Best Solutions in 2020 - How to Reverse A Video with Ease

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April 09, 2020 17:00 / Posted by Lisa Ou

I want to playback a video as I need to make a funny video on my channel. So I want to know the best way to reverse a YouTube video. I know that there are tons of programs to do this but I don’t know how to choose from them. Any recommendation?

Reverse a video means a special way to play the video from the last frame to the first frame, it can help people create fun and more with this way of playback.

If you encountered a similar situation as above-mentioned, you can find a satisfied answer in this post. Here we will introduce 3 proven effective methods to solve your problem.

Best Solutions in 2020 - How to Reverse A Video with Ease

1. How to Reverse YouTube Videos

YouTube is one of the most popular video sites you can view, upload, share videos. But sometimes the video direction might be not correct on your phone or computer. At this moment, you need to rotate or flip the videos according to your needs.

You should know that you can choose reverse YouTube video online as YouTube has its built-in feature to edit videos online. Its tutorial as below.

Open YouTube page and log in your account.

Upload a video or choose a video from your library.

Click Edit > Enhancements > reserve.

Click Save a new video.

rotate youtube video

If you prefer to use other video sites, you can also find its online editors to reserver videos. That’s all about how to reserve YouTube videos after uploading. What if you have not uploaded the video yet?

People who want to reserve YouTube video before uploading can choose some video editors.

2. Reverse Music Video with Adobe Premiere

Adobe Premiere Pro is one of the most famous video editors on computer. It requires large space on computer, and its operations are not easy for a new beginner.

As its powerful editor features and efficiency, it always is one of the top options for most users. You can follow below steps.

Click Import and then choose a video and open it.

Click the video on the timeline, right-click to select Speed/Duration > Reverse Speed > OK.

Then you can preview it on the timeline. Save it.

adobe premiere

Updating and upgrading leads to improvement. People asked for more convenience in daily life. There are some online tools to help you crop videos, merge video files, flip videos, and more. So you can choose some online video editors.

3. Reverse Video Online

There are various options on the market, you should choose the most suitable one. Below are the top 3 recommendations for you. You can search the name on Google directly and open the page. Then you will be asked to upload a video and begin to reverse the video.

In addition, all of them have other pages specialized in converting video formats, merge video files, crop video files, add video subtitles and more.

Top 1. Ezgif


Top 2. Kapwing


Top 3. Clideo


If you just want to rotate a video or flip a video on computer in 3 steps, you should choose FoneLab Video Converter Ultimate.

4. Best Video Editor Software - FoneLab Video Converter Ultimate

FoneLab Video Converter Ultimate, which is more than a video converter to help you edit video with simple clicks is strongly recommended to you.

It enables you to convert video format, change audio file format, trim audio, merge video files, crop a video, etc. And it also allows you to improve video quality, remove unwanted audio part and more.

It is easy and safe to use. It won’t require complicated operations and professional knowledge, fresh users can edit videos with ease.

Below is a demonstration with clear instructions.

You should download and install the program firstly, then it will be launched automatically. If it didn’t, double-click the program to run it.

video converter ultimate main interface

Import the video. You can simply drag and drop the video, or click Add File on the interface to choose a video, then click Open.

You can see Load Disc, Add File, Enhance, Trim, 3D, Edit on the top, choose Edit in this step.

You can choose different edit features on the top of the window. If you want to rotate a video, please click Rotate, then click Rotate 90 clockwise or Rotate 90 counterclockwise. You can also click Horizontal flip or Vertical flip as your needs.

video converter ultimate click to rotate video

Click Apply > Convert.

That’s all about how to reverse video correctly. FoneLab Video Converter Ultimate is the best choice for you to convert audio or video formats with ease. Why not download and have a try now!

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