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Get your files on Android phone lost? Try this fast, powerful and easy-to-use Android files recovery. It enables you to recover the lost deleted Contacts, Messages, Photos, Videos, Audio, Call Logs, Whatsapp, Documents on Android phones. With this Android data recovery, you can get back all your lost files from device, SD card or SIM card within minutes.

Recoverable Scenarios

The software can get the lost data(Contacts, Messages, Photos, Videos, Audio, Call Logs, Whatsapp, Documents included) back whether your Android device is water damaged, virus attacked, or busted part as long as it can be detected by FoneLab for Android.

FoneLab for Android Features

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Recover Lost Contacts, Messages, Message Attachments and Call Logs

One of the key information for Android users is contact. Losing contacts sometimes means losing connection with important friends. FoneLab Android Data Recovery could help you recover contacts, text contents and attachments.

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get back data
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Get Back Photo, Music and Video in Android Phone/SD Card

It brings a lot of headaches when you find your photos/music/video lost due to some mistakes or accidents. With FoneLab Android Data Recovery, you can get back the lost media files which could be precious for you.

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Recover Various Documents

Mobile phone sometimes is an alternative to USB Flash disk to store data. FoneLab is capable of recovering the lost documents on your Android phone no matter Text files or Word content.

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preview data before recovery
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Preview Data Before Recovery

You are allowed to preview data before recovery. So you can preview your specific data with Android data recovery, then select them from the list and click Restore button.

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Tech Specs

Supported Operating System

Supported Devices

No matter how you've lost your data(Contacts, Messages, Photos, Videos, Audio, Call Logs, Whatsapp, Documents included), FoneLab Android data recovery enables you to recover lost data from 6000+ Android phones and tablets with ease.

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FoneLab Android Data Recovery

Recover your Android data now(Contacts, Messages, Photos, Videos, Audio, Call Logs, Whatsapp, Documents included).