iPhone Behaves Abnormally? Here’re Proven Ways to Fix iPhone Glitches

Lisa OuPosted by Lisa Ou / Feb 02, 2021 09:00

The latest iOS 12.3.1 update was released in May 24th, 2019, which is two weeks later after the iOS 12.13 update. Currently, iOS 12.3.1 update has no published CVE entries. The Apple iOS 12.3.1 update fixes several problems.

However, it is unavoidable to cause new iOS 12 update issues.

Sometimes it is hard to identify glitches on iPhone specifically. But you can quickly fix iPhone glitches with the following solutions. As a result, you can fix iOS 12 glitches and make your iPhone work normally with ease.

Fix iPhone Glitches

Just read and check iPhone update glitches below.


Guide List

1. Why iPhone Glitch

iPhone glitches can be caused by many reasons. iOS update is one of the major causes of iPhone glitch. Some old problems are solved while new problems come out. You can see many complaints about iOS 12 update problems and glitches.

iPhone screen glitch is the most common one. You cannot control your iPhone by scrolling or tapping as usual. The on-screen buttons may be pressed even though you are not pressing. If the program occurs on the certain iPhone application, you can reinstall that application. But if some applications are not working, you need to fix iOS glitches immediately.

Well, iPhone glitches vary from your iPhone model and iOS version. Sometimes the iPhone glitch problem can be caused by the certain application or new features.

After hundreds of tests, you can get the most possible solutions to fix common iPhone glitches successfully.

2. How to Fix iPhone Glitch

Restarting iPhone is the most common way to fix all iPhone glitches and other errors. It is also the first choice of most iPhone users. But what if the iPhone glitch still exists after rebooting?

Here are proven measures you can take. 

Way 1: Best Way to Fix iPhone Glitches and Disabled System Safely

FoneLab iOS System Recovery can fix your iPhone to a normal state without losing data. It does not matter if your iPhone is frozen, not responding, restarting endlessly or have other glitches. Thanks to the wide support of iPhone models, you can fix iOS glitches on any iOS device without data loss.

Thus, if you have no idea how to deal with your frozen or disabled iPhone, you can fix iPhone glitches with iOS System Recovery in clicks.  

  1. Fix iPhone glitches from recovery mode, DFU mode, blue/black/red screen, Apple logo, upgrade failure, keep restarting and more.
  2. Support the latest iOS 12 version and device, including iPhone XS/XS Max/XR/X/8, etc.
  3. Get rid of iPhone glitches without data loss.
  4. Easy to use.
FoneLab iOS System Recovery
FoneLab iOS System Recovery

FoneLab enables you to fix iPhone/iPad/iPod from DFU mode, recovery mode, Apple logo, headphone mode, etc. to normal state without data loss.

  • Fix disabled iOS system problems.
  • Extract data from disabled iOS devices without data loss.
  • It is safe and easy to use.

Step 1 Free download, install and run iPhone repair software. Choose iOS System Recovery to launch the program.

iOS System Recovery

Step 2 Connect iPhone to your computer with a lightning USB cable. Click Start on the lower right corner of the window.

Confirm iPhone Recovery Mode

Step 3 Choose Standard Mode and Confirm to move on. (If it does not work, you can navigate to Advanced Mode to have a second try.)

Step 4 Check the information of your connected iPhone. Click Optimize to fix iPhone glitch in Standard Mode. (Click Repair to fix iPhone glitch in Advanced Mode.)

Repair Recovery Mode Download Plugin

Way 2: Reboot iPhone to Fix iPhone Glitch

People always keep their phones stay power on so that their phones haven't enough space to run properly. As a result, restarting iPhone is one of the solutions to solve most of common issues like running slowly and more.

There are different ways to reboot iPhone, please check below demonstration with clear instruction.

Option 1

Step 1Press and hold the power button till the power off or on slider appears.

Step 2Then slide to power off your iPhone. Wait for it turns black completely

Step 3Then you can repeat the operation to turn on your iPhone again.

Option 2

Step 1Go to Settings > General > Shut Down to power off iPhone.

Step 2 Then hold the power button to reboot it.

Way 3: Reset Network Settings on iPhone to Fix iPhone Glitch

Step 1 Open iPhone.

Step 2 Tap Settings > General > Reset > Reset Network Settings.

Step 3 Enter your security code to fix network-related iPhone glitch.

reset network

Way 4: Reset All Settings to Remove Previous iPhone Settings

Step 1 Power on iPhone.

Step 2 Choose Settings > General > Reset > Reset All Settings.

Step 3 Type the password if you are required. Then you can fix iPhone glitches and bugs by restoring iPhone to factory defaults.

reset all settings

Way 5: Charge iPhone to Fix iPhone Black/Blank Screen Glitch

If your iPhone has a black screen (blank screen) after iOS 12 update, you can check its battery condition first. To fix iPhone battery glitch, you can charge iPhone into a wall outlet for hours.

Later, you can try to reboot iPhone to see if iPhone update glitch is fixed.

iphone black screen

Way 6: Upgrade or Downgrade iOS Version

Some minor iPhone glitches can be fixed by the latest iOS update. You can download and install iPhone update with iTunes or wirelessly. What’s more, if you are not satisfied with the new iOS update, you can downgrade to the old iOS version.

Consequently, the iOS 12 glitches can be fixed too.

Way 7: Restore iPhone to Factory Settings

Option 1. Factory Reset iPhone through Device Settings

Step 1 Turn on iPhone.

Step 2 Choose Settings > General > Reset > Erase All Content and Settings.

erasen all content and settings

Step 3 Enter the passcode to move on.

Step 4 Tap Erase iPhone when you see the popping-up warning box.

Step 5 Type your Apple ID and password to verify.

Step 6 Erase all stored files and perform an initial setup to fix iPhone glitch after iOS 12 update. You can restore iPhone from iTunes/iCloud backup to get all iOS data back.

Option 2. Factory Reset iPhone via iTunes

Step 1 Launch the latest iTunes on computer and connect iPhone to computer with USB cable.

Step 2 Click device icon > Summary > Restore iPhone on the windows.

Restore iPhone with iTunes

Step 3 Confirm the restoration in the pop-up window and follow the on-screen instruction to complete and procedure.

Option 3. Factory Reset iPhone via iCloud

Step 1 Go to iCloud.com and login with your Apple ID and passcode.

Step 2 Click Find iPhone and then choose the deivce you want to restore, click Erase iPhone.

iCloud Find My iPhone Erase

Step 3 Then you can restore iPhone data from iCloud backup or iTunes backup if you have one.

As you can see, these are all workable ways to fix iPhone glitch in 2022 after the latest iOS 12 update and other issues. You can choose the proper solution to save your iPhone from endless glitches. Even though your iPhone is frozen or not responding, you can use FoneLab iOS System Recovery to solve the problem.

All your iPhone files will be in the original place without being replaced or deleted. If you want to restore iPhone to fix all iOS glitches, you had better make a full backup in advance.

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