How to Rotate a Video on Android - The Best Video Rotator in 2020

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March 17, 2020 17:00 / Posted by Lisa Ou

I believe that there are some workable ways to rotate a video on Android. I have a video on my phone and want to rotate Android video 90 degrees. Anyone help?

How to Rotate a Video on Android - The Best Video Rotator in 2020

If you have not set the camera before taking videos with Android, most of you might have the similar requests on Android video rotator, Android video flip, Android flip video horizontally, Android flip Video mirror, etc.

Actually, some of them are asked to do the exact same thing. And we will show you how to rotate video files on Android in this post.

1. How to Rotate a Video in Android with FoneLab Video Rotator

As the limitation of using the video editor feature on mobile phone, you can try to move the videos to computer and then rotate Android videos with professional video editors.
So, transferring video files from Android to computer is the first thing you should do before rotating videos.

Part 1. Transfer Android Videos to PC/Mac

You can use various methods to move Android data to computer, below are 2 options for you.

Option 1. Connect your Android phone to computer with USB cable, then locate the mobile phone folder and drag the video you want to rotate to computer local folder.

Option 2. HyperTrans is strongly recommended to you. You will be required to download and install the program on computer firstly, then launch it. Plug your device to computer, then the software will detect your device. After that, select Videos from the left pane, find the video you want, check its box and click Export to PC button.

connect iphone android to pc

Then you can move to part 2 now.

Part 2. Rotate Videos on PC/Mac

The first program you should try on is FoneLab Video Rotator, which helps you rotate videos, crop video files, convert video file format and more.

  1. It is easy and safe to use.
  2. You can use it on both Windows and Mac.
  3. You are allowed to convert video format, convert audio format with it.
  4. You can use it to add subtitles to video, crop video file, flip video, etc.
  5. Enhance video quality, fix blur video and more are available.
  6. Various video formats are supported.

Can’t wait to learn how to use it? Below are the clear instructions.

Download and install FoneLab Video Rotator on computer, then it will be launched automatically.

video converter ultimate main interface

Click Add File to import the video file to it.

Click Edit > Rotate, adjust the degrees, and then click Apply when it is done.

video converter ultimate click to rotate video

Click Convert.

Mobile phone lovers can move to the next part to get how to fix this issue without a computer.

2. How to Rotate a Video on Android in Gallery App[Samsung S10]

Not all of them but some Android phones allows users to edit video with Gallery app. Here we will take Samsung S10 as an example.

Open Gallery app and find the video.

Tap Edit icon, then tap the Rotate button on the bottom-right corner.

Tap Save button.

save video samsung s10

3. Rotate Vides on Android with Google Photos App

As a popular cloud service to help users save data, you should know its another feature to help people rotate videos with simple operations.

Open Google Photos app on Android phone, then tap Search bar > Videos.

Select one video, tap the slider bar icon on the bottom.

Tap Rotate, then tap Save when it is done.

google photos to rotate video

4. Rotate Video App on Android

Demand decides supply. People need to rotate videos on Android phone, there are applications on the market.

Below are the top 5 Android video rotator apps for you. You should search the name of app on the Google Play, then install it on Android phone. Then you can follow the instructions to rotate video files on Android.

Top 1. Fast Video Rotate

You can choose the degrees or change their playback orientation. And you can finish it within a few seconds. It will create a new video on your phone to prevent data loss, it’s really convenient and safe to use. What’s more, it requires USD$1.08.

Top 2. Video Rotate

It has a more expensive price but it has a new transcoding engine to improve the performance. You are allowed to change the video resolution, change video FPS, audio re-encoding, etc. You can find that it also can show full video information if you want.

Top 3. VivaVideo

It is a powerful video rotator on Android to help you adjust clip speed, scan your video and music, and also helps you rotate and crop video easily. In addition, it is also a video camera for you. You can use different capture modes, trimmer, title adding tool, and more in it.

Top 4. Rotate Video Tool

This is a free video tool on Android. You can rotate video files with it with simple taps. But it will have advertisements or watermarks when you are using it.

Top 5. Video Editor: All in One

As its name said, it has all video editor features in one application. You can use it to trim video, cut audio, add video effects, convert videos, compress video, merge video and more. And it allows you to share videos on social networks and upload your video on YouTube.

That’s all about how to rotate videos on Android, you can choose one solution according to your needs. Why not have a try now!

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