3 Ways to Convert AAC to M4A Audio Files on Windows/Mac/Online

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May 13, 2020 17:00 / Posted by Lisa Ou

AAC (Advanced Audio Coding) is a lossy audio format. But you can get better sound quality than MP3 at the same bitrate. An AAC file contains the compressed digital audio and music data. AAC encode audio files with .aac, .m4a and more. If you want to convert AAC to M4A, it means you want to change the file extension to .m4a. This article discusses 3 different ways to convert AAC to M4A or M4A to AAC on your phone and computer. You can read and compare to get the best way to convert AAC to M4A files.

3 Ways to Convert AAC to M4A Audio Files on Windows/Mac/Online

1. M4A vs AAC

Many people have confusion between AAC and M4A. Are AAC and M4A the same thing? Actually, AAC is an audio encoding standard with various filename extensions, including .m4a, .m4b, .mp4, .3gp, .m4r, m4v, .aac and more. If AAC is an audio encoding scheme, then M4A is just a file extension of AAC. Or you can regard both AAC and M4A as file extensions.

2. How to Convert AAC to M4A or M4A to AAC Online

If you want to convert an AAC or M4A file, you can take a look at Online Converter and ConvertFiles. The former one support batch audio conversion less than 200MB, while the latter one can send a download link to your email. This section will show you how to convert an AAC file to M4A online with ConvertFiles. You can use any other online AAC to M4A converter as well.

Open the AAC to M4A online converter on your web browser.

Click Browse to choose a local file.

In the Output format section, select MPEG-4 Audio-only File (.m4a).

Tick Send a download link to my email and enter the email address if necessary.

Click Convert to convert AAC to M4A file online.  

converter aac to m4a online

By the way, you can also use similar way to convert M4A formats, such as convert M4A to WAV, convert M4A to MP3, convert M4A to M4R, etc.

3. How to Convert AAC to M4A or M4A to AAC with Video Converter Ultimate

If you are looking for audio batch converter software, then definitely FoneLab Video Converter Ultimate can be your first choice. You can batch convert audio files from AAC, M4A, FLAC, ALAC, M4R and other formats with superfast speed. It is supported to keep the original audio quality, or you can increase or decrease audio file size as well. In addition, you can trim and merge audio files before the AAC to M4A conversion.

  1. Convert AAC to M4A, M4A to AAC or other audio formats in bulk.
  2. Premade profiles for Apple iPhone, iPad, iPod and other devices.
  3. Adjust audio settings to change audio quality, encoder, sample rate, channels and bitrate.
  4. Edit audio files by trimming and merging.  

Run FoneLab Video Converter Ultimate. Drag and drop AAC files into the audio converter.

main interface

Unfold the Profile list. Scroll down and set M4A as the output audio format. You can type M4A in the search engine below, and then press Enter on your keyboard too.

set output format

To adjust audio settings, you can click Settings besides. Just change audio profile settings based on your need. Click OK to save changes.

profile settings

You can click Browse next to Destination to change the destination folder. At last, click Convert to convert AAC file to M4A.

As you can see, FoneLab Video Converter Ultimate enables you to convert M4A files in various formats like converting M4A to OGG files without complex operations.

4. How to Convert AAC to M4A or M4A to AAC via iTunes

No matter you want to convert audio file between AAC and M4A formats, you need to create AAC version in iTunes. This section will show you how to convert M4A to AAC with iTunes. You can use the similar steps to convert AAC to M4A with iTunes as well.

Open the latest iTunes version on your computer.

Click Edit and choose Preferences. Head to the General tab. Then click Import Settings.

Choose AAC Encoder from the Import Using list. Set values of the audio quality, such as bitrate, sample rate and more. Click OK to move on.  

Choose Add to library from the File list. Find the M4A file you want to convert in the iTunes library.

Select Create AAC version to convert M4A to AAC file with iTunes.

create aac versions with itunes

With the above 3 methods, you can convert audio from AAC to M4A or M4A to AAC. You can use the converted audio file for further editing and listening. No matter which AAC to M4A converter you choose, you can change audio format on your phone and computer successfully.

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