Sales FAQ

Do you have questions about FoneLab? Find answers as below:

Pre-sale Inquiry

Q1. What is "1 Year Subscription" and how to turn off the "Automatic Renewal Service"?

1. What is 1 Year Subscription?

When purchasing from the official website, you have two license types to choose from: 1 Year Subscription and Lifetime License. If you choose 1 Year Subscription, you are only allowed to use this license for one year, and after that you can renew if you want.

2. What is Automatic Renewal Service and how to turn it off?

Automatic Renewal Service means that if you buy a 1 Year Subscription, the payment platform will charge the amount automatically (including applicable taxes) when the product license expires. But the payment flatform (MyCommerce, Paddle or 2Checkout) will send you a letter to remind you that the order is going to be expired 7 days before the expiration. The e-mail will also include instructions of how to turn off the "Automatic Renewal Service".

Q2. When will my credit card be charged?

Your money will not be charged until your order is processed successfully. Otherwise, nobody has the authority to charge your credit card for any purchase.

Q3. Do you provide technical support for trial users?

The answer is definitely yes. We provide free support for both the trial users and registered users. If you meet any technical problems when using the trial versions of the programs, you can contact us to submit your queries. Our support team will answer you in 24 hours (working days) or in 48 hours (weekend).

Q4. Can I evaluate before purchasing?

We provide free trial versions for most of the products to help users get a clear idea before a purchase. You can go to our official website to download our program to start the evaluation.

In general, most trial versions have very few functional differences from the registered versions. We provide trial versions with different restrictions on different products. After you place an order successfully, we will provide registration code to remove the limitations of the trial version. If you want to remove the watermark in the output video, you need to load the source video to the full version to convert it again.

Q5. Can I use the program on another computer if I purchase the single license?

If you buy a single license, that means you are allowed to use the program on one computer. If you register the single licensed program on another computer, you will get Error 4104. If you want to use this program on more than one computer, you need to buy this program again and get a new registration code.

Q6. Is it secure to purchase from your Website?

FoneLab has extended its business worldwide, consistently dedicated to satisfying customers with diversified consumer software products and services. No matter when you are browsing our website, downloading our products or purchasing online, your privacy is guaranteed by us. We cooperate with MyCommerce and 2Checkout to receive payment. During the order process, all the data and information you provided for the order will be kept secret.

Q7. What are "Extended Download Service" and "Backup CD"? Can I order a CD/Extended Download service separately?

Download Extended Service is used to backup the download link. And the CD is used to backup the Product Name and Registration Code. And they are all sent by the payment platform.

The CD/Extended Download Service can only be purchased together with the software. And they cannot be purchased separately.

Q8. How can I know if my order is processed successfully?

After your payment is finished, all detailed product information, including Order ID, Email Address and Registration code will be sent by the payment platform in short time. 

Tips: Please check both inbox and the spam folder to see if the auto-generated email is marked as spam. If you have ordered successfully but have not received the registration e-mail after 12 hours, you can try to retrieve the registration code information from our support center. If it still fails, please contact us for further assistance. 

Tips: To get prompt and specific support, please provide the Order Number and the Email Address you used when purchasing or attach the confirmation e-mail from payment platform in your first e-mail. This will help us locate your order.

Q9. What is your license policy?

We have three type licenses, 1 Year License, Lifetime License and Multiple-User Personal License (Up to 5 PCs).

1 Year License can only be used for one year. After one year, users can't use it anymore. Lifetime License and Multiple-User Personal License can be used for Lifetime.

1) 1 Year License and Lifetime License can only be used on 1 computer.
2) If you change or reinstall your computer, there will be Error 4104.
3) If you use it on more than one computer, there will be Error 4104.
4) In order to continue using the software, we can help you reset the registration code.
5) Multiple-User Personal License can make your program installed on 3 or 5 computers.

Q10. How to upgrade my program during my using?

There are 4 ways to update your software:

First, just click Help > Update to check for updates.

Secondly, you can go to our official website to download the latest version.

Thirdly, there will be newsletters sent to you to remind some upgrades, activities or discounts. Lastly, please do not hesitate to contact us for any questions.

