Ultimate Guide About Facebook Screenshot - Everything You Should Not Miss

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June 16, 2020 16:00 / Posted by Lisa Ou

How to Screenshot Facebook? I am using Mac at home. It is better that if I can screenshot Facebook on iPhone. Thanks in advance!

Facebook is one of the most popular social media platforms in the world to help people chat with a friend privately or interact with others collectively in a group chat.

Ultimate Guide About Facebook Screenshot -  Everything You Should Not Miss

However, you should try the following workable methods to screenshot Facebook in this post.

1. Screenshot Facebook on Computer with FoneLab Screen Recorder

FoneLab Screen Recorder is one of the most powerful and convenient programs you can use on compute. It has both Windows and Mac versions. You can download the suitable one from official site and then follow the instructions to install it.

You should know that it is more than a screen recorder as its name said, it also enables you to record video, capture audio, record webcam, extract audio from video, etc. It must be a favorite tool you can use on computer to get a media file you want.

Below is a complete demonstration.

Download and install FoneLab Screen Recorder on computer. You can choose the right version from official site. Then it will be lauched automatically.

screen recorder homepage

Open Facebook page on computer browser, then log in your account. Go to the page you want to screenshot.

Go to FoneLab Screen Recorder interface, click Screen Capture. Select the area you want to snapshot.

You are allowed to adjust the area in this step. And you are allowed to edit the screenshots with its built-in features. Finally, save the files to computer folder.

edit facebook screenshot

2. Screenshot Facebook Story on Computer

If you want to add someone’s Facebook account and can not confirm whether it is the right account or not, you can screenshot the profile of the Facebook account and show it to another friend. Or you want to share a Facebook story interesting on the page, you can screenshot Facebook story. However, how to screenshot Facebook story?

Screenshot Facebook Story on Mac

If you are using Mac, you can check below steps.

Hold down Command + Shift + 4 buttons at the same time.

Command + Shift + 4

Click, hold and drag to select the capturing area.

Release cursor to take and save the sreenshot.

Screenshot Facebook Story on Windows

Windows users has a button on keyboard to screenshot Windows screen without using mouse.

Press Print Screen button.

Click START button, input paint, then click on it.

Click Edit > Paste > File > Save As.

Click Save in the pop-up window.

3. Screenshot Facebook on iPhone/Android

What if you are using Facebook on mobile phone. Here we will show you similar operations on iPhone and Android.

Screenshot Facebook Story on iPhone

For iPhone models with Face ID, you should hold down Volume Up and Power button at the same time. While other iPhone users with Touch ID, you will required to hold down Home and Power button simultaneously.

Screenshot iPhone with Face IDScreenshot iPhone with Touch ID

Screenshot Facebook Story on Android

Almost all Android phones can make a Facebook screenshot through Volume Down and Power buttons. You should release them once the screen flash. The screenshots will be saved in phone’s gallery.

Screenshot on android

4. Does Facebook Notify Screenshots

Does Facebook notify when you save a photo? Can someone tell if you take a screenshot on Facebook? oes Facebook notify when you screenshot a story?

Unlike Snapchat, you will not be notified when someone is snapshotting your Facebook profile, story, etc. As you can see, it might not a secure program you can use in daily life. But you can try Facebook new feature - secret conversations.

5. Facebook Secret Conversations

It is a secure section for you to keep Facebook conversations privately from Facebook side. But it is not 100% secure as you are impossible to stop it and you even won’t be noticed when someone tries to screenshot your information from web page or applications.

That’s why we are introducing Facebook secret conversations here.

What is Facebook Secret Conversations

Facebook Secret Conversations is an encrypted method to send messages, pictures, stickers, videos, and video recordings between a friend and you. You’re unable to view secret messages on other devices you have not activated them yet. In addition, you and participants will be noticed if you are on a new device.

How to Use Facebook Secret Conversations

If you can’t wait to use it now, you can check below detailed steps.


Run Messenger, log in your account.

Tap the lock icon on the top right, choose a contact from the list.

facebook secret conversation on iphone

Then you can begin a secret conversation on Facebook.


Run Messenger, log in your account.

Tap Secret on the top right, choose a contact from the list. You can see Secret Conversation under your friend’s name.

facebook secret conversation on android

Best Facebook Messenger Recovery

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