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Best Ways to Record Voice on Mac (with QuickTime Player or Not)

Do you want to record your voice and system sound on a Mac computer? You can see many Mac voice recording software in the market, such as QuickTime Recorder, Audacity for Mac, etc.

Considering different demands of voice recording, this article will show you two representative Mac voice recorder programs.

mac voice recorder

Thus, you can record audio on Mac in different levels. It’s OK that if you have no experience of audio recording. You can learn how to record audio on Mac from Internet, or with offline programs or speakers step by step.

1(Basic) How to Record Your Voice on Mac with QuickTime and Its Disadvantages

QuickTime Player is preinstalled on every Mac computer. Thus, you can record screen videos and audios on Mac with QuickTime Player for free. If you do not want to install any third-party app, you can trust QuickTime Recorder as a MacBook voice recorder.

Step 1: Open the QuickTime Player in the Applications folder.

Step 2: Choose New Audio Recording from the File list on the top.

Step 3: Manage the voice recording preferences.

Extend the arrow next to the Record button. Select your input audio source under Microphone. Then set the voice recording quality as High or Maximum. Move the volume slider if necessary.

Step 4: Choose the Record icon to record voice on MacBook Air, Pro and other products.

Step 5: When you stop recording voice, choose Save from File menu. Your voice recording will be saved as a M4A file.  

Note: You can trim the audio recording file within QuickTime Player.

record voice on mac with quicktime

Drawbacks of QuickTime Player:

  • Need to install extra codes to QuickTime Player for playback.
  • Cannot pause while recording audio on Mac.
  • Support to record the desktop screen or webcam video with sound individually.

2(Ultimate) How to Use FoneLab to Record Voice on Mac

If you want to record voice segments instead of a long conversation, Mac FoneLab Screen Recorder should be your first choice.  Just as the name shows, you can screen record on MacBook Air with sound, as well as MacBook Pro. As for recording audio on Mac, you can record system sound and microphone voice in high quality.

1. Main Features of the Mac Voice Recorder

  • Record your favorite voice coming from microphone or computer without quality loss.  
  • Use hotkeys to control the whole video or audio recording.
  • Capture live streaming videos and webcam videos on Mac.
  • Manage audio sample rate, video frame rate, bitrate and other preferences before recording.
Fonelab Screen Recorder Screenshot

FoneLab Screen Recorder

Capture video, audio, online tutorial, etc on Windows/Mac, and easily customize size, edit the video or audio, and more.

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2. Steps to Record Voice on Mac and Save as MP3 Format

Step 1: Open the free audio recorder for Mac

Free download the voice recorder for Mac. Make sure you are running Mac OS X 10.6 or above versions. Launch the Mac voice recorder after the installation. You can activate the account with your email address and registration code.

launch fonelab screen recorder

Step 2: Enable the voice recording function

Disable Webcam and Screen options. You can click on the second and third icon from left to right. When the icon turns , it means you have disabled those two features. Later, set the input audio source and adjust its volume from the More menu under the Audio icon.

enable voice recording features

Step 3: Start recording voice on Mac

Prepare materials you want to record first. Then you can choose the Record icon to record voice on Mac instantly. There are Pause/Resume and Stop icon in the main interface. Thus, you can record the target audio clips smartly. Be aware that the speaker needs to be close to the Mac computer.

record voice on mac

Step 4: Save or share the voice recording

When you choose the Stop icon, the audio recording file will be in the destination folder automatically. You can also access the recording history by clicking the icon on the top right corner. Later, you can share, preview, delete or find the selected file.

sahre voice recording

3Why Choose FoneLab Screen Recorder

So why should you choose FoneLab Screen Recorder instead of QuickTime Recorder and other voice recording software? Here are main reasons you can refer to.

  • Pause/resume voice recording.
  • Export the voice recording as MP3 and other popular audio formats.
  • Record screen videos with webcam and audio without lag.
  • Use hotkeys to start, pause, resume, stop recording and capture screen.
  • Add arrow, line, text, rectangle and other drsawing labels on your video or screenshot.
  • Show mouse cursor and record mouse clicks for Mac screen recording.
  • No time limit.
  • Compatible with Windows 10/8.1/8/7/Vista/XP and Mac OS X 10.6 or above.

The above items can be QuickTime Player disadvantages too. With so many powerful functions, it is easy to get the result that FoneLab Screen Recorder does a better job than QuickTime screen recording with audio.

In a word, FoneLab can be your best Mac voice recorder. Whenever you want to record a video or audio on your Mac computer, you can free download this screen recorder for Mac to have a try.

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