How to Quickly Fix Sound Not Working on iPad by Yourself

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July 8, 2019 19:00 / Posted by Somei Liam

Yesterday, my iPad suddenly became mute and I cannot hear anything even iPad was playing music, how to fix sound not working on iPad?

In this post, you will find a list of troubleshooting that resolve the no sound issue on any iPad devices.

Fix Sound Not Working on iPad Pro/mini/Air and Earlier

1. Ways to Fix Sound Not Working on iPad

The symptoms of iPad microphone not working issues include:

  1. It can ring, but you cannot hear anything.
  2. When using FaceTime, playing music or videos, there is no sound.
  3. The volume bar can work, but with no adjustment ability.

If you encounter any symptom, try the fixes below one by one.

Way 1: Quit the Silent Mode

Fix Sound Not Working on iPad Pro/mini/Air and Earlier

There is a Silent switch on the side of iPad. It is used to enable or disable the Silent mode. If it is enabled accidentally, there is no sound on all iPad apps.

Check it on your iPad and move the switch to quit the Silent mode, so sound will go back to your iPad.

Way 2: Disable Bluetooth

Fix Sound Not Working on iPad Pro/mini/Air and Earlier

Bluetooth is a wireless connection available to most digital devices including smart speakers and more. Once your turn on Bluetooth on iPad, it will connect to a Bluetooth device around. That may cause sound go to the device and not work on your iPad.

Go to Settings app, tap on your name, select Bluetooth, and toggle the switch to Off position.

Bluetooth can be disabled in Control Center as well.

Way 3: Get Rid of Headphone Mode

Fix Sound Not Working on iPad Pro/mini/Air and Earlier

If you found iPad won't play sound after you use headphones, your device may be stuck in the headphone mode. The solution is simple, restart your iPad.

Keep pressing the Power button until the power-off screen pops up.

Move the switch over right to turn off your iPad.

After your screen turns to black completely, press the Power button again to turn your iPad back on.

Way 4: Clear iPad Headphone Jack

Fix Sound Not Working on iPad Pro/mini/Air and Earlier

As time goes by, moist, dust and other dirt may fill up in the headphone jack. That can lead to iPad microphone not working.

First of all, use a paper clip to remove large pieces of dust from the jack. Then clean the jack with a cotton swab. Finally, play a video to check if you get sound back on iPad.

Way 5: Factory Reset iPad

Fix Sound Not Working on iPad Pro/mini/Air and Earlier

Sometimes, you may have performed each solution and iPad still won't play sound. Factory reset is a worth-to-try solution.

Tap on your name in the Settings app, and head to General > Reset.

Touch Erase All Content and Settings and follow the onscreen guide to complete it.

When your iPad reboot and you can enjoy music and videos as usual.

Note: Factory reset will erase everything on your iPad, including personal files and settings, so you'd better back up your iPad before performing it.

If you want to know more about iPad Factory Reset, you can refer to Reset iPad to Factory Settings.

2. One-stop Fix Sound Not Working on iPad: FoneLab iOS System Recovery

For average people, it is difficult to fix the problem that iPad sound is not working on some apps or all apps. That's why we recommend FoneLab iOS System Recovery.

  1. Fix iPad sound is not working in a single click.
  2. Repair iPad in Recovery mode or DFU mode.
  3. Keep all your files without losing any data.
  4. Work on iPad Air/mini/Pro/6/5 or earlier.

In a word, it is the best option of troubleshooting when you can hear nothing after turning sound on iPad.

How to Fix Sound Not Working on iPad

Get the best troubleshooting solution

Download and install iOS System Recovery on your PC. There is another version for Mac.

Then hook up your iPad to the computer using the Lightning cable. Once open the program, it will detect your iOS device. Hit the Start button to begin troubleshooting.

Fix Sound Not Working on iPad Pro/mini/Air and Earlier

Fix your iPad with no sound

Decide to fix your iPad in the Standard Mode or Advanced Mode, and click Confirm to move on. On the firmware information window, select iPad from Device Category option, your iPad model from the Device Type, and fill out other information. If you are ready, click the Repair button to start fixing the problem that sound stops working on iPad.

Fix Sound Not Working on iPad Pro/mini/Air and Earlier


This tutorial has discussed how to fix the problem that sound is not working on iPad. It is annoying that cannot hear anything when you play your favorite movie on iPad.

First of all, we have shared 5 basic troubleshooting solutions to help you get the issue. If they are not working for your iPad or you feel confused, try FoneLab iOS System Recovery directly. It is not only easy to use, but also able to fix the sound issue quickly.

If you have more questions, leave your messages below.

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