How to Fix Samsung Galaxy Phone That Won’t Turn on [Ultimate Guide]

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Nov 04, 2019 09:00 / Posted by Lisa Ou

Samsung Galaxy S10/9/8 won’t turn on is one of the most frequently reported. When your Samsung phone suddenly goes black and is not turning on, the Samsung phone gets stuck on the logo, or not charge at all, it is difficult for you to locate the problem.

What should you do? The article shares the 10 easy methods to fix Samsung phone does not turn on problems. Even if you were working on a Samsung phone that is not powering up, you can check the main reasons and solutions for Samsung boot problems.

How to Fix Samsung Galaxy Phone That Won’t Turn on

Part 1: 9 Easy Methods to Fix Samsung Won’t Turn on

What should be the main reasons for Samsung Galaxy S10/9/8 won’t turn on? It might be related to the Samsung battery, SD card, stuck in power off mode, broken hardware and components, corrupted software, and more.

Solution 1: Charge the Samsung Galaxy S10/9/8

It is the very first thing to charge your Samsung Galaxy S10/9/8 to check that the device is out of battery. If you have not used the Samsung phone for a long period of time, you have to charge a period of time, or else, the Samsung Galaxy phone cannot turn on.

Charge the Samsung Galaxy S10/9/8

Solution 2: Soft Reset Samsung Galaxy S10/9/8

Soft reset your Samsung Galaxy S10/9/8 is one of the easiest methods to get rid of Samsung cannot turn on. You can press and hold the Power button for a few seconds to restart the phone. Of course, press and hold the Power, Home and Volume Up buttons together to check whether Samsung boots.

Soft Reset Samsung Galaxy

Solution 3: Reset the Samsung Battery

If you just dropped the Samsung Galaxy phone, the battery might be out of the original place. You can reset the Samsung battery in order to fix Samsung won’t turn on. Of course, you can download some software to check the details about the battery or even replace it with a new one.

Solution 4: Remove SD Card of Samsung Phone

The damaged SD card is another reason that Samsung won’t turn on, or turn into a black screen. You only need to remove the SD card and the SIM card, then soft reset the Samsung Galaxy S10/9/8 again to check whether the problem has been fixed.

remove sd card

Method 4: Calibrate with Galaxy Charging Current

It is difficult to check whether the condition of the battery, which is the most important one for the slow charging problem on the Samsung Galaxy phone. How to check the status of your Samsung battery?

Calibrate Samsung Galaxy S10/9/8 with Galaxy Charging Current which is a free app to check whether the battery condition is still normal. If it is related to the battery, you might need to change for another one instead.

Calibrate with Galaxy Charging Current

Solution 5: Visit the Samsung Service Center

Of course, if you have some queries about Samsung does not turn on, you can always ask Samsung Service Center for help. Bring the phone to the service center, call tech support, and even send the phone for repair or replacement to get professional help.

Solution 6: Boot Samsung Phone into Safe Mode

When you are not able to boot Samsung phone with above solutions, you can try to boot it up in another different mode. Safe mode is able to temporarily disable all 3rd party app. If the Samsung won’t boot up due to the software, you can boot up the device without problem.

Press and hold the Power key to turn on your Samsung. When the SAMSUNG logo appears on the screen, release the Power key.

Once you released the Power key, you can press and hold the Volume down key until the Samsung phone finish restarting.

You can access to the Safe mode in the bottom left corner of the screen. Release the Volume down key when you see the Safe Mode.

Solution 7: Boot Samsung Phone into Recovery Mode

Another boot-up method for Samsung phone is the Recovery Mode. Once your Samsung Galaxy phone is rebooted in recovery mode, you can fix the Samsung won’t turn on problem and turn the Samsung phone back to the working condition.

Press and hold the Power, Home and Volume Up key together. When you get the SAMSUNG logo, you can release the Power key.

Few seconds later, you will notice the Samsung logo on the screen, release Home and Volume Up keys and wait for 30-60 seconds.

Now you can use the Volume Down button to highlight any option and select it using the Power key.

Solution 8: Wipe Cache Partition

If you can fix the Samsung cannot turn on with the recovery mode, you can get into the mode to boot up your Samsung phone. In order to clean up the Android system, you can Wipe Cache Partition instead.

Just follow the similar process to enter the Recovery Mode. You can use the Volume Down key to select the wipe cache partition.

Select and perform the option, you can go for the Reboot system now. It takes a while to complete the whole process.

After that, the Samsung phone would automatically restart.

Solution 9: Reset Samsung Phone to Factory Reset

Factory reset is the last choice if you have not backed up the files on your Samsung Galaxy S10. All the data within the Android phone will be erased and removed. Just turn to the last method to fix the Samsung won’t boot up or extract the files beforehand.

Go to the Android system recovery screen. You can release both Home and Volume Up buttons.

Scroll down with the Volume Down to choose the wipe data/factory reset. Power the Power button to highlight and select it.

Once you have reset the Samsung phone, you can choose the Reboot system now. Press the Power key again to fix the problem.

Part 2: Best Method to Fix Samsung Phone Won’t Turn on

If you still cannot fix Samsung S10/9/8 won’t turn on, FoneLab Broken Android Data Extraction is a recommended method to fix the frozen, crashed, black-screen or screen-locked Android system back to normal. Moreover, it also extracts the contacts, messages, WhatsApp, photos and more other data from the broken Android phone or memory card.

  1. Fix Samsung won’t turn on, frozen, crashed, black screen and more.
  2. Extract some important data, such as contacts, messages, photos, etc.
  3. Backup and restore the Samsung files selectively on your computer.
  4. Recover and extract files from broken or frozen Samsung phone.

Launch the Samsung data extractor

When you download and install the Samsung data extractor, you can launch the program on your computer. Choose the Broken Android Phone Data Extraction to fix and extract the files from the Samsung Android phone.

Broken Android Data Extraction

Choose the mode for the problem

Choose the situation that won’t turn on Samsung phone, you can click the Start button to scan the device. Select the Samsung device name and model correctly and click the Confirm button.

device info

Fix Samsung phone won’t turn on

The program will download the matching recovery package and turn the Samsung phone back to normal. If it still does not work, you can also extract the important files you have not backed up.

download package


When your Samsung cannot turn on, you should always check the battery, SD card or other hardware beforehand. Of course, you can root into another boot-up mode, such as safe mode, recovery mode, factory reset and more to fix the Samsung boot up problems. FoneLab Broken Android Extraction is always a nice method to fix Samsung won’t boot-up issues with ease.

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