Q11. What kinds of payment can I use?

There are several payment options for you to choose such as Visa/MasterCard/Euro card, Alipay, American Express, JCB, Discover/Novus, Bank/Wire transfer, Diners Club and Fax.

Q12. When I can receive the software or key for this software after the order is completed? How to do if I do not receive an email about this?

After your payment finished, all detailed product information will be sent for you in short time.

For further problem, you can contact us through the email:

Other Sales FAQ

Q1. I have never received the CD I purchased with your software. How to fix that?

As for this issue, please contact the CD sender which is your payment platform, and tell them to send your CD again.

Q2. When can I get my money back after the refund request is approved?

Once your refund request is approved, normally it will take 3~7 business days for the credit to appear on your account. Sometimes during holidays it may take longer but it is not expected to take over 10 days. If you have not got the refund 20 days after the approval, please contact us at to check the refund.

Q3. What to do if the registration code is invalid?

1. First confirm that the product you are trying to register is the one you've purchased.
2. Wrong spelling of the licensed e-mail address or registration code. Both licensed e-mail and registration code are case sensitive. It is advisable to copy them from your registration e-mail and paste them into the proper text boxes in the registration window.
3. Make sure there is no space before Registration Code and Email Address in registration box.

Q4. I purchased the wrong product. Can I exchange it for the right one?

Here are two solutions for your reference:

1. If you think you might use the "wrong product" in future, you can keep it and we will provide you free updates lifetime. What's more, you can buy the "right product" with discount.
2. We will refund the "wrong product" after confirmation, but please buy the "right product" first.

Note: As our product is virtual software, once we sent we can't get back the registration code. And we also do not know whether customer use registration code or not. So if customer insists on refund, we will deduct 20% of the purchased price as fee. Thank you for your understanding.

Q5. How to get back order infomation?

For every regular order, the payment platforms like MyCommerce or Avangate will send a confirmation email with the link of the invoice included.

The 2 Checkout payment platform will send three confirmation emails. One is about product info, one is about the order info and the other is about payment receipt. In the payment receipt email you will find the receipt entrance.

Q6. How to submit a review to you?

We appreciate your time and attention to submit a review to us. Contact us ( to submit your review and we will seriously consider your review for our product updates.

Q7. How to do if the FoneLab product gives me the error code 4001?

This may be due to the registration number is not activated. Please contact customer service ( to reset the registration code.

Q8. How to fix the error 4102?

There may be some error of your registered email. You must use the email used to buy this program.

Q9. How to fix 4104 error?

This is due to the limited License you got. At present, most of our products are single license which can only be used on one computer. We adopt Single License in case the registration code stolen and prevent the violation use of the registration code. So Reg Code you got is Single License which can only be used on one computer.

If you change or reinstall your computer, there will be Error 4104. If you use it on more than one computer, there will be Error 4104. You cannot use it until we reset it for you.If you want to use the program on a new computer, we can reset the code for you. But after resetting, the code will be invalid on the old computer.

So if you change or reinstall your computer, we can reset it for you. And if you want to use the program on more than one computer, then you need purchase it again. And as this situation, we can provide 50% discount for you.

So if you have a decide to reset your code, contact the customer service: to request reset the registration code for you. And if you have a decide to purchase it again, also contact the customer service and they will send you a special purchase link.

Q10. Can I cancel my order after placing FoneLab product?

Since the order is processed automatically, it is not allowed to cancel the order. Besides, the free trial version will enable you to know more about FoneLab program and check whether it can meet your needs before purchasing it.

If you really want to get a refund, please check our Refund Policy.

Q11. How to register my software after receiving the code?

First please run the program after downloading it. And please click Help > Register... option to open Registration window. Then copy and paste your user name(Purchased Email Address) and license code(Registration Code) in corresponding text boxes to register. Finally, you will get the full version.

And please pay attention to below points before registration:

1. Please make sure you have download the same program with the one you bought.
2. Please make sure you have the right program with your computer operation system.
3. Please make sure there is no blank before/among the code in the registration code input box.