[Fixed] How to Recover Deleted Music Files from Android SD Card

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Jan 07, 2019 09:00 / Posted by Valyn Hua

There are many reasons for the memory card audio recovery scenario. Read and check if you encounter the same problem.

  1. Delete the wrong MP3 song files from an Android external SD card by mistake.
  2. Disconnect the memory card while transferring files to PC.
  3. Virus infected, factory reset, broken, formatted and other unexpected cases that make your Android SD card inaccessible.

Then here comes the question, is it possible to recover deleted audio files from Android SD card? Well, the answer is “Yes”. To increase the possibility of the SD card recovery, you need to avoid mistakes mentioned below.

  1. Stop save files to your SD memory card before the data recovery.
  2. Do not format the corrupted SD card.

Now, let’s read together to recover deleted audio files from memory card step by step.

1. Common Solutions to Recover Deleted Audio Files from Memory Card

Here are common situations and solutions for data recovery. You can do as the following paragraphs tell to recover deleted audio files from Android.  

1. Your Device Cannot Read an SD Card

Solution1: Try an external memory card reader.

Sometimes the built-in card recorder is not working properly. Thus, you can use another SD card or card reader to have a try.

Solution 2: Uninstall and reinstall the card driver on PC.

Solution 3: Change drive letter and paths/Assign a new drive letter for Android SD card.

use external card reader

2. Fail to Save Music Files

If you can read music files stored on your memory card, the explanation is that your memory card is write-protected. To solve this problem, you need to trigger on the lock-switch to unlock it manually. Later, you can add, manage and delete audio files on the SD card.

write protected sd card

3. Damaged SD Card

You can perform Chkdsk to fix the SD card is damaged. Try reformatting it appear error.

(Search for cmd in the Windows Start menu > Choose Run as Administrator from the right-click menu > Enter chkdsk < SD card drive latter>:/f > Hit the Return key to fix damaged SD card.

fix damaged sd card

2. Ultimate Data Recovery Software to Get Back All Deleted Audio Files (100% Guarantee)

However, the above methods are not powerful enough. You can only fix corrupted or damaged SD card back to work. If you still fail to recover deleted audio files from memory card, you can turn to FoneLab Data Retriever for help. Generally speaking, Data Retriever is your best SD card recovery software. You can recover deleted music files from memory card selectively and safely.

Main Features of Audio Recovery Software

  1. Recover deleted or lost audios, videos, photos, documents, etc. from your memory card, hard drive, flash card, Windows/Mac, digital camera and more.
  2. Wide support of recoverable audio formats including MP3, WAV, WMA, AIF/AIFF, M4A, MID/MIDI, OGG, AAC, etc.
  3. Recover deleted audio files from memory card with quick scan and deep scan modes.
  4. Suitable for various data loss situations.
  5. Never store or modify your data.

How to Recover Deleted Audio Files from SD Memory Card

Plug your Android into the computer

Free download, install and launch the music recovery app for Android. Connect your Android device to the computer via a lightning USB cable.

fonelab data retriver homepage

Choose the file type and location to scan

Choose the file type and storage space you want to recover. So mark before Audio and SD Card options. Later, click Scan to start scanning the selected items quickly. As a result, the music recovery app for Android can save time on scanning unwanted parts.

scan data

Filter the scanned files

Select Audio in the left panel. To find your target files, you need to set filter info manually. Use the Filter feature to achieve the goal. Well, you can find the deleted music files according to extension, created date or modified date. Then choose Apply to save the change.

filter the scanned files

Recover the deleted audio files from Android

You can double click any file and preview with detailed information. After selecting the music files, click the Recover button on the lower right corner. Consequently, the selected audio files will be recovered to your computer without data loss quickly.

recover the deleted audio with fonelab

Note: You can also choose Deep Scan to scan your storage space thoroughly. Of course, it takes more time to complete the deep scanning process. But you can get more results.

All in all, you can recover deleted MP3 files from memory card, as well as other audio formats. It is also supported to recover deleted or lost files from your SD card and other storage selectively. If you encounter any problem in the memory card audio recovery, just feel free to contact us.

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