How to Recover Deleted Reminders on iPhone


November 29, 2016 09:00 / Posted by Lisa Ou

I like the Reminder on iPhone, which is linked so closely with my daily life. It reminds me some important schedule so that I will never miss these precious events. It is unfortunately that my little son deleted all of my reminders last night, and I am annoyed because they are gone now. so how can I retrieve reminders from iPhone? -Amy

There are various of data on iPhone, like photos, messages, contacts and more. Among them, Reminders, which helps people to remember when and what they should do, become more and more important because there are so many different things in their daily life.

If you accidentally delete reminders on iPhone or lost them for unknown reasons, you can use FoneLab iPhone data recovery.

Recover Deleted Reminders on iPhone

FoneLab iPhone data recovery is a simple and powerful third-party tool to recover your reminders. It is also useful to recover deleted photos from iPhone, restore notes on iPhone, recover deleted messages on iPhone 5s and more. You can finish entire operation in a couple of clicks.

Here we will introduce how to recover iPhone reminders with FoneLab iPhone data recovery with three methods.

First of all, you should download and install FoneLab iPhone data recovery and launch it on your computer.

Both Windows and Mac versions are available, please choose the right one for you.

Way 1: Retrieve Reminders from iPhone

Choose Recover from iOS device, and plug your iPhone to computer with USB cable, then click Start Scan.
If you want to restore reminders from broken iPhone, please make sure that you have connected your iPhone with computer and tap Trust before.


Click Reminders from the left pane.

Retrieve reminders from iPhone

Choose the reminders you need them back to your iPhone, click Recover finally.
Please note that you can search keywords in your reminders to find them quickly.

Above is an easy way which can recover iPhone reminder from your device, if you have iTunes or iCloud backup files, you can choose to retrieve iPhone reminders from backup files.

Let’s turn to its demonstration.

Way 2: Recover iPhone Reminders via iTunes

Please note that this method requires that you have backed up your iPhone data on computer with iTunes before.

Choose Recover from iTunes backup file and select one iTunes backup file which you want to restore your iPhone reminders from.

Scan iTunes Backup

Click Reminders from left pane same as the first method.

Recover iPhone reminders via iTunes

Check the reminders and click Recover.
It enables you to preview the reminders and then confirm if you need to recover this item or not.

Way 3: Restore Reminders from iCloud

Choose Recover from iCloud backup file and log in your iCloud account.
Our program will not remember your account and password, please don't worry about the data disclosure.

Login iCloud

Select the right backup file and then click Download.

Tick file type you want to recover from, then click Next.
If you prefer to check all iPhone data, you can tick Select All at the bottom of the window.

Restore reminders from iCloud

Click Reminders and check the items you need, click Recover finally.
You can turn on the button on the upper-left corner to display the deleted items only.

Restore reminders from iCloud

There are rich reasons about why you should choose FoneLab iPhone data recovery rather than other third-party tools.

  1. There are three ways for options.
  2. You can search keywords of the items you want quickly.
  3. It allows you to preview the items before you recover them.
  4. Both Windows and Mac versions are provided.
  5. Supports iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.
  6. Recover up to 19 kinds of data on iPhone.
  7. It is easy to use.
  8. No need to worry about the data loss and disclosure.
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