish Setup instead.

finish setting up pixel

Your Pixel phone will check for updates automatically. It takes some time to download and install Pixel updates. Then power on your old Pixel phone and keep it unlocked. Tap Next on the lower right corner.

check for pixel updates

Connect two Pixel phones via the Quick Switch Adapter and follow the on-screen instruction. Tap Next to continue the process. Unlock your Pixel phone if necessary. Later, tap Copy to confirm Pixel 3 data transfer process. 

connect pixel with quick switch adapter

You just open data transfer tool on Pixel 2 and Pixel 3. Trigger off the file type you don’t want to move to your new Pixel. After that, tap Copy to transfer data from Pixel to Pixel 3.

choose file type to transfer

You can see the estimated time on the Pixel’s screen directly. When the pixel copying process finishes, you can disconnect two phones. Tap Next to move on.

finish pixel data transferring

Part 2. Recommended Way to Transfer Data from Any Phone to Pixel

FoneLab HyperTrans allows users to transfer data from any phone or computer to Pixel without limitations. To be more specific, you can transfer data from iPhone, Android, Windows or Mac to Pixel 1/2/3 freely. Of course, you can also move data from Pixel to your phone or computer. Almost all data types and formats are supported. In a word, you can transfer data from Pixel to Pixel without losing data via HyperTrans.

  1. Transfer images, music, videos, contacts, messages, ringtones, documents and many other files from Pixel to Pixel.
  2. Transfer data between mobile phones and computers, including Pixel, Sony, LG, Samsung, iPhone, iPad, iPod, Google, etc.
  3. Offer the built-in contact manager, ringtone maker and HEIC converter.
  4. Fully support the latest Android 8.0 and iOS 12.0 versions.
  5. Superfast file transferring speed.

Free download and install the phone transfer software. Launch the program after installation. Plug two Pixel phones into the same computer via lightning USB cables. Power on your phone and enable USB debugging.

launch hypertrans

Set the old Pixel phone as the source device. Choose the file type you need in the left pane. Preview, manage, and select any file you want to move to the new Pixel phone.

create album

Click Export on the top toolbar. Set another Pixel phone as the destination device. Now you can transfer data from Pixel to Pixel 3 quickly. In addition, you can set your computer as the destination to make a copy of Pixel data.

The built-in data transfer tool in Pixel 3/2/1 is capable to transfer files, apps and settings between Pixel phones. However, many users complain that they are disappointed at the Data Transfer Tool app after too many failures. If you want to transfer data from Pixel to Pixel, Samsung and other mobile phones effortlessly, FoneLab HyperTrans can be your first choice.

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