Livestorm V.S. Zoom, What are the Differences Between Webinar Programs

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July 22, 2020 16:00 / Posted by Lisa Ou

What should be the best webinar software, Livestorm V.S. Zoom? When you want to have a videoconference with your colleagues, which is a better choice? If you want to learn more about the differences, or even choose an alternative to Livestorm and Zoom, you can learn more details about the features and discover the exhaustive comparison from the article.

Livestorm V.S. Zoom, What are the Differences Between Webinar Programs

1. Livestorm V.S. Zoom, Here are the Differences

Both Livestorm and Zoom are excellent webinar programs for cloud video conferencing with advanced features, such as record & playback ability, screen sharing and more. Compare to Livestorm, Zoom is more popular and has more control over participants.

Livestorm V.S. Zoom Video Conferencing Features

What are the special features for video conferencing for both Zoom and Livestorm? Both webinar programs enable you to customize the webcasting, stream the presentation, real-time chat and private chat. Zoom has some outstanding features that you can have an electronic hand rising, have some presentation tools and more.

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Livestorm V.S. Zoom Video & Audio Quality

Zoom offers HD video, multiple video feeds, and multiple types of webcam views. You can display up to 49 webcams at one time in your meeting with Zoom. On the other hand, Livestorm provides the real-time HD video stream and audio files of high quality. Of course, the video and audio quality are also depended on the graphic card and computer settings.

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Livestorm V.S. Zoom Compatibility

Can you have a Livestorm conference within a smartphone? Both Livestorm and Zoom are SaaS Cloud-based webinar program, which you can use the browser to join the conference. Zoom also provides the applications for iOS, Android, Windows and Mac that you can enjoy high quality videoconference experience with ease.

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Livestorm V.S. Zoom Webinar Integration & Analysis

When you want to have some analysis for videoconference, Livestorm might be a nice option. Both Livestorm and Zoom have CSV exports for the data of the videos. Compared to Zoom, Livestorm has the native CRM integration, custom tag integration, Google analytics integration, Pixel integration, slack notification, and even the analytics reports.

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Livestorm V.S. Zoom Webinar Quotation Structure

Of course, the quotation for both webinar programs is another important thing you have to take into consideration. Both Livestorm and Zoom provide the subscription service and have a free version with limitations. Zoom has three different subscription plans, choose the desired one according to your requirements as below US$14.99/User/Month/Pro, US$199/Month/Business and US$19.99/User/Month/Pro. Livestorm, on the other hand, provides Webinar Premium/US$109/Month and Meet Premium/US$39/Month.

2. Best Online Conferences Alternative to Livestorm and Zoom

Is there a webniar alternative to capture Livestorm screen or record Zoom meeting? Can you arrange the online videoconference with FaceTime or Google Class, and then record the video with a screen recorder as desired? Of course, you can take advantage of some free videoconference tools to have an online meeting. FoneLab Screen Recorder is a versatile screen recorder to capture video conference as desired.

  1. Capture Livestorm, Zoom and Google Class video, audio and snapshot.
  2. Record the sound from multiple sources and channels with original quality.
  3. Enables you to add annotation, shapes, line, watermarks and others easily.
  4. Manage the conferences within the media library with advanced features.

3. FAQs about the Comparison Between Livestorm and Zoom

1. What is the Limitation for Zoom Free Version?

The free version of Zoom allows for unlimited 1-on-1 calls with the 40-minute limit on group calls of up to 100 people for personal meetings only. Once you have subscribed the Pro version with US$14.99/month, you can have a 24-hour meeting for groups up to 100 people.

2. Which Should Be Your Choice, Zoom or Livestorm?

Just learn more details about the comparison between Zoom and Livestorm from the article. If you just need some videoconferences with colleagues, Zoom might be a nice choice. Livestorm should be a better webinar program that has multiple admins at a meeting.

3. What is the Best Alternative for Zoom and Livestorm on Education?

Zoom V.S. Livestorm, which is a better choice if you just need to have some online conferences with your students? Of course, you can ask for a license and customization from Zoom for education purposes. Google Class and FoneLab Screen Recorder should be the best alternative to Livestorm recorder or Zoon recorder when you just need to have online conferences for education.


When you want to choose a desired webinar program, you can learn more details about the differences between Zoom and Livestorm. Just choose the desired webinar, or even the best alternative to arrange and record the online conference with ease.

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