Fortnite Replays – The Ultimate Guide to View, Save, Record and Manage the Gameplay Videos

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Sept 07, 2020 16:00 / Posted by Lisa Ou

When updating Fortnite Chapter 2, Epic Games introduced a bunch of cool new functionalities. The new feature of Fortnite Replay, for example, lets you to save your matches and watch them again from any angle or share them to your social media page. But it requires some technical skills to set up. It may be the reason that there are lots of questions about how to watch replays on Fortnite. If you have the similar problem, you can learn more details about the complete guide for replay feature on Fortnite.

Fortnite Replays – The Ultimate Guide to View, Save, Record and Manage the Gameplay Videos

1. How to Watch Replays on Fortnite

As mentioned previously, the Replay mode in Fortnite allows you to watch your matches. If you want to watch replays in Fortnite, you can simply follow the steps below.

Sign in Fortnite and enter the main interface. Go to the Career tab and choose the REPLAYS option.

Then you will be presented all replays for the past matches. Fortnite records the gameplay files automatically.

Scroll down to find the desired replay videos according to date and name. Then double-click on it to watch the replay in Fortnite.

Now, you can control the playback with the buttons at the bottom, such as the Eye icon lets you hide the HUD and the Camera icon helps adjust the camera parameters.

frotnite replays career

2. How to Save Fortnite Replays

It is true that Fortnite record all games and matches you played automatically. But Fortnite replays are temporary files that store your game data but not real video files. The files will be removed if you do not save replays manually. Below is the demonstration of how to save Fortnite Replays.

Go to the Replays tab in Career menu. Find the Fortnite replay you want to save, select it and click the Rename And Save button in the lower right corner.

If you want to share your Fortnite replay to your friends, click the Open Replay Folder in the Replays section. The file explorer will open and show you the location. Now, you can share the replay files directly.

rename fortnite saved replay

3. Best Alternative to Record Fortnite Replays as MP4

Is there a method to convert Fortnite replays as MP4? Even if you record replays for watching later, the replay files are ended with .replay. The files are not video files, which cannot open directly within media players. What is the best alternative solution to capture Fortnite replays as MP4? FoneLab Screen Recorder is a versatile screen recorder to capture all onscreen activities.

  1. Save replays in Fortnite on Windows and Mac easily.
  2. Record replays in Fortnite and save as MP4 files.
  3. Preview replay recordings with the built-in media player.
  4. Offer a wide range of custom options and bonus tools.

How to Save Replays in Fortnite to Computer

Open the game screen recorder once you have installed the program on your computer. Click the Video Recorder menu to open the main interface. If you want to customize options, click the Settings icon at upper right side to open the Preferences dialog. Go to the Output tab from the left sidebar, then set the Video format to MP4 and customize other options.

launch fonelab screen recorder

When you want to add some gameplay commentary, you can enable the Webcam option and the Microphone option to your reactions to replay recording in the real time. Just click the Display option and select the desired recording area or full screen for Fortnite gameplay video. Then click the REC button and play the replay in Fortnite that you want to save.

During recording, you can add paintings and text on replay or take screenshots at important moments. When the replay playback is done, click on the Stop button. You can click the Play icon to view the replay, or choose the Save button to save the Fortnite replays. It also enables you to manage the recording with ease.

save the recording video

4. FAQs about Fortnite Replays

1. Where are Fortnite Replays Saved on PC?

By default, Fortnite saves replay files in C drive > Users > AppData > Local > FortniteGames > Saved > Demo. The match replay files are saved in .replay format, which contains only game data but not actual video content. If you cannot find your replay files, go to the Replays list in Career menu and click the Open Replay Folder button to open the location directly.

2. Can You Download Fortnite Replays on Laptop?

You can install Fortnite on a PC or laptop, but there are some requirements. Your laptop should have at least 20GB free storage on hard drive and minimum of 4GB RAM installed. It requires minimum of Intel HD 4000 GPU and a minimum processor of core i4 2.4GHz. Then you can download it from Epic Games Store.

3. Where is The Oversized Phone in Fortnite?

The first oversized phone location is in east of The Block, near the northern end of the Lazy Lagoon. The second oversized phone location can be found in the snowy biome on Fortnite’s island.


Just learn more details about how to watch and save replays from Fortnite. As a popular game, Fortnite has a lot of players. In addition to gameplay, it also provides some useful features, like the replay mode. It will record all your matches and gameplays automatically. If you wish to download replays as MP4 files to your computer, FoneLab Screen Recorder should be the best alternative you can take into consideration.

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