Google Backup Android? Try This More Intuitive Way to Backup Android!


December 26, 2017 09:00 / Posted by Boey Wong

Hi everyone! My friend mentioned that Google can backup many files like photos, videos, settings, and apps from Android phone or tablet before, but I can’t remember how to do it. Please anyone can give me some tips, thank you!

You may like the security feeling that backing up android to Google account gives you. Indeed, Google offers users very convenient way to store and backup their mobile data by using an account.

In addition, Google Drive is specially designed for users who prefer to maintain a backup of their files to the cloud.

Backup Android to Google Drive

I will show you how to backup Android phone in three ways:

1. Let Google Backup Android Automatically

Wondering what Google automatically backs up? Does Google backup contacts? Does Google backup photos?

It backs up:

  1. Display settings, Wi-Fi Networks settings, etc.
  2. Contacts, Calendars, Email, and Docs.
  3. Chrome Browser data like bookmarks, smart lock password data.
  4. Apps and Other Purchased Contents that are linked with your Google account.
  5. Photos via Google Photos.

This is not the complete list, but it may give you some idea about what will backup automatically by Google.

Now let’s begin to sync your Android device to Google account by following steps:

Tap on Settings on your Android device, and go to Personal.

Navigate to Accounts and Tap on Google.

If you have multiple Google accounts, select the one you want to sync with.

Check Back up my data and Automatic restore. It will not only backup your data, but will also restore all the data and settings to your device.

Backup Android to Google Account

2. Backup Android Phone with Android Backup Service

Android Backup Service is by default able to back up most types of data you care about on your Android phone or tablet. Follow these simple steps:

  1. Go to Settings and then Personal.
  2. Select Backup & Reset.
  3. Choose Back up my data.
  4. Choose a backup account if you have multiple accounts. Tap Add account if you don'thave one.
  5. Sign into your account that you chose. Then it will automatically back up your Settings, Google apps and more.
Backup Reset

How to restore Android phone from Google backup?

When you change to a new Android device or after device formatting, you can restore the data from the Google Android backup that was created by Android Backup Service before. Just log into your account, and enable Automatic restore.

3. The Fastest Way to Backup Your Android Device

FoneLab Android Data Backup & Restore is a third-party tool to backup Android to PC and restore your Android data without data loss.

It helps you save your device data on the computer so that you will never lose the precious photos, contacts, messages, etc when you delete by mistake or lose your Android device.

It’s easy to do by following the steps:

Download and install the software on your computer with below link accordingly.

It will launch automatically after finished installing. Choose Android Data Backup & Restore on the interface.

Choose Android Data Backup & Restore

Connect your Android device to the computer using USB cable. Enable USB debugging if you haven’t done yet.

Allow USB debugging on your Android device when it pops up.

Allow USB debugging

After the device is connected successfully, choose to back up or restore. To selectively back up, click Device Data Backup. Otherwise, click One-click Backup to backup all.

Choose Backup Method

You are allowed to choose what contents you want to backup and make it encrypted or not. Click Start to move on. Here you can backup android contacts to pc by clicking Contacts.

Choose Backup Content

Choose a directory to store your backed up files and click OK.

Choose Output Directory

Please keep your device connected during the backup process.

Begin Backup Android

That’s all! Super easy, right? And you can use it to backup Android calendars, photos, videos and other data now!

Please contact us if you have any question.

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