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A Samsung account is a gateway to all things of Samsung, which you can track the order, support for your products, get special offer and even enjoy Samsung Pay. How do you recover the Samsung account if you cannot remember the ID and password now?

In order to retrieve the Samsung account ID or password, you have to learn more about what Samsung account is. Check out the detailed process to recover the account or password. Moreover, you can also find tips about how to locate the ID and manage the account within the article.

how to recover samsung account

Guide List

1. What is Samsung Account/ID

Just as mentioned above, Samsung account is a single ID and gateway to access the services of Samsung. It enables you to access to an exclusive app, backup/restore files, sync data between multiple devices, and more. Of course, you have to update the information, it is important to recover your Samsung account.

What can you do with your Samsung account? Locate the lost Samsung phone. Erase, lock, and unlock the phone remotely. Use some exclusive services, such as Samsung Pay, Samsung Health and Samsung. Backup the important date and photo gallery. Moreover, you can also get some additional features for compatible TVs, Samsung Gears, computer and more.

What is Samsung Account/ID

2. How to Recover Samsung Account

If you have already entered the related information to set up the account, you can retrieve the Samsung account with the information, especially the email address. Of course, you can try some frequently used emails to get back the Samsung account.

How to Recover Samsung Account on Samsung Galaxy S10

Step 1Go to your Samsung Galaxy phone and click on the App screen. Go to Settings > General > Account, you can pick the Samsung account from the list. Enter the Account Settings and go to the help section.

Step 2Choose the Find ID tab, after that, you can enter the first name, last name, and date of birth to search through the database, it will provide the matched email address for your reference.

Step 3Just check out the email address, which is available with the first three letters, you can log in the one you are familiar to sign into the account, or retrieve the Samsung account password accordingly.

recover samsung account with info

How to Recover Samsung Account ID via a Web Browser

Step 1In order to recover the Samsung account for the lost Samsung Galaxy phone, you might need to retrieve the data online within a computer. Go to the in the address bar of your browser.

Step 2Choose the Find Email tab, you can follow the same process to enter the first name, last name and date of birth to search for the database and match an email address accordingly.

Step 3When you get the result, you can match it with the frequent email addresses you have used. After that, access to the email address to recover the Samsung account.

recover samsung cloud online

3. How to Retrieve Samsung Account Password

When you need to recover the Samsung account, you should locate the Samsung ID or use the registered email address. Just enter the Samsung account ID or phone number associated with the Samsung account to retrieve or reset your password.

Step 1Go to the from any browser of your Samsung Galaxy phone or computer. Choose the Sign In option and click the Forgot your ID or password.

Step 2Open the Reset password tab. You can enter the Samsung account ID as well as the security code to recover the Samsung account password. Click the Next to continue.

Step 3Enter the email address account you have registered the Samsung account, click the password reset email to redirect the recovering Samsung account password page.

Step 4After that, you can reset the new password for the Samsung account and re-sign in the Samsung account from your Samsung Galaxy phone or online to manage the account.

reset samsung password

4. How to Recover Samsung Account

1. How to find Samsung Account ID

In order to write down the Samsung account, you can go to the to enter your email address or phone number associated with the Samsung account. Select the FIND MY ID to get the information about the Samsung account ID.

Why I cannot update the region for my Samsung account

Samsung has a restriction to update your region or country. You have to contact Samsung support to change the information, or else, you will lose the following services.

Find My Mobile, Samsung account, Call & text on other devices, Samsung Cloud, Samsung Apps (Android), Samsung Notes, S Health, Samsung Pay, Samsung Payment Service, Easy Signup, Gallery and even the IngelligenceAgent_Persona.


What is the best method to recover the Samsung account? Just learn more about the Samsung account beforehand. You should know the information you entered to set up the account is very important to retrieve the Samsung account. After that, you can use the data, email address to retrieve the Samsung account ID or password with the above steps.

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