How to Unlock A Disabled iPhone Without iTunes in 2020

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Nov 05, 2020 16:00 / Posted by Lisa Ou

As you might know, you can easily unlock a disabled iPhone if Find My iPhone feature has been turned off on your devices. But you should also find that iTunes is not a user-friendly tool for novices even users who are not familiar with it. Is there any way to unlock a disabled iPhone without iTunes?

How to Unlock A Disabled iPhone Without iTunes in 2020

Someone tried to unlock your iPhone too many times will make it disabled for a time according to how many times your iPhone has been unlocked wrongly. You should know there is a feature on iPhone which can help you erase data on iPhone after 10 failed passcode attempts to protect your data.

In this post, you can learn best solutions to unlock disabled iPhone without iTunes.

1. How to Unlock A Disabled iPhone Without iTunes or iCloud

In order to solve the problem for people who have a disabled iPhone, there are more and more iPhone unlocking tools on the market. You can simply search them from Google, and then install them to bypass disabled iPhone passcode. However, it is essential to choose a good program as a nice one is able to make you finish the task within a few clicks.

Well, FoneLab iOS Unlocker is highly recommended to you now. You can just go to the official site to download it on your computer. Both Windows and Mac are supported. Why you should choose it?

  1. It can unlock a disabled iPhone with ease.
  2. Bypass screen time passcode on iPhone without losing data.
  3. Remove Apple ID.
  4. It is easy to use.
  5. iPhone, iPad and iPod are supported.
  6. iOS 14, iPhone 12 and earlier models are available.

Below is the demonstration with clear instructions.

Download and install FoneLab iOS Unlocker on computer, then install it. After that, launch it on computer.

Connect iPhone to computer via USB cable. Choose Wipe Passcode > Start.

unlock interface

Then you need to confirm information of your device on the new interface, click Start button.

confirm device information

It waits for a while to download firmware, then click Unlock button.

download firmware succeffully

Enter 0000 in the box to confirm unlocking.

unlock confirmation

2. How to Unlock Disabled iPhone Without iTunes

Another answer to how to unlock a disabled iPhone 6 without iTunes is to erase iPhone through Find My iPhone on iCloud if you have a computer.

You should make sure that Find My iPhone on the disabled iPhone has been turned on and it is still connected to internet at this moment. Then, no matter you are a Mac or Windows user, you can easily unlock iPhone with iCloud as below.

Open a browser on computer and enter in the address bar.

When you see iCloud page, enter your account and password and log into it.

Click Find iPhone on the bottom right corner.

icloud find iphone

Click your name in the middle of the window to choose your iPhone from the drop-down list and click on it. Then a new window on the upper-right corner pops up, select Erase iPhone. Just minutes later, you can set a new passcode on iPhone when you are set up your new iPhone.

icloud erase iphone

What if you don’t have a computer by your side? Please move to the next part to figure out how to fix it.

3. How to Unlock Disabled iPhone on Another iPhone

Though you don’t have a computer, you can also use this iCloud Find My iPhone feature on another iOS devices to unlock your disabled iPhone if it meets the above-mentioned conditions.

Open a browser app on iPhone, then visit iCloud official site. Log into your account.

Tap the device on the bottom of the interface, then choose Erase iPhone.

Tap Continue to confirm that you want to erase this iPhone on the new pop-up page.

Unlock Disabled iPhone on Another iPhone

After that, you can simply follow the on-screen instruction to set up iPhone and reset iPhone passcode.

About how to unlock a disabled iPhone without iTunes or iCloud or computer, unfortunately, there are not many methods for options. It is recommended that you can try FoneLab iOS Unlocker on computer as it can be helpful for iPhone whose Fine My iPhone feature has been disabled already even they are not connected with wifi or cellular data. Why not download and have a try now!

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