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Jan 24, 2019 09:00 / Posted by Lisa Ou

How to recover files from a formatted SD card? You might utilize a computer or portable devices in your work or daily life. Formatting an SD card is a common skill you should be quite familiar.

However, it is not simply removing files and folders but fully erasing of an SD card. Sometimes, you might format an SD card by mistake, or find some important data loses after formatting.

Therefore, The article shares the best SD card data recovery to retrieve files from a formatted SD card and everything you should know about SD card formatting.

Formatted SD Card Data Recovery

1. Things about recovering data from formatted SD card

What does format SD card mean? When you need to retrieve the files from formatted SD card, you should know more about it beforehand. There are several things you should know about this feature:

  1. First of all, after quick formatting, the directory of your files and folders are deleted from the SD card. The system will mark the space to be ready for new data. But the data are still on your device until it is overwritten by new data.
  2. When should you format your SD card? If your SD card infects with virus, for example, formatting is able to remove it and prevent other devices from being damaged. Plus, formatting SD card is a simple way of troubleshooting when an SD card behaves abnormally.
  3. Quick format vs. full format? During a quick format, the filesystem will be empty to a partition. On the other hand, a full format will wipe out the partitions on your SD card. In result, your files are impossible to recover. If you want to protect your data, a full format is appropriate.

In another word, whether your files on the formatted SD card is recoverable depending on your situations.

2. How to recover files from formatted SD card

What should you do if you find some important files are lost due to SD card is formatted intentionally or accidentally?

The first thing is to stop what you are doing. It is the best method to prevent your files from being overwritten by new data. FoneLab Data Retriever is the formatted SD card recovery you should try to get back the lost files with ease.

1. Features of FoneLab Data Retriever

  1. Recover files from formatted windows or SD card in a single click.
  2. Support photos, videos, audio, documents, email, etc.
  3. Preview lost files for selective data recovery.
  4. Available to internal hard drives and removable devices.
  5. Offer both Quick Scan and Deep Scan modes.

2. How to recover files after formatting SD card

In order to help you grasp the process of formatted SD card recovery, here are the detailed steps you should follow.

Get the Windows data recovery software

You can download and install FoneLab Data Retrieve on your computer. Make sure to plug your formatted SD card into your computer. Next, launch the application to continue.

main menu

Check the desired files on your SD card

Select what data types that you want to recover. Here we select Image. If you are not sure, tick the checkbox next to Check All File Types. Then locate the Removable Drives area and select the name of your SD card. Hit the Scan button to start recovering deleted files on the formatted SD card.

scan files

Retrieve lost data from formatted SD card

After the scanning result window shows up, move to the left-hand column, and go to the Image tab. All the deleted pictures are organized by formats on the right pane. Find and choose the pictures you’d like to get back, and then click on the Recover button.

When it is done, you can access your pictures with the original quality.

choose folder

3. Free formatted SD card data recovery with CMD

The chkdsk command is used to check internal and external hard drives. Sometimes, you can use it to recover files from formatted SD card. The downside is that you have to perform the process correctly. Otherwise, you can recover nothing from a removable drive.

Plus, you should perform the command as soon as possible after formatting. It decides the possibility of file recovery.

Insert the SD card into your computer directly or using a card reader. Open an Explorer window and remember the drive letter of your SD card.

Click and expand the Start menu and run the Command Prompt window as an administrator. Also, you can open the Run dialog, input cmd.exe and click the Enter key to run the Command Prompt window.

Input chkdsk [drive letter] /fand click the Enter key. Use the drive letter of your SD card to replace [drive letter]. After that, you can type in Yto continue.

Next, input the drive letter of your SD card. For instance, your SD card displays H: in the Explorer window. You should type in H: in the Command Prompt window.

Input [drive letter]>attrib -h -r -s /s /d *.* and hit the Enter key to execute it. That will recover all data from your formatted SD card.

cmd 3

Note: The commands cannot perform selective recovery. Moreover, you cannot preview the data until all of them are restored. If your SD card is infected with virus, this method may damage other files on your computer.


In this article, we have talked about how to recover files from formatted SD card. Sometimes, you have to format your SD card to remove virus, get the filesystem correct, and more.

In other cases, users just format their SD card by mistake. But, don’t worry. There are still chances to retrieve windows files and folders. The commands are a free method of formatted SD card data recovery.

However, you cannot avoid the downsides, like complexity. FoneLab Data Retriever is one of the best methods to ensure you to retrieve data from formatted SD card. It is not only easy to use, but also allows you to preview the lost files before recovery.

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