How to Corrupt A Word File and Recover A Lost or Deleted Word File

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“What is the easiest way to corrupt a word document so it won’t open? I have this huge essay due tomorrow and am only 3/4 finished it. If I don't finish it on time I'm hoping to hand in a corrupt Word file.”

In this article, we will provide two ways to damage files and a way to recover lost files. Hope you find a suitable method from this article.


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How to Corrupt A Word File and Recover A Lost or Deleted Word File

1. Corrupt A Word File by Using an Online File Corrupter

How to corrupt a file? The easiest way is using an online file corrupter: out icon. This online site only needs you to upload the file you want to corrupt, and it can help you quickly corrupt the file.

This site can corrupt any kind of file: Word, Excel, archives, MP3... anything! Just submit your files and we corrupt them.

The steps to corrupt a file are also very simple, you only need to follow the following operation to be able to easily corrupt the file.

Type out icon in the search box at the top of the browser, then press enter.

online file corrupter

Click FROM YOUR COMPUTER. Select the Word document and click Open. The name of the file will appear under Select the files to corrupt.

online open file

Click CORRUPT FILE. This uploads the file and corrupts it.

click corrupt file

Click DOWNLOAD YOUR CORRUPTED FILE. You'll see this option once the file is ready.

download corrupt file

Try opening the file in Word. If you have Word on your computer, double-clicking the file should attempt to open it in that app. You'll see an error saying there's a problem with the content. Click Ok to proceed, and then Word will try (and fail) to repair or recover the content.

file cannot open word

2. Corrupt A Word File by Using a Notepad for Windows

Of course, in addition to using online sites to corrupt files, we can also manually corrupt files by using the Windows Notepad program.

Follow these steps to corrupt the file:

To open the Notepad, we have three methods.

Methods 1: Click Start button, then you can find Notepad in the Start menu in a menu called Windows Accessories.

Methods 2: Press Windows key and type Notepad in the search box, then press Enter key to open Notepad.

Methods 3: Press Windows key and R key, then type Notepad in the middle box and press Enter key to open Notepad.

Click the File menu and select Open.

open all files

Select All Files from the drop-down menu. It's at the bottom-right corner of the file browser. The one set to Text Documents (*.txt) by default. And then select the Word document you want to corrupt in the file browser, then click Open.

You will see that a bunch of gibberish appear in the Notepad window. All we need to do is delete several lines of text. Seven or eight lines should be enough. Click the File menu and select Save As.

save as all files

Then select All Files from the Save As window

select all files

Name the file and click Save. This version of the file is now corrupt.

3. Recover a Lost Corrupt Word File by Using FoneLab Data Retriever

If your files are lost, we can use powerful data recovery software to recover our lost word documents.

FoneLab Data Retriever  has the ability to recover almost all deleted or lost Word documents by scanning the storage device in which the documents lost.

It is able to restore Word documents lost for manual deletion, system crash, non-responding, corruption, overwritten, etc.

Download, install and launch this data recovery software on your computer with the above link. On the main interface, you need to choose the data types you want to recover first. Here you should choose Document. Then select the hard drive in which you may find the lost documents.

Corrupt and Recover A Word File

Clicking Scan button will give you a quick scan on the selected disk drive. After finishing the scan process, all types of document will be listed on the left sidebar.

On this interface, you can click Deep Scan to get more scanning results. Deep Scan will take more time to complete the whole scanning process, but it will bring all possibility.

Corrupt and Recover A Word File

Click DOCX to find your needed documents. You can also use Filter feature to quickly locate the files you want to recover.

Corrupt and Recover A Word File

Mark the required items and click Recover. The selected Word documents will be saved back to your computer.

Corrupt and Recover A Word File


Without complicated operation, you can retrieve the missing Word document from the hard drive. All you need to do is click a few times.

In addition to Word document, this software can also recover Excel document, recover TXT files on Windows and other types of files.

If you have any thoughts or Suggestions on file damage or recovery, please let us know in the comments below.

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