VLC Not Recording – Let’s See What You Can Do to Make VLC Record Again

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Oct 30, 2020 16:00 / Posted by Lisa Ou

VLC Media Player can be used as a free screen recorder for desktop and mobile users. Many people can record screen video and audio for free with VLC. However, the VLC not recording is still a big problem.

The system issue is the main reason why VLC record not working. It is not your computer’s fault. Actually, the latest VLC update gets some problems while recording. You can see many complaints of VLC screen capture not working, VLC recording starts late, VLC not recording video only audio and more.

VLC Not Recording – Let’s See What You Can Do to Make VLC Record Again

Honestly, the ultimate solution is downgrading VLC to an older version. You can get the same VLC recording features with an older VLC version. It also works to fix VLC not recording by making some small changes. Or you can get an alternative screen recorder to bypass the VLC not recording video and audio issues. Just read and get more details.

1. Use VLC Alternative When VLC Not Recording

Though VLC is a free screen recorder, it doesn’t have many screen recording features. The overwhelming interface is not friendly to beginners. If you want to get rid of those VLC recording limits, you can use FoneLab Screen Recorder instead. It allows users to record, edit, save and share screen video and audio without lag. Here are the main features.

  1. Record video with full screen, specific window or any region.
  2. Screen capture desktop video with internal and external sound.
  3. Add webcam and annotation into your screen video.
  4. Use hotkeys and scheduled tasks to manage the entire screen recording process.
  5. Use a video/audio trimmer to delete unwanted parts.
  6. Wide support of the sharing and saving options. You can record and share video to YouTube in one stop.

2. How to Fix VLC Video and Audio Not Recording – 5 Ways

If you still want to give VLC another try, you can try the following solutions to troubleshoot VLC not recording. These are proven ways to fix VLC doesn’t record video or audio effectively. You can make VLC back to the normal state again with small changes.

Way 1: Uninstall and Reinstall VLC Media Player

When FLAC stutter delay in VLC Player, you can uninstall and then install VLC. Check VLC settings and preferences. Make sure you select the correct output modules. Later, choose Win32 out extension wave output in the Advanced option. Click OK to confirm. The FLAC stutter problem can be solved in this way.

Way 2: Update VLC to an Older Version

The VLC not recording video problem is quite common. According to the VLC forum, you can downgrade to VLC v.2.0.8, v.2.1.5 or v3.0.0. For some users, the latest VLC version is not stable.

Way 3: Restart Your Computer

If there is no audio while playing videos with VLC, you can restart your computer. Its sound card or related programs may get stuck. You can restart the computer to refresh and fix small glitches.

Way 4: Uncheck Accelerated Video Output

It is strange that your recorded video turns out to be the MP3 format. What you can do to fix VLC not recording video only audio? Well, you can go to VLC Tools. Choose Preferences and then Video. After that, you can disable Accelerated Video Output to troubleshoot VLC record audio only.

Way 5: Change VLC Recording Preferences

To get rid of VLC cracking sound, you can choose VLC Tools, Preferences and Audio. Change the output module to ALSA. Later, restart VLC to see if the VLC cracking sound problem still exists or not.

3. FAQs of VLC Not Recording – 5 Questions

Why subtitles don’t show when you record DVD video with VLC?

Your subtitle file is saved into a separate file. The original subtitle is overlaid into the movie. That’s why subtitles are not showing. VLC cannot recognize a separate saved subtitle. You can burn subtitles into the film before recording with VLC.

How to fix the VLC record button not working?

Find and access the Windows Defender. Disable Controlled Folder Access. Later, you can test again to see if the VLC record button can work normally or not.

What format does VLC use?

VLC saves your recorded video into the AVI format by default. Or you can change the default output video format to MP4, AVI, MKV, WAV, OGG and other formats manually.

How to know that VLC starts recording?

The moment you click the VLC Record button, you can see the icon changes to another state. There will be a timer counting how long your VLC recording continues.

Where do VLC records go?

The default output folder is C:/Users/Videos. You can quickly find your recording file in the Videos folder.

All in all, you can troubleshoot VLC not recording or working with these or those methods. If the VLC screen recorder still cannot work properly, you can use FoneLab Screen Recorder to record computer video and audio as well. It is completely free to record screen video up to 3 minutes. All advanced recording features are free to use. Thus, you can use FoneLab Screen Recorder as a free VLC alternative.

If you encounter any other VLC not recording problem that this article doesn’t mention, you can feel free to contact us or leave messages in the comments. Or you can free download FoneLab Screen Recorder and have a try. Both Windows and Mac users can use its free trial without limits.

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