3 Screen Recorders with Facecam to Capture Screen on Windows/Mac


June 03, 2020 09:00 / Posted by Lisa Ou

Facecam is kind of live recording of the face in an online video. You may notice that many people are making a facecam video, especially some let's play/watch videos. Facecam allows you to put your face in the corner of the gameplay or video tutorial. You can get an instant action of the up-loader. Are you looking for a good screen recorder with facecam to make the similar videos?

3 Screen Recorders with Facecam to Capture Screen on Windows/Mac

In fact, many screen recording tools enables you to record your face through the webcam. Here in this post, we like to share 3 great ones of them to help you capture your face and other activities on your Windows PC and Mac.

1. Screen Recorder with Facecam - FoneLab Screen Recorder

At the first part, we like to introduce you with a powerful screen recorder with facecam, FoneLab Screen Recorder. It is specially designed to deal with all types of video and audio recordings. It has the capability to record your face through webcam with high quality. Moreover, this screen recorder with facecam can capture sound from both system audio card and microphone/speaker. It can do you a great favor to make a high-quality facecam video.

How to use this screen recorder with facecam

Choose the right version and free install and launch this facecam recorder on your computer.

Choose the Video Recorder feature at the first interface to record a facecam video.

choose video recorder

Now you need to custom some video and audio recording settings. As mentioned above, you are allowed to record any activities on your computer. Considering that you want to record your face, here you need to turn on the Webcam option. Then turn on the System Sound and Microphone if you want to record your voice and background audio.

record settings

After turning on the webcam, you can see a pop-up window appears which capturing your face. During this step, you can freely adjust the facecam window size and drag it to any place of your computer screen. Then you can custom the recording area. It allows you to capture screen with full screen, active window or custom region based on your need.

After all these operations, you can start making your facecam video. Click the REC button to start your recording. This screen recorder with facecam will capture all content including your face smoothly.

After the recording, you can preview and edit the captured video. If you are satisfied with the recorded video, you can click on Save button to save the facecam video on your computer. It will be saved in MP4 format by default. If you prefer the other output format, you can set it from the Preferences option.

2. Screen Recorder with Facecam - Bandicam PC

Bandicam is a popular and easy-to-use screen recording tool which can help you record your face through your webcam. This screen recorder with facecam allows you to put a facecam overlay on a video with ease. It provides you with a simple and convenient way to record your computer screen and a facecam at the same time and then directly upload the facecam video to YouTube.

facecam recorder bandicam

Similar to the recommended FoneLab Screen Recorder, Bandicam facecam recorder also enables you to record your face/webcam with high quality. You can freely adjust the recording area and put your face in any corner of the gameplay or video playing window. What’s more, it offers a direct way to share the recorded facecam video to YouTube or Vimeo.

3. Screen Recorder with Facecam - Ezvid

Ezvid is a free facecam and webcam recorder which can help you capture your face and make a facecam video. This screen recorder with facecam only supports Windows system. It is equipped with a built-in video editor to make sure you can directly record your facecam video and edit it.

facecam recorder ezvid

Ezvid places a small widget displayed on your computer screen to stop the recording. It’s quite convenient to make a walk-through video and tutorial video. More importantly, it only takes small computer running storage to create high-resolution facecam videos. The video editing features can help you adjust the playing speed, re-arrange or add texts, image slides and more. This facecam recorder also provides a YouTube sharing option.

4. FAQs of Recording Video Call on Viber

Question 1. How to use iPhone as a camera on PC?

You can turn your iPhone into a webcam or facecam with the help of some third-party app like WebCamera or iWebcamera. You can easily find and install that kind of app from App Store. Then you can connect your iPhone with computer through a lighting USB cable and use your iPhone as a camera on PC.

Question 2. How do you record yourself on a Mac?

When you have the need to record your face on a Mac, you can rely on the built-in QuickTime app. Launch QuickTime recorder and click File > New Screen Recording and then click the Record button to capture yourself from the webcam.

Question 3. Is recording Netflix illegal?

It’s definitely illegal to record Netflix movies, shows and other commercial contents. You should not share these kinds of Netflix files with others by recording ways. To reproduce or distribute content obtained from the Netflix, you need to ask for permission from it first.

After reading this page, you can get 3 facecam recorders to capture your face and make a facecam video on your computer. If you have any better screen recorder with facecam recommendation, please share it in the comment part with other readers.

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