How Do I Block Unwanted Text Messages on My Samsung Galaxy


Nov. 01, 2019 12:00 / Posted by Szeki

We text and receive texts with our Samsung galaxy every day. However, receiving annoying spam texts is also haunting us in these days. Those messages, such as SMS phishing, harassing text or promoting messages are annoying and useless to us. Blocking messages or filter the content received on our Samsung galaxy is an effective way to avoid spam messages. But the most frustrating part for us is such messages seem unstoppable sometimes. So, in this post, I am going to tell you several ways of blocking these irrelevant or inappropriate messages that you don’t want to receive on your Samsung galaxy.

block text messages on samsung

1. Block Text Messages on Samsung via Settings

Most Samsung galaxy have internal settings that allow blocking unwanted messages. If you are trying to avoid harassing messages but do not have access to a computer or occur any installation then you may consider taking this option to block any specific numbers you know.

Tap on Message.

Tap on the three dots icon on the left top of the screen.

Select Settings.

Press on Block numbers and messages.

block via settings

Tap on Block numbers.

Enter the number you want to block and hit the + icon or add number from your contact list by tapping on Contacts.

Then you will no longer receive any message from these numbers.

By the way, you can tap on the icon to unlock the numbers.

2. Block Text Messages on Samsung via Conversation

Alternatively, you can block text from the conversation that you would like to block.

Tap on Messages.

Go to the conversation you want to block.

Tap on the three dots icon on the left top of the screen.

block via conversation

Select Block number.

Confirm block by tapping on OK.

3. Block Premium Messages

Premium messages refer to special programs that require an additional fee to subscribe usually came from short code numbers with five or six digits long. Premium messages cost per message or you may elect to have a monthly subscription that covers incoming messages from the service.

So how to block premium messages? You must first unsubscribe from the messaging service.

Find a message that came from the service and write down the short code from which it came.

Text stop or cancel in the conversation of the message and send it.

If you receive a confirmation of cancellation, you need to ask your mobile service provider to block premium texts on your line.

4. Block Text Messages on Samsung via Text Blocker Apps

If the options mentioned above are not working or have not got the spams under control well and you are still receiving them. You may need to consider upgrading your text-block tool. I think the most effective solution is to download a spam text blocker app on your Samsung galaxy. There are couples of the program available for Samsung galaxy to aid block spam messages. All of them can be download from Google play.

Top 7 Text Blocker Apps

1. Textra SMS

The app features SMS blacklisting to block incoming messages from specific contacts.

textra interface

Long-hold any contact in the Textra conversation list screen .

Tap on the three dots icon on the top right of the screen and select Blacklist.

2. Handcent

handcent interface

Select the menu at the upper left corner on the main interface, and switch from Inbox to More.

Choose Settings and scroll down and select Manage blacklist.

3. GO SMS Pro

Go SMS users can blocklist contacts even without making an account.

go sms interface

Go to Settings and locate Advanced.

Down to Security settings, then tap on Manage blacklist.

4. Key Messages

key messages interface

Go to Settings.

Choose Block & Allow List under Blocking.

5. Chomp SMS

chomp sms

Tap and hold the screen over a message from the number you want blocked.

A menu will appear, select Block.

6. Pulse SMS

pulse sms

Open the navigation drawer.

Select Blacklist.

7. Easy SMS Blocker

Go to the navigation drawer, and tap on Rules.

Select one of the rules you like to be matched to block texts.

easy sms blocker

With most of these text blocker apps listed above, you can choose the one as your will.

However, I believe the best way is to nip something in the bud — to keep your phone number in safety and security all the time.

If you need to recover your blocked texts on Samsung , FoneLab Android Data Recovery is the best choice.

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