How to Record Streaming Audio, Internal Audio and Microphone for Mac in High Quality


Nov 06, 2018 09:00 / Posted by Lisa Ou

How to choose a suitable Mac audio recorder? How to capture audio files on a MacBook Pro in high quality?

When you plug an analog microphone into the line-in port of your Mac or turn on the music of iTunes, you can get thousands of Mac audio recorders to capture the files. However, you might have no idea about how to record these files in high quality.

Firefox Screen Recorder

In order to record streaming audio, internal audio and even microphone, the article explains two excellent audio recorders for Mac in high quality with easy process. Just read on the article to find the desired information now.

1. A Versatile Mac Audio Recorder to Capture Audio on Mac

Mac FoneLab Screen Recorder is a versatile Mac Audio Recorder to record any audio files on Mac. It is able to record streaming audio, music, radio, VoIP calls and all kinds of audio clips via computer and microphone. Moreover, it enables you to record screen videos and take snapshots for all on-screen activities.

  1. Capture system sound as well as microphone files on Mac.
  2. Adjust the sample rate of audio to get the desired audio quality.
  3. Built-in task schedule to record the audio files with time intervals.
  4. Easy to control the recording process with on-screen manager.

How to capture microphone audio on Mac with FoneLab

Custom the video screen for Firefox

Download and install Firefox Screen Recorder on your computer. After that you can launch the program to record on Firefox. When you click the Video Recorder icon, the record screen will follow your mouse to capture the whole webpage or the video area only.

mac fonelab interface

Adjust the quality of output file

Click the Preferences option in the upper right corner of the on-screen manager. Go to Recording menu and choose the desired Hz for Sample rate for the output audio on Mac. The program is able to save the audio files in M4A with high quality compressed.


Record streaming audio on Mac

Click the REC button to record YouTube music on Mac. You can find time and volume of the audio in the left of the on-screen menu bar. If you need to interval the recording, you can click the Interval option. As for ending the recording, you can click the Stop option.

record audio mac

Share the files on Media Manager

After that you can click the Media Manager icon to check the record audio files on Mac. You can share the files to online streaming sites, save to your computer, delete the audio file or check the files directly with the default file browser.

How to capture microphone audio on Mac

If you need to capture microphone audio on Mac, you can also use FoneLab Screen Recorder to get the desired files with ease. When you use some external microphone, you have to change the audio settings in the MacBook beforehand.

Connect microphone to computer

Just use the same process to launch the program on your MacBook. After that you should connect and set up microphone to computer. Go to System Preferences  > Sound, then choose the audio channel for recording.

system preferences

Choose the desired audio channel for Microphone

Click the Audio Recorder icon of the program, you can find the desired audio channel for the microphone. Choose the audio channel for microphone, if you use the default one, you can choose the Built-in Input instead.

record audio-mac

Record microphone audio on Mac

You can use the similar process to click the REC button of the program to record microphone audio on Mac. It will save the recorded video files as M4A files in Media Manager. You can view, edit, remove, or even delete the files directly.

What is more, you can also use the Mac Audio Recorder to capture the audio files via FaceTime or online meetings. It enables you to record any audio files on Mac in a high quality with ease.

Of course, if you want to record screen, or take snapshots with the audio files, you can find the features within the program.

2. How to Record Audio Files on Mac with QuickTime

When you need to record some simple sound or audio on a Mac, you can just use QuickTime to record audio files on Mac. But QuickTime is only able to record audio files from soundcard, you should install extra applications to capture audios from other channels.

Launch QuickTime Play on Mac to record audio files. You can click the File menu to choose the New Audio Recording from the drop-down list.

Click the red icon to start recording audio from the default microphone source on Mac. During the process, you can find the duration and size of the audio files.

After that, you can click the same button to stop recording audio on Mac. The files will be saved as M4A file, which is a high quality compressed audio format.

quicktime audio

If you want to record system sound on Mac, you should use a third-party screen recorder.

3. Tips to Record Audio File on Mac without Background Noise

If you need to get an audio file with high quality, you should ensure some extra noise is not included. Here are some important tips you should know to record audio files on Mac without background noise.

Tip 1: Eliminate background noise

Ensure the recording environment is quiet. It should be the major source of the background. When you record audio on Mac in a room, you can close all the doors and switch off devices.

Tip 2: Eliminate computer noise

You should not place the microphone close to your Mac computer. If you have a good CPU fan, you can cut down noise for recording, or else you have to close all the other programs when recording the audio files.

Tip3: Set up Microphone for computer

Instead of holding the microphone in your hand, you should set up the microphone in your hand. When you use a pop shield to eliminate the pop of sounds that release a burst of air should be helpful to eliminate noise.

eliminate noise


When you need to find an audio recorder for Mac, you can find dozens of solutions with ease.

What is the best solution to record audio on Mac in high quality? Find the tips to record audio files on Mac without background noise and use the excellent FoneLab Screen Recorder to get some high-quality audio files on Mac with ease.

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