5 Free and Professional Skype Recorder Software on Windows and Mac

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Oct 12, 2018 09:00 / Posted by Valyn Hua

- How do I record online webinars with sound on my computer?
- Need software for recording Skype conversations…
- Which is the best free Skype recorder?
- How to record a video in Skype?

Want to record a business meeting in Skype? If you are looking for detailed information about Skype recording, you just come to the right place. Both beginners and professionals can get the satisfying result here. Now, let’s read together to solve above questions. 

1. Is It Possible to Record Skype Calls without Third Party Programs

The latest Skype version 8 allows users to record Skype calls with the Skype app directly. All your Skype recording files will be uploaded to cloud storages. So there is no influence towards your internal memory space or hard disk. Actually, you can record a Skype call on your mobile phone or computer through the Start Recording option.

Consequently, a notification pops up. All participants including your own will be prompted that you want to record this Skype video call. During the Skype recording process, if you leave or end the group call, the recording will stop automatically. Your recorded Skype video will be kept for 30 days. So you need to download the recording file in advance.

record call in skype

2. 4 Skype Recorder Freeware You Can Try

If you want to get some editing filters during or after the Skype recording process, you can try the following Skype recorder free versions. Well, these programs work in certain situations only.

1. iFree Skype Recorder

iFree Skype Recorder allows users to record Skype audio calls only. You can capture both system sound and microphone audio simultaneously.


  1. Record all kinds of audio streams in Skype.
  2. Record Skype calls in the local or remote side.
  3. Output the recorded Skype audio call in MP3 and other formats.


  1. Lack the Skype video recording feature.
  2. Its user interface is not up to date.
ifree skype recorder

2. MP3 Skype Recorder

The MP3 Skype Recorder review is pretty good. As for the supported Skype versions, you can run MP3 Skype Recorder to capture audio streams on Skype app for Windows 10, Skype Classic, Skype for Desktop and Skype for Business.


  1. Offer automatic and manual recording capabilities.
  2. Record other calls made to your Skype online number, such as P2P, SkypeOut, etc.
  3. Track and record several Skype calls as MP3 files separately.


  1. This free MP3 Skype recorder is not available for commercial use.
  2. You have to record the entire Skype audio call instead of important parts.
  3. There is no MP3 Skype recorder Mac version.
mp3 skype recorder

3. Evaer Video Recorder

Evaer Skype recorder can work on Windows 7/8/10. You can use it to record video calls on all Skype versions. It is also supported if you want to record Skype audio calls only.


  1. Offer the automatic recording feature.
  2. Once you run Evaer, the program will connect to Skype automatically.


  1. You can record a Skype video call no more than 5 minutes for free.
  2. There are not much editing tools you can get during the Skype recording process.
evaer video recorder

4. Pamela for Skype

Pamela Skype recorder allows users to record Skype video or audio calls for free on Windows PC. However, you need to upgrade to its pro version to access full features.


  1. Record Skype video calls for free, as well as Skype audio calls.
  2. Get the local answering machine, call notes and other basic features.  


  1. You cannot record the Skype video call with audio using the Pamela free Skype recorder.
  2. The free version allows users to record a Skype video call up to 5 minutes.
  3. You can record a Skype audio call no more than 15 minutes.
pamela for skype

3. Best Skype Recorder for Windows and Mac Users

According to above advantages and disadvantages of Skype recorder freeware, you cannot record a Skype video call smartly. In this situation, you can run FoneLab Screen Recorder to capture Skype video and audio calls without limitations. There will be no notifications or strange sounds. Thus, you can record a Skype video call and take a screenshot without others’ notice. In a word, you can pause, restart and stop recording Skype calls within few clicks.

Main Features of the Ultimate Skype Recorder Software

  1. Record Skype calls, streaming videos, online tutorials and other on-screen activities.
  2. Capture system or microphone voice with the adjustable volume.
  3. Use hotkeys to take screenshots and control the Skype recording process. 
  4. Export the captured video, audio and image in high quality.
  5. Manage the screen recording area, output format and other preferences freely.
  6. Offer a clean, safe and intuitive interface.

How to Record Your Skype Video and Audio Call Secretly

Launch FoneLab Skype recorder

Free download and install FoneLab Screen Recorder on your Windows or Mac computer. Launch the Skype recorder after the installation. Then choose Video Recorder or Audio Recorder according to your demand.

launch fonelab

Record your Skype call
You can set the customized screen size and input audio sources manually. The default output video format is MP4. If you want to export the recorded Skype video to other formats, you can manage its settings before recording. After all preparations, choose the REC icon to start the process.

record skype call

Save or share your recorded file

You can pause, restart and stop recording the Skype call by one click. Sooner, a new window pops up named Preview. You can check and edit your Skype recording file. Later, follow the on-screen instruction to export this file.

output skype recording

Do you find your best Skype recorder software? If not, feel free to tell us your requirements. Well, you can also share other excellent Skype recorders in the comments below. Thanks for your time.

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