Copy and Paste Text and Pictures - How to Copy and Paste on iPad

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You can copy text or images from your Safari and paste them where you want to paste them, such as notes, email.

Pasting and copying on an iPad is not a very difficult task. You only need some operations to use the copy and paste on iPad.

Copy and Paste on iPad

Guide List

1. How to copy and paste text on iPad

How to copy and paste text from Safari on an iPad

Step 1Open your Safari, and then touch a word on the web page in the area where you want to copy some content

Step 2When the magnifying glass appears and the word is highlighted, quit touching the word.

Step 3The iPad will now display your word in a Copy range. The range will have two blue dots, one in the upper-left corner, and the other in the lower-right corner. Drag these dots left and right, respectively, to select the range of words you want to copy.

Copy and Paste on iPad copy text

Step 4After you've selected the range of words to copy, press the Copy balloon text. It will briefly turn blue, indicating that the text has been copied to the clipboard.

That's all you have to do to copy iPad text. Now let's look at how to paste it somewhere else.

Now that you have copied iPad text to memory, you can paste the content somewhere else, such as into a note, follow these steps:

Step 1Open the iPhone Notes editor, and press the icon to compose a new note.

Step 2In the area where you want to paste the content from the clipboard, press and hold your finger down in the area where you want the content pasted.

Step 3In about a second the magnifying glass will appear, and you can stop pressing the display. At this point a widget will appear with three options: Select, Select All and Paste. Just press the Paste button in the widget, and your content will be pasted into your email message.

How to copy and paste text to conversation input box on an iPad

Step 1just like copy and paste text from safari, you should hold and tap the text you want. When the magnifying glass appears and the word is highlighted, quit touching the word, a flashing cursor will appear.

Step 2If you'd like the cursor in a different location, just drag your finger over the text until it's in the location you'd like it to be. Loosen your fingers, a menu of buttons will pop up, and blue left and right control points will appear on either side of the highlighted text.

Step 3Then you can tap Select or Select All, after that tap Copy. The buttons will disappear, and the highlighted text has been copied to your device's clipboard.

Copy and Paste on iPad select all

Step 4Go into your conversation input box, Hold down the input field and let go until Paste button appears. This Paste button will appear above the place where you tapped. Click it, the text you copied will be inserted.

Note: The Paste option will not appear unless there is something stored in your device's clipboard from a Copy or Cut command.

Tips: Pasting with iPad Virtual Keyboard

There’s another great copy, cut, and paste feature that is unique to iPad, and it utilizes the onscreen virtual keyboard.

iPad users can also paste any data from the clipboard that has been copied or cut by using the keyboard paste tool, accessible by tapping on the little undo button and then choosing the square overlapping a clipboard icon.

This keyboard based paste function will use the exact same clipboard data as the contextual menu version.

2. How to copy and paste pictures on iPad

How to copy and paste pictures from safari on an iPad

When using Safari on your Apple iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch, many people don’t know that there is a way to save the images that appear on web pages. Here’s how it’s done.

Step 1Touch and hold the image that you wish to save for about 2 seconds until a menu appears. Tap Copy.

Copy and Paste on iPad copy picture

Step 2Once copied, you can paste the image into anything. In this example, we will paste image into a new note.

Step 3Tap once in the window, and choose Paste. The image will now appear.

As you can see, copy and paste is not a difficult process. But it is tucked away like a lot of other options. You just need to know where to look for it.

How to copy and paste pictures from Photos on an iPad

Images can also be copied and pasted from one app to another.

Step 1Open Photos. Select the photo you want to copy and hold it until it expands to fill the window.

Step 2Tap the Share button which is a blue, rectangular icon that contains an upward-pointing arrow.

Step 3Tap Copy which is a gray icon in the lower-left corner of the screen that looks like two overlapping rectangles.

Copy and Paste on iPad photo copy

Step 4Tap and hold the location where you want to paste the image. Do so in an app that allows you to paste images, such as Messages, Mail, or Notes.

Step 5Tap Paste. Now you've pasted the copied image into the selected location.


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